Maps Save Texas History

The Texas General Land Office has the perfect holiday gift for people who love having Texas history hanging on their walls. Full sized copies of Texas maps and historical documents --suitable for framing -- and the Land Commissioner says the price is just right.

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The State Land Office sells these digital reproductions year round, but Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson says they make a special push during the holidays because these things make perfect gifts for people who appreciate them. Patterson says unfortunately, many people don't know they can buy them.

Preserving Texas maps and historical documents is part of the job description at the Land Office. Patterson says there are more than 35 million on file, and the collection goes back nearly 300 years.

Patterson says along with old maps of Texas, and a number of counties and cities, the Land Office has letters written by famous Texans, including Alamo defenders in the days before the Alamo fell to the Mexican army in 1836. The Land Office has no money in its budget for restoring them, so it sells copies to the public and uses the proceeds to pay for restoration, which is necessary because many of them haven't been treated very well over the years.

Patterson says prices range from $20 to $40 plus shipping and handling, and they can all be purchased online.


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