Hurricane Ike Update
Monday AM March 24th, 2008
Music From The Movies, Friday March 28th at 7pm
Chemical Safety Board Releases Video on BP Explosion
Texas Bee Keepers Ask Congress for Help
Die Hard NCAA Fans Might Not Show Up for Work
Hoops Heaven: Reliant Ready to Host Basketball Next Weekend
Friday PM March 21st, 2008
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Marlene Nelson
The Front Row, 3/21/2008
Friday AM March 21st, 2008
UT Medical Students Meet Their Match
Galveston Police Brace for More Spring Break
Houston Gets $33 million to Study Brain Injuries
Thursday PM March 20th, 2008
The Front Row, 3/20/2008
Thursday AM March 20th, 2008
Doctors Use a Robot to Treat Hearts with Bad Rhythms
Katrina Clients Now Pay Some Rent
Specialty License Plate Fights Cancer
Wednesday PM March 19th, 2008
The Front Row, 3/19/2008
Wednesday AM March 19th, 2008
Shuttle Astronauts Install Huge Robot outside Space Station
Inadequate Security in Juvenile Courts
Houston Housing Market Continues to Cool
Pulling Strings, Saturday, March 22nd
Tuesday PM March 18th, 2008
New TSU President Finds Passion In His Challenge
Tuesday AM March 18th, 2008
The Front Row, 3/18/2008
Coast Guard Warns of Boating Dangers
Monday PM March 17th, 2008
New Leadership at Two Houston Universities Means Different Challenges
Monday AM March 17th, 2008
Senior Citizens Use Video Games for Therapy
Music From The Movies, Friday March 21st at 7pm
Houston's Habitat for Humanity Makes Home Ownership a Reality
New Leadership at Two Houston Universities Means Different Challenges
Cradle to Prison: Youth Incarcerations
Friday PM March 14th, 2008
The Front Row, 3/14/2008
Friday AM March 14th, 2008
The Front Row, 3/17/2008
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Lacrecia McGregor
The Front Row, 3/13/2008
Future Docs Have Their Say
Texas Woman Humbled At Being Silver Star Recipient
Thursday PM March 13th, 2008
Thursday AM March 13th, 2008
Houston Red Cross Offers Online CPR Training
Texas Democrats and Caucuses
Astronaut Returns Songs Kids Sent Into Space
Wednesday PM March 12th, 2008
The Front Row, 3/12/2008
Wednesday AM March 12th, 2008
Music From The Movies, Friday March 14th at 7pm
Harris County Losing Child Poverty Battle
How Does Your Favorite Restaurant Rate?
Livestock Exhibit Is More Than Birthing Babies
Pulling Strings, Saturday, March 15th
Tuesday PM March 11th, 2008
The Front Row, 3/11/2008
Tuesday AM March 11th, 2008
Students to Return to Key Middle School
Voter Registration Deadline
NASA Set For Another Night Time Launch
County Doesn't Know Much About Justice Department Jail Probe
Monday PM March 10th, 2008
Monday AM March 10th, 2008
Weather Volunteers Help Report Conditions
The Front Row, 3/10/2008
Old Prison Will Become a Museum
Fishing Workshops for Kids
Challenges of Focusing on Prevention
Physical Therapy Patients Use Rodeo to Rehabilitate
Friday PM March 7th, 2008
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Loida Casares Ruiz
The Front Row, 3/07/2008
Friday AM March 7th, 2008
Houston's Landmark Beer Can House is Open for Consumption
New State Environment Commissioner Wants to Streamline Beauracracy
TranStar's Virtual Earth Traffic Map
Thursday PM March 6th, 2008
Music From The Movies, Friday March 14th at 7pm
The Front Row, 3/06/2008
Thursday AM March 6th, 2008
Annual Conference to Address Global Relocation
Houston Sets Aside Land for Proposed Soccer Stadium
Homeland Security Tests Radiation Screening Device
Wednesday PM March 5th, 2008
Harris County Judge: Emmett and Mincberg Will Be On the Ballot
Runoff To Decide Republican Candidate in DA's Race
The Front Row, 3/05/2008
Wednesday AM March 5th, 2008
Texas Voters Have Their Say
Bigger Tax Exemptions for Seniors
Presidential Politics and How We See it in Our Mind
Tuesday PM March 4th, 2008
The Front Row, 3/04/2008
Tuesday AM March 4th, 2008
Will Hispanics Vote in the Primary?
Barbara Bush Speaks on Literacy
Large Voter Turnout Expected for Primaries
Monday PM March 3rd, 2008
Hidden Houston: Frost Town
Monday AM March 3rd, 2008
The Front Row, 3/03/2008
Coffee Business Booming in Houston Since Port of Houston Was Named Green Coffee Port
Barack Obama Talks to Houston Veterans
Serious Grillin' Underway at Reliant Park
Buffalo Soldiers Museum Sets Sights on Old Armory
Friday PM February 29th, 2008
Clinton Touts Energy and Space Program in Houston Stop
The Front Row, 2/29/2008
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Paul Nevels
Friday AM February 29th, 2008
Energy Summit Brings Together Several Energy CEOs One Presidential Candidate
Walesa Recovering from Heart Surgery
McCain Speaks to Rice Students and Alumni
Thursday PM February 28th, 2008
Thursday AM February 28th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/28/2008
Houston Slowly Moves Toward Soccer Stadium Deal
Texting Becomes Political Tool For Young People
Early Voting Imbalance
Wednesday PM February 27th, 2008
Music From The Movies, Friday March 7th at 7pm
Wednesday AM February 27th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/27/2008
Near North Side To See More Police Patrols
Houston FBI Celebrates Black Heritage
Tejano Fans Boycott Houston Rodeo
Tuesday PM February 26th, 2008
Tuesday AM February 26th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/26/2008
Developers Say They're Close to Dome Deal
Texans Speak Out on Massive Highway Project
Texas Under Extreme Wildfire Threat
Monday PM February 25th, 2008
Music From The Movies, Friday February 29th at 7pm
HISD Hiring ACP Teachers
Hidden Houston: Sam Houston Trail & Wilderness Preserve
Monday AM February 25th, 2008
Land Grab: Flood Control Awarded for Conserving Greenspace
The Front Row, 2/25/2008
Dem County Judge Hopefuls Ready for March 4th
Buffalo Bayou Cleanup
Veterans History Project
Friday PM February 22nd, 2008
Music From The Movies, Friday February 22nd at 7pm
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Anthony Laporte
Friday AM February 22nd, 2008
City Preserves Inner Loop Park
Local Volunteers Figure Prominently in White House Race
Huckabee Hunts for Votes in Houston and Texas
Thursday PM February 21st, 2008
"The Other Boleyn Girl" Movie Screening
The Front Row, 2/22/2008
KUHF-Arte Publico Press Author of the Month: Lisa Hernandez
The Front Row, 2/21/2008
Thursday AM February 21st, 2008
Police Incentive Pay
HPD Opens New Real-Time Crime Center
Obama in Houston
Wednesday PM February 20th, 2008
Music From The Movies, Friday February 22nd at 7pm
GOP DA Hopefuls Square-Off
Wednesday AM February 20th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/20/2008
Astrodome Update
Improvements to Come to Memorial Park
State of HISD
Pulling Strings, Saturday, February 23rd
Tuesday PM February 19th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/19/2008
Tuesday AM February 19th, 2008
Fighting Drugs From the Other Side of the Border
Former President Bush Endorses McCain
County Tax Office Milestone
Early Voting Begins Tuesday
Monday PM February 18th, 2008
Meningitis Vaccine
Monday AM February 18th, 2008
A Gift for Teachers, Students and Ethiopia
The Front Row, 2/18/2008
Music From The Movies, Friday February 22nd at 7pm
Music at the Menil with Houston Public Radio, March 3 at 6:00 PM
As Legal Troubles Mount, DA Rosenthal Resigns
Space Shuttle Work Goes On
CERAWeek Conference Addresses Climate Change and World Economy
Friday PM February 15th, 2008
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Priscilla Galliguez
Friday AM February 15th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/15/2008
Rice University Links Accountability with Drop Out Rates
Feds Delay Deadline For Proposed Nuclear Plant Opponents
More HISD Students College-Ready
Border Fence
Thursday PM February 14th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/14/2008
Thursday AM February 14th, 2008
Crooks on Alert: Denver Harbor Gets Police Storefront
Ashby Hi-Rise Debate Continues
Wednesday PM February 13th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/13/2008
Wednesday AM February 13th, 2008
License Plate Mobility Law
School Bond Issue Shaken, But Still Not Stirred
Helping the Chronically Sick
Tuesday PM February 12th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/12/2008
Tuesday AM February 12th, 2008
Your Health, Online
Great Texas Warrant Roundup
Climate Change Laws Heating-Up
Monday PM February 11th, 2008
Music From The Movies, Friday February 15th at 7pm
Battleship Texas Gets Funding
The Front Row, 2/11/2008
Monday AM February 11th, 2008
Telephone Road, Texas
KUHF-Houston Public Radio Celebrates Black History Month: "Ralph Bunche: Profile in Peace"
Spellings on State of Education
GOP County Judge Hopefuls Keeping It Clean
Friday PM February 8th, 2008
Endangered Historic Places
Friday AM February 8th, 2008
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Suzanne King
The Front Row, 2/08/2008
Feds Search for Cause of Latest BP Accident
Getting the HIV Message to African Americans
Paramedics to Chill Heart Attack Victims
Thursday PM February 7th, 2008
Thursday AM February 7th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/07/2008
Clemens Gets Practice Run Before Next Week's Testimony
Texas Ranger Statue
Deloitte Enterprise
Wednesday PM February 6th, 2008
"In Bruges" Movie Screening
Music From The Movies, Friday February 8th at 7pm
Wednesday AM February 6th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/06/2008
Going for the Gold
Improving Childrens Health, Safety and Education
Pulling Strings, Saturday, February 9th
Tuesday PM February 5th, 2008
Tuesday AM February 5th, 2008
The Front Row, 2/05/2008
Super Tuesday
Five Years Later Authorities Want to ID Child Found In Trash
Monday PM February 4th, 2008
New Texas License Plates
The Front Row, 2/04/2008
Mutant Flu Virus is Drug Resistant
Monday AM, February 4th, 2008
Rice University Students to Compete in National Solar Home Design Competition
KUHF-Houston Public Radio Celebrates Black History Month: "Swingtime"
County Says Dome Ideas Already Coming In
Columbia Anniversary Memorial
Friday PM February 1st, 2008
KUHF-Houston Public Radio celebrates Black History Month
The Front Row, 2/01/2008
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Aaron Klenke
Media Coverage and Recession Fears
New Maternity Center in the TMC
METRO Corridor
The Front Row, 1/31/2008
Living Link To Dome Hopes It's Spared
New Emergency Center
Wednesday AM January 30th, 2008
The Front Row, 1/30/2008
Pulling Strings, Saturday, February 2nd
HPD Hopes to Hire DNA Lab Manager Soon
Trinity Refuge Plants New Trees
Super Interns
Tuesday PM January 29th, 2008
The Front Row, 1/29/2008
Tuesday AM January 29th, 2008
Louie Welch Has Died
Trans-Texas Corridor
Monday PM January 28th, 2008
The Front Row, 1/28/2008
Are You Too Connected?
