HISD School Closings

The Houston School District will hold public meetings this week on plans to close an elementary school, and move two very small specialty programs out of their current facilities to other campuses. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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HISD wants to close the School at Post Oak, which, ironically, was originally opened a few years ago to relieve overcrowding at other nearby schools. HISD spokesman Terry Abbott says the district is building a new school nearby that will resolve the overcrowding problem, and the overflow school won't be needed anymore by this time next year.

"We've got about a hundred and eighty or so students there, and where those students will actually be going will be after next school year to brand new schools. That's one school that we will not close until next year."

The meeting will be at 6pm, at T.H. Rogers Middle School on San Felipe.

Another public meeting will be held Wednesday on moving the Texas Southern University/HISD Lab School off the TSU campus to a nearby elementary school campus. The TSU Lab School only has about a hundred students, and Abbott says it makes no sense to operate a school just for such a small number of students.

"If we can combine it with another school and continue the program, then we will be able to save the taxpayers money and still have a good program at the same time."

The public meeting will be held at 6pm Wednesday at the TSU/HISD lab school.

A third public meeting will be held Thursday on moving the district's school for pregnant teenagers to another location that's still to be determined. The public meeting will be at 6pm, at the Kay On-Going Education Center at 4425 North Shepherd. Abbott says the school board will take final votes on the proposed closing and the relocations in April. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.


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