Hurricane Rita

The 2005 Hurricane Season reminded all who live along the Gulf Coast that the threat of tropical weather is real. As we approach the 2006 season, coastal communities in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida continue to rebuild from the ravages of one of the worst hurricane seasons. The record books were rewritten after last season.

The name Katrina became synonymous with historic disaster. The storm changed New Orleans forever and became the costliest hurricane of all time. Billions of dollars in property damage was caused and the incalculable loss of 1,300 lives makes Katrina a storm that will not be forgotten.

Houston's Hurricane Rita Evacuation

Less than a month after Katrina made landfall, Hurricane Rita came calling. Rita's path threatened the most populated region of Texas. It's estimated that two million residents in the Houston-Galveston region evacuated their homes because of the threat. The Houston area was mostly spared by the storm, but more than 100 lives were lost in the largest evacuation in human history. The images of human misery, clogged evacuation routes, historic traffic jams, shortages of gasoline and groceries remain vivid. Many wonder what will happen next time?

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