Monday AM January 28th, 2008
Washburn Tunnel Traffic Could Change, Shrink
Voter ID Debate in Texas
HIV Awareness
State of City is Good, Can be Better
Friday PM January 25th, 2008
Music From The Movies, Friday February 1st at 7pm
The Front Row, 1/25/2008
Friday AM January 25th, 2008
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Mary Jennings, Ph.D
Houston to Develop Amateur Sports Complex
Texas Children's Vaccine Center
Maritime Forces Unveil New Strategy
Thursday PM January 24th, 2008
Thursday AM January 24th, 2008
The Front Row, 1/24/2008
Electric Fences: Good or Bad?
Grand Jury Fallout
Baylor College of Medicine Now NIH Diabetes Center
Wednesday PM January 23rd, 2008
Citizens and City at Odds Over Ashby Hi-Rise
The Front Row, 1/23/2008
Wednesday AM January 23rd, 2008
CHIP Rolls Grow But More Needs to be Done
Healthy Kids Grant
More Time for Dome Plan? Emmett Says Enough is Enough
Pulling Strings, Saturday, January 26th
Tuesday PM January 22nd, 2008
Tuesday AM January 22nd, 2008
The Front Row, 1/22/2008
Deaf Video
Crisis in the Making? Oil Industry Looks for Qualified Workers
Hidden Houston: Wabash Feed
Galveston Conservation
Monday AM January 21st, 2008
Music From The Movies, Friday January 25th at 7pm
Texas Children's to Lead Pediatric Heart Pump Study
MLK Oratory
Harris County Housing Authority Running Katrina Housing
Friday PM January 18th, 2008
The Front Row, 1/18/2008
Friday AM January 18th, 2008
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Viola Jaynes
Texas Wildlife
BEAR Alert: HPD Has A New Tactical Tool
Local Officials Say They're Prepared for Potential Flu Threat
Thursday PM January 17th, 2008
Music From The Movies, Friday January 18th at 7pm
Music From The Movies, Friday January 18th at 7pm
Thursday AM January 17th, 2008
The Front Row, 1/17/2008
HPD Tracks Crime in Real Time
African-American Doctors in Houston
County Judge Vows to Strengthen Ethics In Government
Wednesday PM January 16th, 2008
Houston Symphony Announces the Beethoven Experience
The Front Row, 1/16/2008
Wednesday AM January 16th, 2008
HFD Changes Ambulance Policy
Critic Says Local Catholic Archdiocese Waited Too Long to Report Abuse
Money for Meals on Wheels
Pulling Strings, Saturday, January 19th
Tuesday PM January 15th, 2008
Election Coverage from KUHF and NPR
The Front Row, 1/15/2008
Tuesday AM January 15th, 2008
The CHASE is on for Galena Park Students
Space Shuttle Launch Scheduled
Got Carrots?
Monday PM January 14th, 2008
Monday AM January 14th, 2008
New London School Disaster
Bikers Against Child Abuse
The Front Row, 1/14/2008
Free Legal Help
Families of War Missing to Get Updates
Experts Examine the Case Against Rosenthal
Friday PM January 11th, 2008
Friday AM January 11th, 2008
The Front Row, 1/11/2008
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Maggy Galloway
Flu Comeback? Doctors See A Spike in Bug
NASA Chief Visits Houston
Saliva and Cancer
Thursday PM January 10th, 2008
The Front Row, 1/10/2008
Thursday AM January 10th, 2008
Prairie View Probation
Symphony Wants Houstonians to "Experience Beethoven"
Soccer Stadium and Fields Planned for Houston
County Attorney Asks Texas AG to Investigate Rosenthal
Wednesday PM January 9th, 2008
The Front Row, 1/09/2008
Wednesday AM January 9th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday January 11th at 7pm
Getting Clunkers off the Road
Osteoporosis in Men
Pulling Strings, Saturday, January 12th
Tuesday PM January 8th, 2007
Clemens Lashes Out, Will Still Testify Before Congress
The Front Row, 1/08/2008
Tuesday AM January 8th, 2008
NPR News Special: New Hampshire Primaries, Tuesday, January 8
Regional Mayors and County Officials Map Out "Smart Growth"
Houston Building Forecast
Monday PM January 7th, 2008
Monday AM January 7th, 2007
The Front Row, 1/07/2008
Holocaust Medical Lessons
Hidden Houston: Bellaire Bead Shop
Solar Powered House
Don't Drink Too Much Water
Sales Tax Deduction
Music From The Movies, Friday January 4th at 7pm
Friday PM January 4th, 2007
The Front Row, 1/04/2008
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" John Eymann
Friday AM January 4th, 2008
Iowa Caucus Fall-out
Assistant DA Joins Developing Race
Keeping Houston Crime Down
Pulling Strings, Saturday, January 5th
Thursday PM January 3rd, 2008
The Front Row, 1/03/2008
Thursday AM, January 3rd, 2008
NPR News Special: New Hampshire Presidential Debates, Sunday January 6th
City Welcomes New Council Members
Voting Season Begins
Wednesday PM, January 2nd, 2008
Houston's Future
The Front Row, 1/02/2008
Texas Works to Restore its Historic Courthouses
Shake It Up: UH Prof Continues Quest to Make Structures Stronger
Shadow an ER Nurse
Disabled Veterans: Health Safety Interns
NASA Engineers Honored for Inventions That Can Be Used in Private Sector
No One Dies Alone
Facial Recognition Technology
First Tee Teaches Values Through Golf
Sounds of the Past: Vintage Radios
School Yard Habitats
Texas State Historian
Webster Building Installs Grass and Soil-Covered Roof for Energy Efficiency
Hidden Houston: Oak Farms Dairy
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Sarai Garcia
Please Explain Renewable Energy Credits
Houston's Endangered Art Deco
Music From The Movies, Friday January 4th at 7pm
Inmate Education
Green Building in a Green Place
San Jacinto Map Display
Teens Coping with HIV
Music From The Movies, Friday December 28th at 7pm
Hidden Houston: Potters Guild
Fire Train Wreck
Fifth Ward Seniors Write Memoirs
Catholic Nuns Today
Chasing A Dream: The Try-Out Chronicles
Free Help for Consumers at the UH Law Center
Recording Studio Opens at Texas Children's Hospital
One of Houston's Best Kept Secrets: Downtown Tunnels
Downtown Courthouse Getting 100-Year Tune-Up
Cooking for Space Travel
Christmas Gas Prices
Dear Santa, A Story From Dad Please
Friday PM December 21st, 2007
Friday AM December 21st, 2007
The Front Row, 12/21/2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Chris Foster
Celebratory Gunfire
Crack Cocaine Sentencing
New Flight: Life Flight to Unveil New Helicopter Fleet
Thursday PM December 20th, 2007
The Front Row, 12/20/2007
Thursday December 20th, 2007
Local Program Helps Reduce Crime in Neighbornoods
Steven Murdock Up for Census Director
City Term Limits
Wednesday December 19th, 2007
The Front Row, 12/19/2007
Know How to Handle Shoes Electronics & Liquids
Louisiana Braces for Jobs Boom
Honoring Veterans at Christmas
The Front Row, 12/18/2007
Tuesday AM December 18th, 2007
Be a Santa to a Senior
New Fugitive Unit in Houston
Monday PM December 17th, 2007
Busy Day for U.S. Postal Service
Changes for the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau
Monday AM December 17th, 2007
All Digital TV is 14 Months Away
The Front Row, 12/17/2007
Music From The Movies, Friday December 28th at 7pm
San Bernard Mouth
UT Med School: Six Years Post-Allison
Steroids Aftermath: What Do Players Do Now?
Friday PM December 14th, 2007
Friday AM December 14th, 2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Krisztina Fehevari
HISD Expands Pre-Kindergarten
Helping Disabled Artists Succeed
Houston Hit Hard By Baseball Steroids List
Thursday PM December 13th, 2007
The Front Row, 12/14/2007
The Front Row, 12/13/2007
Thursday AM December 13th, 2007
Galveston House Museums
Billboard Ordinance Opposition
HISD To Vote On Policies That Would Help Older Students
Music From The Movies, Friday December 14th at 7pm
Wednesday PM December 12th, 2007
The Front Row, 12/12/2007
Wednesday AM December 12th, 2007
New Pediatric Brain Disorder Research Facility Going Up in Med Center
881 Billboards Coming Down
Pulling Strings, Saturday, December 15th
Tuesday PM December 11th, 2007
The Front Row, 12/11/2007
Tuesday AM December 11th, 2007
Problem Grounds Space Shuttle
Pasadena Police: Shooting Investigation Could Take Two More Weeks
Cleaning Houston Air and Houston School Buses
Monday PM December 10th, 2007
Helping Dogs, Helping People
The Front Row, 12/10/2007
Robots Could Help Stroke Patients Recover
Monday AM December 10th, 2007
Lethal Injection Anniversary
Pulling Strings, Saturday, December 8th
Friday PM December 7th, 2007
The Front Row, 12/07/2007
Friday AM December 7th, 2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Pamela Farrell
Hunting and Heart Health
Gates Foundation Helps HISD Fund New Data System
Thursday PM December 6th, 2007
Thursday AM December 6th, 2007
The Front Row, 12/06/2007
What Kids Really Want For the Holidays
Sterilizing Stray Cats
Health Insurers Slammed in Harris County Doc Survey
"Margot at the Wedding" Movie Screening
Wednesday PM December 5th, 2007
The Front Row, 12/05/2007
Wednesday AM December 5th, 2007
TSA Tests Paperless Boarding Passes
County Considers Grand Parkway Toll Road Offer
"Juno" Movie Screening
Tuesday PM December 4th, 2007
The Front Row, 12/04/2007
Tuesday AM December 4th, 2007
Special Needs Holiday Party
HPD and Big Brothers, Big Sisters Form Partnership
Monday PM December 3rd, 2007
Monday AM December 3rd, 2007
Teenage Author Writes to Motivate Others
The Front Row, 12/3/2007
Study Shows Mixed Picture for Texas Kids
Music From The Movies, Friday December 7th at 7pm
HIV/AIDS Still A Problem in Houston
Dickens on the Strand
Healthcare and Financial Security Topic of Conversation
Friday PM November 30th, 2007
The Front Row, 11/30/2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Lila Jarrow
Friday AM November 30th, 2007
Professionals and Funding Needed in Mental Health
Cops Look For Copper Thief Who Stole From School, Community Center
Robotic Medicine
Thursday PM November 29th, 2007
The Front Row, 11/29/2007
Fat Trappers
Future of Medicine
Early Voting in Runoffs
Wednesday AM November 28th, 2007
The Front Row, 11/28/2007
DeBakey Gold Medal
Apartment Fire
Federal Lawsuit Could Halt Development on Galveston's West End
Music From The Movies, Friday November 30th at 7pm
Tuesday PM November 27th, 2007
The Front Row, 11/27/2007
Tuesday AM November 27th, 2007
Revels Houston presents the 2007 Christmas Revels, an American celebration of the winter solstice.
La Comida Food Drive
EPA Meeting
Investigators ID Baby Grace, Arrest Mom and Stepdad
Monday PM November 26th, 2007
International High School
A Plan to Save a Rare Texas Bird
The Front Row, 11/26/2007
FEMA Relocation Reimbursement
UH Researchers Say Sleep Hormone May Disrupt Night Memories
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Seth Corey
Homeless Bus
Houstonians Folk Dancing
Taco Vendors Protest New Rules
Busiest Travel Week of the Year
Med Center Expecting Massive Growth
The Front Row, 11/21/2007
County Considers Options After Jail Defeat
Anti-Theft Website Catches Thieves
Music From The Movies, Friday November 23rd at 7pm
The Front Row, 11/20/2007
The Nuclear Debate
Texas EMS Conference Arrives in Houston
TSU Submits Reform Plan to Lawmakers
Pulling Strings, Saturday, November 24th
Galveston Bay Foundation's Bay Area Business of the Year
Nanotechnology and Radio Equipment Target Cancer
The Front Row, 11/19/2007
H-GAC Halts TxDOT Project
NASA Ready for Next Shuttle Launch
EMS Treating More at the Scene
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Steve Carter
The Front Row, 11/16/2007
New Camera Reads Eyes of Sex Offenders
Low-Income Housing Loans Still Safe
HISD Ranks High Nationally
The Front Row, 11/15/2007
Houston vs. Fireworks Owners
Sinking the Texas Clipper
The Front Row, 11/14/2007
Tighter Port Security Through Federal Credentials
Drive Green? Biodiesel Use Grows in Houston
Music From The Movies, Friday November 16th at 7pm
The Front Row, 11/13/2007
Pipes and Pumps? Two Industries Share Ideas
Seismic Research Ship Sails from Galveston
Hidden Houston: Houston Arboretum & Nature Center
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Collaboration With Drug Company Could Bring New Medicines to Market Faster
First Time Opera
The Front Row, 11/12/2007
New Menninger Clinic Campus
Downtown Hotel Serves As Home for Vets
Harris County Expands Medical Services
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Alexander Beggins
Friday AM November 9th, 2007
The Front Row, 11/09/2007
Cops Set Up Mobile Shop on East Freeway
Homeless Veterans Stand Down
Houston Economy
Thursday PM November 8th, 2007
The Front Row, 11/08/2007
KUHF to Broadcast Live Performance of HGO's World Premiere "The Refuge"
Join Houston Public Radio for Via Colori - Houston's Street Painting Festival
Thursday AM November 8th, 2007
Houston Pakistani-Americans Rally Against Pakistan President
Ashby High-Rise Halted
Jail Bond Rejected
Wednesday PM November 7th, 2007
KUHF to Broadcast Live Performance of HGO's World Premiere "The Refuge"
Wednesday AM November 7th, 2007
The Front Row, 11/07/2007
Ready or Not
Houston Veterans Affairs Office
Harris County Gets First Big Katrina and Rita Check
Tuesday PM November 6th, 2007
The Front Row, 11/06/2007
KUHF to Broadcast Live Performance of HGO's World Premiere "The Refuge"
Tuesday AM November 6th, 2007
Prison Ministry Changing Lives, But Critics Persist
UH Confirms New President
Monday PM November 5th, 2007
Houston Aims to be the Energy Savings Capitol
Election Day: What You'll See on the Ballot
KUHF Houston Public Radio Raises over $885,000 During Fall Fundraising Campaign
The Front Row, 11/05/2007
KUHF to Broadcast Live Performance of HGO's World Premiere "The Refuge"
Monday AM November 5th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday November 9th at 7pm
Hunting Season Brings Wildfire Season
Holocaust Fishing Boat Rescuers
Head Start Music
Friday PM November 2nd, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday November 2nd at 7pm
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Allison Bravenec
The Front Row, 11/02/2007
Friday AM November 2nd, 2007
"Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" Movie Screening
Bioscience Business in Texas Catching up With Bigger Markets
Tracking Homeless Health
Thursday PM November 1st, 2007
Thursday AM November 1st, 2007
The Front Row, 11/01/2007
KUHF to Broadcast Live Performance of HGO's World Premiere "The Refuge"
Red Light Camera Revenue: Where Does It Go?
NASA Funding in the Ballots
Wednesday PM October 31st, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday November 2nd at 7pm
Wednesday AM October 31st, 2007
The Front Row, 10/31/2007
Opposition From Texans and Livestock Show Could Derail Dome Plans
Harris County Creates Jail Mental Health Unit
Tuesday PM October 30th, 2007
Houston Public Radio Presents KUHF Chamber Music Ensemble Concert
Tuesday AM October 30th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/30/2007
Lawmakers Look to Fix Houston's Affordable Housing Crunch
Dr. John Lienhard to Introduce His Favorite Film at the MFAH Annual "Movies Houstonians Love" Film Series
Space Shuttle Schedule Booked Solid
A Different View of Space
Senator Cornyn Visits Houston Health Clinic
Hidden Houston: Buffalo Bayou
Monday PM October 29th, 2007
Ready or Not? Have a Plan
The Front Row, 10/29/2007
Monday AM October 29th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday November 2nd at 7pm
Texas Forest Service EXPO
Houston High School Opens Health Clinic
Friday PM October 26th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/26/2007
Friday AM October 26th, 2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" J.P. DeMeritt
BP Agrees To Multi-MIllion Settlement With Federal Government
East End Residents Get a New Park
Thursday PM October 25th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday October 26th at 7pm
Thursday AM October 25th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/25/2007
UH-Downtown Signs on to Carbon Sustainability Commitment
Aiming Gun Crimes Message at Kids
Wednesday PM October 24th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/24/2007
Wednesday AM October 24th, 2007
Proposition 4 - Battleship Texas
Texas General Land Office Announces Effort To Rebuild Galveston Beaches
Tuesday PM October 23rd, 2007
Pulling Strings, Saturday, October 27th
The Front Row, 10/23/2007
Tuesday AM October 23rd, 2007
Training Future Child Psychiatrists
TranStar Meets Scotland Yard
Monday PM October 22nd, 2007
Local Researchers Find Two New Genes Linked To Disabling Disease
Chile, Brazil and Argentina Tour, Spring 2008 **SOLD OUT**
People Power the Galveston Ferry
Monday AM October 22nd, 2007
The Front Row, 10/22/2007
Music From The Movies, Friday October 26th at 7pm
Local Pharmacies Hit by Prescription Drug Theft Ring
A Lot of Unclaimed Money
Friday PM October 19th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday October 19th at 7pm
Friday AM October 19th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/19/2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Diane Davis
High-Rise Development Stirs Council Controversy
HUD Releases Funds for Lead-Based Paint Removal
Thursday PM October 18th, 2007
METRO Makes Two Major Decisions for Future Light Rail
The Front Row, 10/18/2007
Thursday AM October 18th, 2007
"Reservation Road" Movie Screening
City Does Health Needs Survey
Galveston-Houston Archbishop Named to College of Cardinals
Houston Gets $40 million to Fight Crime
Wednesday PM October 17th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/17/2007
Wednesday AM October 17th, 2007
Senator Hutchison Not Running Again
Speed Radars Help Plan Evacuations
Process To Review Questionable Crime Lab Cases Starts Monday
Tuesday PM October 16th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/16/2007
Tuesday AM October 16th, 2007
South Florida Educator Likely New UH President
Food Bank Rescues Tons of Produce
Monday PM October 15th, 2007
Upcoming Bond Election Seeks $250 Million for Port of Houston
Monday AM October 15th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/15/2007
October Artful Thursday - Latino Writers: Up Close and Personal
Music From The Movies, Friday October 19th at 7pm
Shadow an ER Nurse
New Inquiry into Faulty Crime Lab Cases
Red Cross Seeks Youth Volunteers
Friday PM October 12th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/12/2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" John Burke
Friday AM October 12th, 2007
Fort Bend Residents Say Proposed Toll Road a Bad Idea
Community Members and HISD At Odds
Thursday PM October 11th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/11/2007
Thursday AM October 11th, 2007
Jena Six - Chicago Reporter
Developers Must Build Parks
County, Feds Look to Clean-Up Site Along San Jacinto River
Wednesday PM October 10th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/10/2007
Wednesday AM October 10th, 2007
Pulling Strings, Saturday, October 13th
County Judge Proposes Property Tax Cut
H-E-B Stores Double as Recycling Centers
New Leader at Convention and Visitors Bureau
DNA Testing Exonerates Taylor
Tuesday PM October 9th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/09/2007
Tuesday AM October 9th, 2007
SCHIP Battle Comes to Houston
Voter Registration Deadline
HPD To Crack Down On East End Crime
Monday PM October 8th, 2007
Fire Train Wreck
Monday AM October 8th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/08/2007
Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves
Wortham Center's 20th Anniversary
Music From The Movies, Friday October 12th at 7pm
Galveston House Museum Closes
Protesting HISD's Bond Proposal
Friday PM October 5th, 2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Roslyn Berger
The Front Row, 10/05/2007
Friday AM October 5th, 2007
50th Anniversary of Sputnik
Heart Transplants Save Lives, Even Famous Ones
Thursday PM October 4th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday October 5th at 7pm
Thursday AM October 4th, 2007
The Front Row, 10/04/2007
New Director at Texas Arts Commission
Stricter Rules for Valet Operators
A Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City
Wednesday PM October 3rd, 2007
Wednesday AM October 3rd, 2007
The Front Row, 10/03/2007
Faith-Based Healing? Mental Health Advocates Say Yes
Harris County Adds to Potential Jury Pool
More Officers for HPD
Pulling Strings, Saturday, October 6th
Tuesday PM October 2nd, 2007
The Front Row, 10/02/2007
Airport Burglaries
Sounds of the Past: Vintage Radios
No More Free Ride? EZ Tag Changes in the Works
Monday AM October 1st, 2007
Kids Celebrate Mars Rover by Building Their Own
The Front Row, 10/01/2007
Severe Weather Alerts Get More Specific
Music From The Movies, Friday October 5th at 7pm
Supreme Court Stays Execution
Graduation Initiative Includes Three Local Universities
Texas Falls 10 Places in Immunizations Rate
Friday PM September 28th, 2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Seth Batiste
Friday AM September 28th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/28/2007
Windstorm Insurance Crisis Could Affect Taxpayers
Airline Delays
Aging Texans and Public Policies
Thursday PM September 27th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/27/2007
Thursday AM September 27th, 2007
Dr. James Willerson Stepping Down from UT Health Science Center
Gift to Baylor College of Medicine
Buffalo Bayou Heritage
Finding Solutions for High School Dropouts
Wednesday PM September 26th, 2007
Wednesday AM September 26th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/26/2007
County Outlaws Roadside Puppy Sales
HUD Takes Over Evacuee Housing Assistance
Texas AG Calls for More School Drills
Tuesday PM September 25th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/25/2007
Tuesday AM September 25th, 2007
50 Years of Vocational Training
The Business of the Arts
Rita Two Years Later
Monday PM September 24th, 2007
Monday AM September 24th, 2007
Hidden Houston: Weather Museum
The Front Row, 09/24/2007
Recreation Trails for the Disabled
Music From The Movies, Friday September 28th at 7pm
Getting Healthy in the Workplace
Texas Jobless Rate Falls
Kids Get to be Kids
The Front Row, 09/21/2007
Friday AM September 21st, 2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Jodi Bash
No Tax Increase for HISD Bond
New Life For Old UH Building
Developing Park Space
Thursday PM September 20th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday September 21st at 7pm
Thursday AM September 20th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/20/2007
MD Anderson Cancer Grant
NAACP Not Convinced On School Bond Proposal
City Council Considers 'Food Fight'
Wednesday PM September 19th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/19/2007
Wednesday AM September 19th, 2007
New Tools for Recovering Missing Children
Renaming a College
Economic Study Looks at Solutions for Retaining Region's Petrochemical Jobs
Pulling Strings, Saturday, September 22nd
Tuesday PM September 18th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/18/2007
Tuesday AM September 18th, 2007
Turning the Spotlight on Human Trafficking
Regulating Home Medical Devices
HISD Revises Construction Plan for Upcoming Bond Proposal
Monday PM September 17th, 2007
Rolling Conversations Helping Hurricane Evacuees
Hidden Houston: Telephone Museum
Monday AM September 17th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/17/2007
NASA Ready For Critical Shuttle Mission Next Month
Juvenile Detention Alternatives
Friday AM September 14th, 2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Myra Jolivet
The Front Row, 09/14/2007
Houston Start-Up Firm Develops Better CT Scan Contrasting Agents
Light Rail: Not a Light Decision
Texas Towns Clean-up After Humberto
Thursday PM September 13th, 2007
Houston Public Radio Presents KUHF Chamber Music Ensemble Concert
Thursday AM September 13th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/13/2007
Gaming Rooms Take a Hit
McNair Scholars
Tropical Storm Humberto
Wednesday PM September 12th, 2007
Wednesday PM September 12th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/12/2007
Wednesday AM September 12th, 2007
"Trade" Movie Screening
County Waits For Answers From Dome Redevelopment Hopefuls
City Cracks Down on Taco Stands
More Schools May Get Security Cameras
Tuesday PM September 11th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/11/2007
Tuesday AM September 11th, 2007
Studying Rail Crossings
Students Benefit from School Meals
Monday PM September 10th, 2007
30 Years of Changing Lives Through the Arts
Monday AM September 10th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/10/2007
HCC Forms Export Academy to Help Small Businesses With International Trade
Music From The Movies, Friday September 14th at 7pm
Recycling CFLs
Cancer Caregivers Get More Support
Boost to Stem Cell Research
Friday PM September 7th, 2007
Houston Public Radio's "This I Believe:" Jeromy Adams
The Front Row, 09/07/2007
Friday AM September 7th, 2007
HISD Rethinks Teacher Bonuses
Gang Crack-Down Puts Pressure on Apartment Complexes
Downtown Courthouse Getting 100-Year Tune-Up
Thursday PM September 6th, 2007
Luciano Pavarotti Special
Music From The Movies, Friday September 7th at 7pm
The Front Row, 09/06/2007
Thursday AM September 6th, 2007
Houston Condemns Business with Sudan
Armstrong, Others Support Cancer-Funding Proposition
Bond Election Town Halls
Governor Signs Defibrillator Bill
Wednesday PM September 5th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/05/2007
Wednesday AM September 5th, 2007
Mega Millions Winner
Shake It Up: UH Prof Continues Quest to Make Structures Stronger
EPA Considers Tougher Ozone Standard
Pulling Strings, Saturday, September 8th
Tuesday PM September 4th, 2007
Tuesday AM September 4th, 2007
The Front Row, 09/04/2007
Houston: Smoke-Free City
Houston Oilman Oscar Wyatt Goes to Trial in UN Oil-for-Food Case
Ask Your Nurse: Health Care Help for the Uninsured
Cancer Massage
Monday September 3rd, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday September 7th at 7pm
Houston Public Radio Debuts Local "This I Believe" Series
Lucy Opens For Visitors
New Animal Protection Laws
Mental Health Scans
Friday PM August 31st, 2007
Friday AM August 31st, 2007
The Front Row, 08/31/2007
Silver Alert
Med Center South? UT Houston Breaks New Ground
Veterans Games
Thursday PM August 30th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/30/2007
Thursday AM August 30th, 2007
Earthlink Pays Houston $5 Million Late Fee
Katrina Evacuees Housing Assistance
Low Income Seniors Encouraged to Sign-Up For Drug Benefits
Wednesday PM August 29th, 2007
Wednesday AM August 29th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/29/2007
More Mosquito Spraying
Lucy Ready for Her Close-Up in Houston
Making Convenience Stores Safer
Tuesday PM August 28th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/28/2007
Tuesday AM August 28th, 2007
LifeGift Expands Organ Recovery
Getting New Technologies Into the Hands of Doctors Faster
Summer Break Is Over, Kids Head Back to School
Monday PM August 27th, 2007
Too Many Strays
A New Orleans Photographer looks at Recovery Two Years After Katrina
The Front Row, 08/27/2007
Music From The Movies, Friday August 31st at 7pm
Katrina Survivors Tell Their Stories
Finding Future Oil and Gas Workers
Another Zoning Election?
Another Weekend, Another Katy Closure
Friday AM August 24th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/24/2007
State Offers First Pre-K Certification
More Tax-Free Stuff? State Senator Says He'll Try
Thursday PM August 23rd, 2007
Thursday AM August 23rd, 2007
The Front Row, 08/23/2007
Tyrone Williams Sentenced
Deepwater Drilling Rig Operators Learn from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Ready or Not? HISD To Open Eight New Schools
Stop at that Intersection
Wednesday PM August 22nd, 2007
Wednesday AM August 22nd, 2007
The Front Row, 08/22/2007
Houston's DWI Crackdown
Houston's Goal: Health Insurance for Every Child
County Will Ask Voters To Approve $880 Million Bond Package
"2 Days in Paris" Movie Screening
Tuesday PM August 21st, 2007
Tuesday AM August 21st, 2007
The Front Row, 08/21/2007
Lawmaker: Hire Special Master to Oversee Crime Lab Retests
Committee Approves Changes to Taco Stands
Monday PM August 20th, 2007
Texas Buglers Blow Taps
The Front Row, 08/20/2007
Monday AM August 20th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday August 24th at 7pm
Hidden Houston: Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center
Houston Keeps an Eye on Dean
Criminal Documents Go High Tech
Friday PM August 17th, 2007
Friday AM August 17th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/17/2007
Meals and Weather Assistance for Seniors
Thursday PM August 16th, 2007
Thursday AM August 16th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/16/2007
Storms, Flooding Hit Houston
Storms, flooding hit Houston
KPFT Needs Help Finding Shooter
Lucy Exhibit Takes Shape With Two Weeks Until Opening
Webster Building Installs Grass and Soil-Covered Roof for Energy Efficiency
Wednesday PM August 15th, 2007
Wednesday AM August 15th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/15/2007
Grant Funding Set Aside for Math, Science and Technology Education
Do You Copy That? HISD Gets New Police Radio System
Lawmakers Create Port Security District
Tuesday PM August 14th, 2007
Tuesday AM August 14th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/14/2007
Monday PM August 13th, 2007
Houston Heat Emergency
New Homes for Disabled Veterans
HISD Chief Tours Aging High School Campus
The Front Row, 08/13/2007
YMCA Camp Hamman Ranch Helping Military Kids Cope
Monday AM August 13th, 2007
Texas Works to Restore its Historic Courthouses
Music From The Movies, Friday August 17th at 7pm
Students Shouldn't Stress
Teen Katrina Evacuee Wins Volunteer Award
Friday PM August 10th, 2007
Friday AM August 10th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/10/2007
Hispanics Outnumber Anglos in Houston
Moore Sanctuary Project
Copper Theft
Thursday PM August 9th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/09/2007
Thursday August 9th, 2007
Designation Won't Stop Demolition
Cracking Down on Sexual Predators
Wednesday August 8th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/08/2007
HISD Defibrillators
Wanted: Women Faculty
Preserving Fourth Ward Brick Streets
Music From The Movies, Friday August 10th at 7pm
Pulling Strings, Saturday, August 11th
Prague, Dresden and Berlin Tour, Fall 2007
Tuesday AM August 7th, 2007
The Front Row, 08/07/2007
Maternal Obesity Linked to Birth Defects
National Night Out
Facial Recognition Technology
Monday PM August 6th, 2007
GHCVB Annual Update
The Front Row, 08/06/2007
Hidden Houston: DePelchin Children's Center
Monday AM August 6th, 2007
Cops On the Look-Out for Drunk Drivers in Northwest Harris County
Parents of Murdered Children
New Dates and Items for Tax-Free Weekend
Friday PM August 3rd, 2007
The Front Row, 08/03/2007
Friday AM August 3rd, 2007
Energy Bill Good for Texas Wind
HISD Proposes $805 Million Bond for Schools
Texas Bridges
Thursday PM August 2nd, 2007
Thursday AM August 2nd, 2007
The Front Row, 08/02/2007
HISD Ratings
City Officials Tout Commute Alternatives
Wednesday PM August 1st, 2007
Pulling Strings, Saturday, August 4th
Music From The Movies, Friday August 3rd at 7pm
Wednesday AM August 1st, 2007
The Front Row, 08/01/2007
Catholic Nuns Today
NASA Looks for Life on Mars
Tuesday PM July 31st, 2007
Tuesday AM July 31st, 2007
The Front Row, 07/31/2007
Drive for Donors comes to Houston
West Galveston Development Debate
Monday PM July 30th, 2007
Remembering Houston Icon Marvin Zindler
School Yard Habitats
The Front Row, 07/30/2007
Technology and Therapy Can Help the Legally Blind See the Future
Music From The Movies, Friday August 3rd at 7pm
City Acquires New 22-Acre Park
HISD Principal Satisfaction Survey
NASA: Policy on Booze Before Space Flights Clarified
The Front Row, 07/27/2007
"My Best Friend" Movie Screening
Local Initiative To Send More Pediatric AIDS Docs to Africa
New Home Sales Slide
Artful Thursday presents a preview of Houston Ebony Opera's "Madame Butterfly"
Endeavour Ready Despite NASA Turmoil
Thursday AM July 26th, 2007
The Front Row, 07/26/2007
Houston Athletes Fight Steroids
Welcome Home: Thousands Become New Citizens
TSA Places Houston Airports Under Terrorism Alert
Music From The Movies, Friday July 27th at 7pm
Wednesday PM July 25th, 2007
The Front Row, 07/25/2007
Wednesday AM July 25th, 2007
Officials Target Rampant Crime in Northwest Houston
YMCA Operation Backpack
Biggio To Retire at End of Season
Pulling Strings, Saturday, July 28th
Tuesday PM July 24th, 2007
Tuesday AM July 24th, 2007
The Front Row, 07/24/2007
Student Loans Shortfall
HUD Extends Evacuee Housing Benefits to '08
Monday PM July 23rd, 2007
"YES" Preps Students for College
The Front Row, 07/23/2007
New Turtle Regulations
Music From The Movies, Friday July 27th at 7pm
Citizen Emergency Training Grows in Harris County.
NASA Restores Saturn V Rocket
Electric Bill Assistance
The Front Row, 07/20/2007
UH Professor Touts Extended Reach Drilling Technology for Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Texas Legislature Gets a C+
Sister Institutions: M.D. Anderson & American University of Beirut
Music From The Movies, Friday July 20th at 7pm
The Front Row, 07/19/2007
Martin Luther King Statue
Inmate Education
Colonial America Comes to Life
Wednesday AM July 18th, 2007
The Front Row, 07/18/2007
CHIP Funding Restored
New Bike Trail Will Provide Link to Downtown
New Cancer Study Surprises Researchers
Pulling Strings, Saturday, July 21st
Tuesday PM July 17th, 2007
Tuesday AM July 17th, 2007
The Front Row, 07/17/2007
290 Expansion Project
New Insight into Houston's Ozone Problem
Noriega Says Senate Run is a Good Possibility
Monday PM July 16th, 2007
First Tee Teaches Values Through Golf
The Front Row, 07/16/2007
Jeweler Takes on the Coffee Business
Natasha Morgan Parker and Dione Morgan
Music From The Movies, Friday July 20th at 7pm
The Voice of Lady Bird Johnson
Local Neighborhood Battles Road Expansion
From Soaps to the Circus
Kazoos Keep Seniors 'Young at Heart'
Houston's Endangered Art Deco
City Rolls-Out New Mobile Air Monitor
Child Safety Seats Stolen
Lady Bird Johnson Has Died
The Front Row, 07/12/2007
Venezuelan Ambassador Says U.S. Must Accept New Reality
Looking for Civic Art
Lady Bird Johnson Dies at 94
Houston Lobbying for Safety Upgrades
Senate Committee Discusses Controversial Satellite
Planning for Children's Mental Health Needs
Congress looking to strengthen CSB
Friends and Family Say Goodbye to David Ritcheson
Teenager Recognized for Rescue
The Front Row, 07/11/2007
The Front Row, 07/10/2007
Perry Unveils State Bio-Energy Strategy
Low-Income Renters Become Homeowners
Hidden Houston: Potters Guild
Monday AM July 9th, 2007
Guy Weismantel and Christi Gell
The Front Row, 07/09/2007
Chasing A Dream: The Try-Out Chronicles
Music From The Movies, Friday July 13th at 7pm
Music From The Movies, Friday July 13th at 7pm
Graf stays in Houston
$21: Food for a Week
$19 Million Toilet
Friday PM July 6th, 2007
Friday AM July 6th, 2007
The Front Row, 07/06/2007
Rain and Mosquitoes
A Haven for Medically Needy Children
Mobility Help on Mopeds
Thursday PM July 5th, 2007
Thursday AM July 5th, 2007
The Front Row, 07/05/2007
"Broken English" Movie Screening
Disabled Veterans: Health Safety Interns
Local Park To Become Part of Major Flood Control Project
Wednesday July 4th, 2007
The Front Row, 07/04/2007
Learning Lessons
Burning Oil
Space Shuttle Atlantis Back in Florida
More Wind Energy Possible by 2020
Tuesday PM July 3rd, 2007
The Front Row, 07/03/2007
ADL: Hate Crimes Victimize Everyone
Tuesday AM July 3rd, 2007
Cancer Gene Identified
Passport Back-Log
Monday PM July 2nd, 2007
The Front Row, 07/02/2007
Jacquelyn Ruth
Protect Your Eyes
Blue Star Shines in Westchase
Music From The Movies, Friday July 6th at 7pm
Monday AM July 2nd, 2007
Entertainment for the 4th
Crime Stoppers Rounds Up Sex Offenders
Texas Veterans Battle the State for Benefits
Friday PM June 29th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/29/2007
Friday AM June 29th, 2007
New YET Center in Fifth Ward
Texas Senators Vote Against Immigration Legislation
Rice Researcher Uses Glycerin to Produce Ethanol
Thursday PM June 28th, 2007
Thursday AM June 28th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/28/2007
More Money Available for Clean-Fueled Fleets
Electricity Help for Low-Income
Wednesday PM June 27th, 2007
Wednesday AM June 27th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/27/2007
30 Years of Kidney Transplants
Higher Education Funding in Texas
Tuesday PM June 26th, 2007
Tuesday AM June 26th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/26/2007
Students Spending Summer in Latin America
Fighting Drunk Drivers
Monday PM June 25th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/25/2007
Sara Wittie Foster and Erna Sue Wittie
Free Help for Consumers at the UH Law Center
Monday AM June 25th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday June 29th at 7pm
HPD Tries to Attract Forensic Grads
City Crews Clear Storm Drains
Help for Brain Injuries
Friday PM June 22nd, 2007
Friday AM June 22nd, 2007
The Front Row, 06/22/2007
Harris County Officials Reverse Westpark Toll Hike
Texas is Getting its First Storm Center
Thursday PM June 21st, 2007
Thursday AM June 21st, 2007
Girls and Gangs
HPD Goes After Sex Offenders
Wednesday PM June 20th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday June 22nd at 7pm
The Front Row, 06/21/2007
Wednesday AM June 20th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/20/2007
Texas State Historian
Harris County Considers $962 Million Bond Election
Tuesday PM June 19th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/19/2007
Tuesday AM June 19th, 2007
More Families Benefiting from At-Cost Homes
Emergency Officials Urge Medical Needs Residents to Plan Ahead
Northline Mall Changes Name to Northside Commons, Reflecting Open-Air Shopping Center Trend
Pulling Strings, Saturday, June 23rd
Monday PM June 18th, 2007
Monday AM June 18h, 2007
Hurricane Assistance Program Helps Evacuees from the UH Law Center
Texas Clipper Final Voyage
The Front Row, 06/18/2007
Alvin McFadden
Music From The Movies, Friday June 22nd at 7pm
Local Teacher Finds Rare Fossil
Art Helps Patients at Texas Children's Hospital
Spraying Program Underway After Two Mosquito Samples Test Positive for West Nile Virus
Friday PM June 15th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/15/2007
Friday AM June 15th, 2007
Local EMS Trained to Use Mobile Hospital
Houston To Be Home To A State-of-the-Art Skatepark
Texas AG Arrests Seven MySpace Users
"La Vie en Rose" Movie Screening
Thursday PM June 14th, 2007
Thursday AM June 14th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/14/2007
HPD Responds to Final Crime Lab Report
Thousands Miss Out on Medicare Benefits
ACORN Calls for Moratorium on Summer Electric Disconnects
"A Mighty Heart" Movie Screening
Wednesday PM June 13th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/13/2007
Wednesday AM June 13th, 2007
SEARCH Water For Life
New Report: All Subjects Must Integrate Reading and Comprehension
Teens Coping with HIV
Tuesday PM June 12th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/12/2007
Tuesday AM June 12th, 2007
Council Candidates Square Off Over Public Safety
Red Snapper Fishing Limits
Shuttle Repair Could Still Happen
Monday PM June 11th, 2007
UT Houston Doctor is a Forensic DNA Pioneer
The Front Row, 06/11/2007
Monday AM June 11th, 2007
Houston's Future
Don Zook
Music From The Movies, Friday June 15th at 7pm
Passport Requirements Eased With Thousands of Vacations at Stake
NASA Launches Shuttle Tonight
Friday PM June 8th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday June 8th at 7pm
Friday PM June 8th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/08/2007
Hurricane Series: New Leadership in Harris County
First Case of West Nile Virus in Harris County Confirmed
Local Researchers say Stem Cell Findings Could Change Things Dramatically
Thursday PM June 7th, 2007
Hurricane Series: Fuel Availability
The Front Row, 06/07/2007
Thursday AM June 7th, 2007
Duncan Center Now a NCI Designated Cancer Center
New Security Devices in Place at Both Houston Airports
Wednesday PM June 6th, 2007
Wednesday AM June 6th, 2007
Hurricane Series: Impact on Oil and Gas
The Front Row, 06/06/2007
HISD Tests Program to Combat Summer Brain Drain
"Crazy Love" Movie Screening
Children and Lawnmowers Shouldn't Mix
Tuesday PM June 5th, 2007
Tuesday AM June 5th, 2007
The Front Row, 06/05/2007
Black Women Less Likely to Survive Breast Cancer
Hurricane Series: Is Galveston Ready?
Monday PM June 4th, 2007
Regional Transportation Plan Set for Public Scrutiny
Hurricane Series: Forecasting
The Front Row, 06/04/2007
Kofi and Vicki Fiakpui
Monday AM June 4th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday June 8th at 7pm
The Front Row, 07/01/2007
Lawmakers OK New Money for Trauma Centers
Friday PM June 1st, 2007
The Front Row, 06/01/2007
A Giant in Houston's Medical Community Dies
Friday AM June 1st, 2007
Scientists Deliver Personal Genome Sequence
Red Cross Urges Residents to Be Prepared for Hurricane Season
Thursday PM May 31st, 2007
Hurricane Series: Surprise Hurricane of 1943
Music From The Movies, Friday June 1st at 7pm
The Front Row, 05/31/2007
Thursday AM May 31st, 2007
The Business Side of Mental Health
Property Appraisal Protest Deadline is Here
Paying for Parades
Wednesday PM May 30th, 2007
Pulling Strings
Wednesday AM May 30th, 2007
The Front Row, 05/30/2007
Renewed Effort to Stop the Sale of "Murderabilia"
Soy Diesel? Biodiesel Plant Opens in Galveston
Tuesday PM May 29th, 2007
Map Quest: New Flood Maps Take Effect Soon
Tuesday AM May 29th, 2007
The Front Row, 05/29/2007
"For the Fallen," A Memorial Day Tribute
Memorial Day Observance
Cooking for Space Travel
Monday PM May 28th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday June 1st at 7pm
VA Houston Says Combat Veterans Need Mental Health Care
Monday AM May 28th, 2007
Enjoy the Water: Learning Safe Boating
Refugee Students Receive College Scholarships
Mayor: Talk to Your Kids About Abductions
Three HISD Schools Keep Doors Open
"For the Fallen," A Memorial Day Tribute
Friday PM May 25th, 2007
The Front Row, 05/25/2007
Friday AM May 24th, 2007
Red Cross: Shelters Wanted
Memorial Hermann and HFD Partner to Equip Ambulances
Thursday PM May 23rd, 2007
The Front Row, 05/24/2007
Thursday AM May 24th, 2007
Ground-Breaking Move: BCM To Build New Campus
Fifth Ward Seniors Write Memoirs
Be a Water Watcher
Wednesday PM May 23rd, 2007
Wednesday AM May 23rd, 2007
The Front Row, 05/23/2007
Home Sweet Home For Injured Marine
Watch Kids for Heat Illnesses
Tuesday PM May 22nd, 2007
The Front Row, 05/22/2007
Tuesday AM May 22nd, 2007
Houston-Area Power Plant Runs on Chicken Fat
Got Plans? County Says Hurricane Preps Are Complete
Alive and Well with Art Linkletter
Monday PM May 21st, 2007
Legendary Outlaws of Oklahoma and Texas
Talking Math
The Front Row, 05/21/2007
Robert Sones and Amanda Wood
Monday AM May 21st, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday May 25th at 7pm
Face-Off: City and Pension Fund At Odds Again
Field Hospitals Ready for Crisis
Friday PM May 18th, 2007
The Front Row, 05/18/2007
HISD Gets Money to Reform Schools
Fire Ops 101: City Leaders Feel the Heat
BP Faces Scrutiny on Capitol Hill
Thursday AM May 17th, 2007
Please Explain Renewable Energy Credits
Largest Cancer Donation to Start Giving in 25 Years
Proposed City Budget Increases Public Safety Funding
Wednesday PM May 16th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday May 18th at 7pm
The Front Row, 05/17/2007
Wednesday AM May 16th, 2007
The Front Row, 05/16/2007
County Votes to Withdraw from Interstate 69 Alliance
San Jacinto Map Display
Tuesday PM May 15th, 2007
Tuesday AM May 15th, 2007
The Front Row, 05/15/2007
Most Wanted Being Arrested in Harris County
H-GAC Seeks Input on Mobility Plans
Monday PM May 14th, 2007
People With Low Vision Can Drive Safely
Pralay, Pia and Chandra Das
Museum of Printing History Exhibit: Forgers, Frauds and Pirates
The Front Row, 05/14/2007
Monday AM May 14th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday May 18th at 7pm
Sportsmanship in Schools
Wanted Alive: Cockroaches
Friday PM May 11th, 2007
The Front Row, 05/11/2007
Cornyn Calls on Congress to Address Rising Gas Prices
Friday AM May 11th, 2007
Dog Vests for Metro Police K-9 Unit
UH Program Increasing Quality of Science and Math Educators
Voters: Election? What Election?
Thursday PM May 10th, 2007
The Front Row, 05/10/2007
Thursday AM May 10th, 2007
Local Airports Increase Employee Security Checks
Amendment Election
NASA Engineers Honored for Inventions That Can Be Used in Private Sector
Wednesday PM May 9th, 2007
The Front Row, 05/09/2007
Wednesday AM May 9th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday May 11th at 7pm
UH Economist says Houston will Begin Feeling the Impact of the Housing Market Correction
Mobile Mentoring
Street Crimes Initiative
Pulling Strings, Saturday, May 12th
Tuesday PM May 8th, 2007
The Front Row, 05/08/2007
Tuesday AM May 8th, 2007
Health Department Surveys City's Poorest Areas
WiFi Device Could Take Health Care Home
Looking for Minorities in Clinical Trials
Monday PM May 7th, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday May 11th at 7pm
Monday AM May 7th, 2007
Young Entrepreneurs Squeeze Life
Anne and Theresa Strong
Former Ambassador Discusses Venezuelan Oil Fields
The Front Row, 05/07/2007
Blood Center Lowers Minimum Age
What Can Brown Do For The Air? UPS Rolls Out Hybrid Trucks
Friday PM May 4th, 2007
The Front Row, 05/04/2007
Friday AM May 4th, 2007
Crime and Immigration Worry Houstonians
Local Reservists To Get Army Award For Service in Iraq
Houstonians Gather to Pray
Thursday PM May 3rd, 2007
Thursday AM May 3rd, 2007
The Front Row, 05/03/2007
New Project for Houston's Habitat for Humanity
Harris County Voters Could Be Busy on Election Day
Stricter Teen Curfew Still Under Debate at City Hall
Wednesday PM May 2nd, 2007
Music From The Movies, Friday May 4th at 7pm
Wednesday AM May 2nd, 2007
The Front Row, 05/02/2007
U.S. Commerce Secretary Calls for Immigration Reform
Stanford Educated? HISD Students Do Well on Test
Dalai Lama Commends Houston on Compassion
Pulling Strings, Saturday, May 5th
Tuesday PM May 1st, 2007
Tuesday AM May 1st, 2007
The Front Row, 05/01/2007
Low Carbon Global Economy
Students Build Hardware for NASA
Black Caucus Rallies Behind TSU
Monday PM April 30th, 2007
Bad Mixture? Boat Engines Resisting Switch to Ethanol
Green Building in a Green Place
The Front Row, 04/30/2007
Monday AM April 30th, 2007
Music From The Movies
Managing Job Related Stress
Search Warrants Served in Needville High Fire
Cornyn Files Legislation for Those Convicted of Killing Cops
Friday PM April 27th, 2007
Friday AM April 27th, 2007
Remembering NASA Employee David Beverly
Join KUHF at the Houston International Festival
The Front Row, 04/27/2007
HFD Survivor Reunions
Mexican Trucking Plan Under NAFTA
Thursday PM April 26th, 2007
Hispanic Congressional Members Discuss Immigration Reform
Thursday AM April 26th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/26/2007
Jessica's Law Closer to the Governor's Desk
Out Late? City Considers Revised Curfew for Teens
Houston Landmarks
Wednesday PM April 25th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/25/2007
Wednesday AM April 25th, 2007
TxDOT and Lawmakers Fight Over Priorities
HBU Cultural Arts Center Nearly Complete
Houston Pushing Health Coverage
Tuesday PM April 24th, 2007
Tuesday AM April 24th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/24/2007
NAACP Asks Entertainers to Respect Women
City And Reliant Push More Energy Efficient Lights
Monday PM April 23rd, 2007
Katrina Evacuees Face FEMA Deadline
A Day on the Elissa
Hidden Houston: Oak Farms Dairy
The Front Row, 04/23/2007
Keith Anderson
Monday AM April 223rd, 2007
Music From The Movies
Ground Broken on New Building at UH Sugar Land
Friday PM April 20th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/20/2007
TSU Students Protest Governor's Conservator Plan
UH Upgrades Communication
Thursday AM April 19th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/19/2007
Deadline Looms for Heights-Area Park
Has Electric Deregulation Worked? Some Say Yes
Wednesday PM April 18th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/18/2007
Wednesday AM April 18th, 2007
Republic of Texas Exhibit
Texas AG Files Suit Against Drug Store Giant
Nursing Schools Struggle to Meet Demand
Tuesday PM April 17th, 2007
Pulling Strings, Saturday, April 21st
Former UN Secretary General Visits Houston
The Front Row, 04/17/2007
Tuesday AM April 17th, 2007
MD Anderson Reaching Out to Hispanics
City Controller Launches Audit of HPD Taser Use
ConocoPhilips and Tyson Foods Partner to Make Diesel Fuel
Monday PM April 16th, 2007
Colette and Kenneth Robichau
The Front Row, 04/16/2007
Body Image Class Developed to Help Patients with Eating Disorders
Students Learn the Joy of Writing Through Poetry
Monday AM April 16th, 2007
60th Anniversary of the Texas City Disaster
Music From The Movies
City Project Fights Urban Blight, Increases Tax Roles
Community Recognized for Wildfire Preparedness
Friday PM April 13th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/13/2007
Friday AM April 13th, 2007
May Election Voter Registration Deadline Today
Report Crimes Online to HPD
One of Houston's Best Kept Secrets: Downtown Tunnels
Thursday PM April 12th, 2007
Music From The Movies
Thursday AM April 12th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/12/2007
Doctors Conduct Rare Four-Organ Transplant
Groups Push Citizenship Ahead of Fee Increase
City Adjusts Historic Designation Rules
Wednesday PM April 11th, 2007
HGO's Anthony Freud and a 2007-08 Season Preview
Wednesday AM April 11th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/11/2007
New Traffic Signs Bring Attention to DWI Dangers
Hundreds Rally to Save Mental Retardation Center
Swimming Pool Safety
Pulling Strings, Saturday, April 14th
Tuesday PM April 10th, 2007
Tuesday AM April 10th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/10/2007
Hindu Temple In Stafford is Hidden Treasure
HISD Against TAKS Testing
Council Weighs in on Dueling Parades
Monday PM April 9th, 2007
Music From The Movies
Hidden Houston: Pro-Vision, Inc.
Save the Frogs!
Catherine, Barney and Charlie Giesen
The Front Row, 04/09/2007
Monday AM April 9th, 2007
Charter School Could End-Up on High School Campus
Harris County Hospital District Whistleblower Receives Award
New Tactics to Recover Dropouts
Friday PM April 6th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/06/2007
Friday AM April 6th, 2007
Supporters Gather to Save the Center
Historic Library Ready For Second Life
Catholic Church Wants Latin Mass to Make a Comeback
Thursday PM April 5th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/05/2007
Thursday AM April 5th, 2007
Local Constable Says He'll Revise His Taser Policy
IAH Nation's First Model Port
Wednesday PM April 4th, 2007
Wednesday AM April 4th, 2007
The Front Row, 04/04/2007
Forecasters Predict Busy Hurricane Season
HISD Police Hope to Upgrade Radios
Hutchison Supports UH-Led Wind Turbine Alliance
Tuesday PM April 3rd, 2007
Tuesday PM April 3rd, 2007
The Front Row, 04/03/2007
Cracking Down on Fugitive Sex Offenders
Downtown Stroll: New Historic Walk is Complete
Children At Risk Lists Top High Schools
Monday PM April 2nd, 2007
Monday AM April 2nd, 2007
Michelle Milton
Danish Ambassador Visits Houston
UH Competes to Bring Wind Turbine Research Facility to Texas
The Front Row, 04/02/2007
Music From The Movies
Houston-Area Survey: More Crime Concerns, Less Worries About the Economy
Houston Housing Market Continues to Break Records
Heart Surgeon Changes Careers
Friday PM March 30th, 2007
$758,000 Raised During Spring Fundraising Campaign
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 03/30/2007
Friday AM March 30th, 2007
Teens Teach Teens Safer Driving
Companies Respond to Needs of Global Families
Thursday PM March 29th, 2007
NASA Trying to Keep Talent as Program Goals Shift
Structural Damage Slows Fatal Building Fire Investigation
Thursday AM March 29th, 2007
The Front Row, 03/29/2007
Gonzales in Houston for Internet PSAs
Embattled U.S. Attorney Visits Home Town
County Unveils Competitive Aquatics Center
Wednesday PM March 28th, 2007
Wednesday AM March 28th, 2007
The Front Row, 03/28/2007
Number of Staph Infections Rising
New Habitat for Humanity Families
Pulling Strings, Saturday, March 31st
Tuesday PM March 27th, 2007
The Front Row, 03/27/2007
Tuesday AM March 27th, 2007
Panel Recommends TSU Remain Independent
Metro Wants Feed Back from Public
Monday PM March 26th, 2007
Music From The Movies
Monday AM March 26th, 2007
Opponents of Rail Along Richmond Make Their Case
The Front Row, 03/26/2007
Stunt Drivers School? No, It's HPD
Roberta Keys Torn and Susan T. Young
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Takes Part in Immigration Debate
Buses Bring College to Kids
Friday PM March 23rd, 2007
Friday AM March 23rd, 2007
The Front Row, 03/23/2007
French Foreign Trade Minister Visits Houston
Attorney General brings Cyber Crime fight to Houston
Congress Looks at Refinery Regulations
Thursday PM March 22nd, 2007
The Front Row, 03/22/2007
Thursday AM March 22nd, 2007
Clear Communication: New Radios Help Local Cops
County Overhauls Mental Screenings for Juveniles
Wednesday PM March 21st, 2007
Wednesday AM March 21st, 2007
The Front Row, 03/21/2007
CSB Releases Final Report on 2005 BP Texas City Refinery Explosion
Energy Efficiency for Low-Income
KIPP Announces Ambitious Expansion
Tuesday PM March 20th, 2007
The Front Row, 03/20/2007
Tuesday AM March 20th, 2007
Bills Focus on Home Building Industry
Transportation Researchers Look at Traffic Signs
Chinese Universities Learning from the United States
Monday PM March 19th, 2007
Music From The Movies
Monday AM March 19th, 2007
Rail Supporters Turn Into Customers Along Richmond Avenue
Raymond Gayle III and Anna Pearl Barrett
The Front Row, 03/19/2007
Arts Commission Leader Retiring
TB: The Real Risks
Solar Homes in Houston
Airport Crush
Friday PM March 16th, 2007
Senator Hutchison Voices Concerns to Veteran's Committee
Friday AM March 16th, 2007
The Front Row, 03/16/2007
BP Settlement Donation Recipients Announced
Med Students Celebrate Match Day
Improving Child Care Standards
Thursday PM March 15th, 2007
Thursday AM March 15th, 2007
The Front Row, 03/15/2007
Scientific Community Collaborates to Compete
Taser Debate: HPD and Sheriff's Office Say It's a Good Tool
Wednesday PM March 14th, 2007
Music From The Movies
Wednesday AM March 14th, 2007
The Front Row, 03/14/2007
Remembering the Apollo One Fire
The Problem with Apartments
Tuesday PM March 13th, 2007
"The Namesake" Movie Screening
The Front Row, 03/13/2007
Tuesday AM March 13th, 2007
Doctors and Drug Companies: Conflict of Interest?
Houston's Top for Post Docs
Pulling Strings, Saturday, March 17th
Monday PM March 12th, 2007
Identity Protection Plans
Teens See the Result of Drinking and Driving
The Front Row, 03/12/2007
Monday AM March 12th, 2007
Gregory Black
Northern Spain Tour, Fall 2008
Deep-Vein Thrombosis Prevention
Rapid HIV Testing at Hospitals Could Reduce Number of Infected Babies
Katrina Families Thank Habitat for Humanity Volunteers
Lawmakers Want to Give More Authority to TCEQ
HISD Approves Use of Recruiting Bonuses
Friday PM March 9th, 2007
Friday AM March 9th, 2007
The Front Row, 03/09/2007
Dragon Boat Festival in Houston
Lucy in The Museum: Famous Fossil To Start Houston Visit In August
Thursday PM March 8th, 2007
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 03/08/2007
Thursday AM March 8th, 2007
Houston's Mobility Response Team to Help Ease Traffic Congestion
Leaders in Children's Health Discuss Uninsured Families
Wednesday PM March 7th, 2007
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 03/07/2007
Eckels Out, Emmett Takes Over in Harris County
Daylight Saving Time May Affect Computer Users and Businesses
Pulling Strings, Saturday, March 10th
Tuesday AM March 6th, 2007
The Front Row, 03/06/2007
Book It: Libraries Of the Future Could Look High Tech
Vets Volunteer at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Monday PM March 5th, 2007
Lawmakers Debate Red Light Cameras
Houston Growing into a Polycentric City
Monday AM March 5th, 2007
The Front Row, 03/05/2007
Geoff and Darcy Casavant
Music From The Movies
United Way 211 Line
Local Soldier on the Road to Recovery
Friday PM March 2nd, 2007
Friday AM March 2nd, 2007
The Front Row, 03/02/2007
Police and Ministers
Taser Debate: East End Incident Raises Questions
Thursday PM March 1st, 2007
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 03/01/2007
Thursday AM March 1st, 2007
East End Graffiti Clean-Up Gets Big Boost
Houston One Step Closer to Wi-Fi Network
Wednesday PM February 28th, 2007
The Front Row, 02/28/2007
Wednesday AM February 28th, 2007
Ronald McDonald House at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital
Telephone Excise Tax Refund
Tuesday PM February 27th, 2007
Tuesday AM February 27th, 2007
The Front Row, 02/27/2007
Imperial Rome Exhibit Opens
U.S. and China Researchers to Study Sustainable Development
Harris County Shares Fingerprints With Federal Agencies
Monday PM February 26th, 2007
Houston Public Radio Needs You
Lauren Buggs, Rosalie Johnson Buggs and Shannon Buggs Harrison
Monday AM February 26th, 2007
The Front Row, 02/26/2007
Access and Mobility in Houston 2035
New Index for the Oil and Gas Industry
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 02/23/2007
ADL Warns of Hate Groups
Problem Solvers: Committee Listens at TSU Town Hall Meeting.
TXDOT Lobbying
Friday PM February 23rd, 2007
Friday AM February 23rd, 2007
Trailriders Kick Off Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Lawmakers Battle Over HPV Vaccine
Final Report Released on Hurricane Rita Evacuation Bus Fire
Houston's Proposed Benzene Reduction Plan
Thursday PM February 22nd, 2007
Thursday AM February 22nd, 2007
The Front Row, 02/22/2007
Urban Park in Houston's Heights Area Saved
Russian Cultural Center Documentary Showcase
TAKS Test Changes
Wednesday PM February 21st, 2007
Wednesday AM February 21st, 2007
The Front Row, 02/21/2007
Eckels Ready to Move to Law Firm
Houston Area Sees Alarming Rate of High School Dropouts
Tuesday PM February 20th, 2007
The Front Row, 02/20/2007
City Helping Apartments Renovate
Pride of Gulfton: Service Center Opens on Southwest Side
Harris County Criminal Collections Unit
Monday February 19th, 2007
Shriners Hospital Wins Fourth Consecutive Energy Star
Susan and Charles Elder
The Front Row, 02/19/2007
Heritage Tourism Center
Music From The Movies
Eating Disorders
Life Goes On At TSU Despite Troubles
Harris County Judge Selection Process
The Front Row, 02/16/2007
Drop House Bust
Astronauts Prepare for Next Mission; Comment on Nowak
Harris County Judge Robert Eckels Resigns
Clean Air Bill
The Front Row, 02/15/2007
Bodman: Energy Security More Crucial Than Ever
Houston Mayor Pushes Voluntary Air Quality Improvement Plan
Humble ISD Observatory
The Front Row, 02/14/2007
Fables and Fairy Tales in Opera
City Reviewing Plan for Pandemic Virus
Changing Its Tune: Oil Giant Says Global Warming a Problem
Heart Transplant Patients Celebrate Anniversaries
Pulling Strings, Saturday, February 17th
The Front Row, 02/13/2007
Energy Conference Founder Says Industry is Full of Innovation
Researchers Say Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Treating Retinitis Pigmentosa
"The Lives of Others" Movie Screening
The Front Row, 02/12/2007
Monday AM February 12th, 2007
Sandra Auzenne
Ethics Reform
Shortage of In-Home Assistance Providers for Seniors in Harris County
Organization Celebrates Helping Houston's Underserved for A Century
Music From The Movies
HISD Superintendent Gives State of the Schools Speech
Crime Lab Report Should Be Complete in April
Flu Widespread in Texas But Not in Houston
Friday PM February 9th, 2007
Friday AM February 9th, 2007
The Front Row, 02/09/2007
BRAC Funding Cuts
Bayport Terminal Open and Ready for Business
METRO to Move Forward with Northline Expansion
Thursday PM February 8th, 2007
Thursday AM February 8th, 2007
The Front Row, 02/08/2007
Endangered Historic Places
Carbon Emissions Trading
Young People at Risk for Stroke
The Front Row, 02/07/2007
Chance Meeting Could Result in Fibroid Treatment
Watch for Cyclists
Elder Care
Pulling Strings, Saturday, February 10th
The Front Row, 02/06/2007
Elderly Bi-Polar Study
HD Changing The Face of Radio
Students Marching Toward Success at Newcomer School
Monday PM February 5th, 2007
Pat Colletti and George Barajas
Interview with Young Businessman Cameron Johnson
Monday AM February 5th, 2007
Golden Age of Documentaries
The Front Row, 02/05/2007
Music From The Movies
New Way to Deal With Homelessness? Experts Say Yes
Downtown Outreach Center
Houston Habitat For Humanity Application Fair
Friday PM February 2nd, 2007
The Front Row, 02/02/2007
Friday AM February 2nd, 2007
Citizen Application Fees Could Nearly Double
Nursing Shortage
Thursday PM February 1st, 2007
Thursday AM February 1st, 2007
The Front Row, 02/01/2007
A Book Signing with Howard Pollack
Methodist Hospital Expansion
Smoking Ban Bill
Parks Supporters Hope State Lawmakers Restore Grant Funding
Wednesday PM January 31st, 2007
The Front Row, 01/31/2007
Organization Urges Trade Plans for Texas and Mexico
METRO Cracks Down on HOV Violators
Hobby Airport Celebrates 80th Anniversary
Pulling Strings, Saturday, February 3rd
The Front Row, 01/30/2007
Tuesday AM January 30th, 2007
Fondren Crime
Old Downtown Library Could Get Face-Lift, Expansion
Artists for Conservation Meet in Houston
Monday PM January 29th, 2007
Robert and Rita Hunter
Medicaid Cuts
Monday AM January 29th, 2007
Measuring Gulf Coast Subsidence
The Front Row, 01/29/2007
Music From The Movies
Teach for America in Houston
Port Hosts Lawmakers: Both Pledge Security Cooperation
NASA Space Walks
Friday PM January 26th, 2007
Friday AM January 26th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/26/2007
Save the National Parks
Full Speed Ahead: Metro Okays Rapid Transit Deal
HISD's Newcomer Charter School Gets Campus
Thursday PM January 25th, 2007
Music From The Movies
Thursday AM January 25th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/25/2007
Recording Studio Opens at Texas Children's Hospital
Overall Crime Down But Murder Up Last Year in Houston
Fort Bend Amnesty
Wednesday PM January 24th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/24/2007
Wednesday AM January 24th, 2007
Exhibit Space Grows at Houston Health Museum
Texas Forest Service Grants
HISD Hosts Chinese Exchange Students
Tuesday PM January 23rd, 2007
Tuesday AM January 23rd, 2007
The Front Row, 01/23/2007
Harris County Health Care Alliance
White Turns Green in State of City Address
Disaster Nurses
Monday PM January 22nd, 2007
Gloria and Andrea White
Wrist Replacement
The Front Row, 01/22/2007
Monday AM January 22nd, 2007
Houston Gets Ready to Plant Thousands of Trees
Houston VA Hospital Adds New Surgical Suite
Rebuilding New Orleans Teleconference
Electronic Medical Records Could Improve Health Care
Friday PM January 19th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/19/2007
Friday AM January 19th, 2007
Galveston Recognized for Disaster Readiness
Rice University Plans Child Care Center
Jury Spares Immigrant Truck Driver: Life in Prison Instead
Thursday PM January 18th, 2007
A Few Spirits from "Ghosts in the Books"
The Front Row, 01/18/2007
Thursday AM January 18th, 2007
Urgent Care Center Opens at Ben Taub Hospital
Congressman Ron Paul Explores Bid for Presidential Nomination
Rotary House at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Celebrating Birthday
Wednesday PM January 17th, 2007
Munich and Salzburg Music Tour, July 2007
HD Radio: A Status Report at 3 Months
Wednesday AM January 17th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/17/2007
Pulling Strings, Saturday, January 20
Baker Report Says BP Didn't Emphasize Safety
Crews Prepare for Icy Roads
No Scheduled Screenings at this Time
Texas Inauguration Day
Tuesday PM January 16th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/16/2007
Tuesday AM January 16th, 2007
Medicare Bill Passes
Texas' 80th Legislative Session Underway
Ice Storm? Crews are Ready Just in Case
Monday PM January 15th, 2007
Future of LORAN
Local VA Docs Use Heat to Kill Liver Tumors
KUHF and North Houston Team Up for 2007 Economic Leadership Forum
Music From The Movies
African-American Cemetery Donated to Galveston Historical Foundation
Students Compete in MLK Oratory Competition
Electronic Recycling
Friday PM January 12th, 2007
Friday AM January 12th, 2007
StoryCorps in Houston
CHIP Under Review
Rock On: City Preps for Cold Weather
Thursday PM January 11th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/15/2007
Thursday AM January 11th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/11/2007
Police Shootings
One More Chance for FEMA Housing Assistance
MLK Squabble Resolved
"Letters From Iwo Jima" Movie Screening
Wednesday PM January 10th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/10/2007
Wednesday AM January 10th, 2007
Audrey Buller: A Magic Realist in Retrospect
Jurors Begin Deliberations in Immigrant Smuggling Trial
Marathon Runners Impact Houston's Economy
Homeland Security Money
Rebuilding Historic New Orleans
Pulling Strings, Saturday, January 13
Tuesday PM January 9th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/09/2007
Tuesday AM January 9th, 2007
Texas Revenue Forecast
Local Forensic Artist Brings Victims to Life
School Bus Seat Belts
Monday PM January 8th, 2007
Organization Modifies Homes for Wounded Veterans
Monday AM January 8th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/08/2007
Battleship Texas Needs Help
Music From The Movies
UH Professor Receives Grant to Study Teen Depression
Online Music Class
Net is Changing the Way Hotels and Resorts Do Business
Friday PM January 5th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/05/2007
Friday AM January 5th, 2007
Texas Lawmakers Vie for Top Spot in House
HPD Legislation Plan
Thursday PM January 4th, 2007
Thursday AM January 4th, 2007
The Front Row, 01/04/2007
Flooded Bays? Rice Prof Says It's Happening
Hospital and Art Museum Team Up in Art for Heart Program
Texas Ranks Low on Economics and Education Report
Homeland Security Grade
Wednesday PM January 3rd, 2007
The Front Row, 01/03/2007
Wednesday AM January 3rd, 2007
Christmas Tree Recycling Program Reduces Fire Risk
Luggage Theft
NASA Engineers Bring Technology to the Private Sector
Tuesday PM January 2nd, 2007
Houstonian Collecting Oral Histories from Long-Time Residents
The Front Row, 01/02/2007
Local Researcher Hopes to Unlock Human Hibernation Gene
Music From The Movies
In Transition
Texas Bids on Wind Facility
The Painted Churches of Texas
Local Cemetery Engraved With Houston's Past
Mental Illness in Jails: Part 4
Big Brothers Big Sisters Reaches Out to Children of Prisoners
Mental Illness in Jails: Part 3
Video Games Donated to Texas Children's Hospital
Asteroid Named After Texas
Africa Literacy Project
Texas Clipper to Become Artificial Reef
Mental Illness in Jails: Part 2
Elissa Endowment
Mental Illness in Jails: Part 1
Houston Greeters
Talking Prescriptions Help Veterans
Music Therapy for Parkinson's Patients
Water Conservation
Music From The Movies
Overfishing Study
Cancer Coach
Worn Boot Leather: Custom Bootmakers Still Working in Houston
Immigration Blame
Religious Leaders Meet in Houston
Kirby Drive Beautification
Dropout Health
Texas Winter Wonderland
Thursday PM December 21st, 2006
FBI Hackers? Not So Say the Feds
The Front Row, 12/21/2006
Transtar Expansion
Trash Bags Need Tags for the Holidays
Houston Starts Re-Housing Program for Homeless
Wednesday AM December 20th, 2006
The Front Row, 12/20/2006
Crime on the Rise in Houston
Breast Imaging
Tuesday PM December 19th, 2006
Tuesday AM December 19th, 2006
Busiest Fundraising Week for Salvation Army
Buying Flood Insurance Now Could Save You Later
Monday PM December 18th, 2006
Christmas Mail Deadlines
Anti-Defamation League Expands No Place for Hate Program
Monday AM December 18th, 2006
Music From The Movies
Memorial Park Playground Offers Accessibility
New VA Outpatient Clinic
Deadly Force Training
Friday PM December 15th, 2006
The Front Row, 12/15/2006
Friday AM December 15th, 2006
UH Researcher Focuses on Airport Congestion
M.D. Anderson Christmas Choir
BP Makes First Explosion-Related Donation to UTMB
Thursday PM December 14th, 2006
The Front Row, 12/14/2006
Thursday AM December 14th, 2006
Deep Trouble? Vein Condition Emerges During Long Trips
Harris County Voter Roll Purge
Space Elevator
Wednesday PM December 13th, 2006
The Front Row, 12/13/2006
Wednesday AM December 13th, 2006
Shining Star: Local Shelter Celebrates 100 Years
Cadets and Veterans
Christmas Bird Count
Tuesday PM December 12th, 2006
The Front Row, 12/12/2006
Tuesday AM December 11th, 2006
Rail Could Help Ease Galveston and Brazoria Transit Issues
Child Support Evaders
Democrats Urge Texas Governor to End Contracts with Lobbyists
Monday PM December 11th, 2006
Music From The Movies
Pets Aren't Presents
Will Immigrant Verdict Change Anything? Experts Say Not Likely
The Front Row, 12/11/2006
Monday AM December 11th, 2006
New Hidalgo Park Opens
HISD Unveils First Winter Fest
Local HIV-AIDS Numbers Increase For Minorities
Friday PM December 8th, 2006
Friday AM December 8th, 2006
The Front Row, 12/08/2006
Tumor Research Grant
Woodlands Annexation
Christmas Bonus From Uncle Sam? IRS Says Yes
Thursday PM December 7th, 2006
The Front Row, 12/07/2006
Judge Orders FEMA to Continue Payments for Evacuees
Thursday AM December 7th, 2006
Houston Recycling Scrap Tires
Apartment Rehab
NASA Heading Back to the Moon
Wednesday PM December 6th, 2006
Wednesday AM December 6th, 2006
The Front Row, 12/06/2006
Paperless Trail: County Uses e-Recording for Real Estate Transactions
Houston Airport System Looks at New Business Opportunities
Pit Bull Task Force
Pulling Strings, Saturday, Dec. 9
Music From The Movies
Tuesday PM December 5th, 2006
The Front Row, 12/05/2006
Tuesday AM December 5th, 2006
STP Security Project
Immigrant Smuggler Convicted, Could Be Executed
VA Infection Control
Monday PM December 4th, 2006
NASA Small Business Forum
Charter School Emphasizes Energy Education
The Front Row, 12/04/2006
Monday AM December 4th, 2006
World AIDS Day
TAKS Test Changes
Bill Filed for Cleaner Cars
Gridiron Surprise: Cougar Football Plays for Conference Championship
Friday PM December 1st, 2006
Friday AM December 1st, 2006
The Front Row, 12/01/2006
Homeless Shelters on Cold Weather Alert
Meth Abuse
Medicaid Fraud
Thursday PM November 30th, 2006
Meet The Cast Of Houston Ballet's The Nutcracker
The Front Row, 11/30/2006
Thursday AM November 30th, 2006
Holiday Safety for Seniors
Doctors Recommend Chickenpox Booster
Preservation Group Restores and Protects Historic Cemeteries
Wednesday PM November 29th, 2006
The Front Row, 11/29/2006
Wednesday AM November 29th, 2006
Tasers and Race
Genetics Breakthrough
Feds Say Two Local Men Wanted to Fight Alongside Taliban
Non-Profit Group Helps Artists Start Careers
Tuesday PM November 28th, 2006
Celebrate The Holidays With Revels
"Unaccompanied Minors" Movie Screening
The Front Row, 11/28/2006
Tuesday AM November 28th, 2006
Hispanic Students in Charter Schools
La Comida Food Drive
Precious Metal: Cops Crack Down on Copper Crooks
Monday PM November 27th, 2006
The Front Row, 11/27/2006
Monday AM November 27th, 2006
Lampson Prepares to Take Over 22nd District Seat
New Options Available to Reduce Health Care Costs
Music From The Movies
Blind Websites
Santa Sacks
Friday November 24th, 2006
The Front Row, 11/24/2006
Homeless Cooking
Harris County Offers New Housing Search Tool
Governor Perry Calls for Two Special Elections
HD Radio: The Gift of More Public Radio
Thursday November 23rd, 2006
Electric Bill Help
Star of Hope Kicks Off Centennial Celebration
High Tech Cemetery
Wednesday PM November 22nd, 2006
Wednesday AM November 22nd, 2006
The Front Row, 11/22/2006
Robert Altman Remembered
Chili Cook-Off Winner Encouraging Others to Try
Dangerous Toys
Pulling Strings, Saturday, Nov. 25
Tuesday PM November 21st, 2006
Music From The Movies
Tuesday AM November 21st, 2006
The Front Row, 11/21/2006
Monday PM November 20th, 2006
Keeping Older Drivers Safe
New Orleans Residents Moving Home with Help from NOLA Bound
The Front Row, 11/20/2006
Enron the Musical
Monday AM November 20th, 2006
Non-Profit Breast Cancer Clinic Helps Uninsured Patients
Adoption Celebration
Artists to Use Allen Parkway as Canvas
Precious Gem Exhibit Opens At Local Museum
KUHF/StoryCorps Celebration At HMNS Jan. 13
Friday PM November 17th, 2006
Friday AM November 17th, 2006
The Front Row, 11/17/2006
Local Economist Predicts Slower Economy and Housing Market
International Space Station Plans Spacewalk
Sekula Gibbs Staff Quits
Thursday PM November 16th, 2006
The Front Row, 11/16/2006
Thursday AM November 16th, 2006
Doctor Robots Working at Methodist Hospital
Texas Courthouse Preservation Program
Appraisal Task Force Meets in Houston
Enron's Former Chief Accounting Officer Sentenced
Wednesday PM November 15th, 2006
"A Prairie Home Companion" Movie Brunch Screening
"A Prairie Home Companion" Benefit Movie Screening
Increasing the Impact of Philanthropy in Houston
The Front Row, 11/15/2006
Wednesday AM November 15th, 2006
Shelley Sekula Gibbs Goes to Washington
UH Tech Lab Opens, Will Serve as Teaching Tool
Caps to the Capitol
Tuesday PM November 14th, 2006
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 11/14/2006
Tuesday AM November 14th, 2006
HPD Red Light Cameras
TSA Travel Rules
Centro de Informacion Medica
Monday PM November 13th, 2006
Texas Clipper to Become Artificial Reef
The Front Row, 11/13/2006
Public Reefing in Texas Waters
Monday AM November 13th, 2006
HISD Taxes and Tutoring
Biggio Stays An Astro, Signs New Contract
Whooping Cough
Airline Pensions
Friday PM November 10th, 2006
Holiday Treelighting At The Wortham Center Nov. 22
The Front Row, 11/10/2006
Friday AM November 10th, 2006
Texas Woman's University Opens New Houston Campus
Preparations Being Made for Space Shuttle Discovery Launch
Enough Time? Sekula-Gibbs Faces Clock-Crunch in Congress
Thursday PM November 9th, 2006
The Front Row, 11/09/2006
Thursday AM November 9th, 2007
Nanotechnology Research is Making a Difference Now
Veggie Bus
District 22 May Be Preview of 2008
Wednesday PM November 8th, 2006
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Steps Down
Texas Governor Rick Perry wins Re-Election
Wednesday AM November 8th, 2006
Lampson Holds-Off Write-In Challenger Sekula Gibbs
The Front Row, 11/08/2006
District 22: Red or Blue?
District 22 Write-In Voting
Tuesday PM November 7th, 2006
Voter Turnout Predicitions for Texas Governor's Race
Tuesday AM November 7th, 2006
The Front Row, 11/07/2006
Historical Markers
Voter Turnout
NASA Gets Ready for Complicated Shuttle Mission
Monday PM November 6th, 2006
Cancer Coach
The Front Row, 11/06/2006
Monday AM November 6th, 2006
Worn Boot Leather: Custom Bootmakers Still Working in Houston
Brinton Smith romances Schumann
Music From The Movies
UH Professor Receives Grant for Anxiety Study
Young Voters
Local Fans Get a Kick Out of Houston Dynamo
Via Colori Hits The Streets Of Downtown Houston
Friday PM November 3rd, 2006
Friday AM November 3rd, 2006
The Front Row, 11/03/2006
Substitute Teachers
New Explosives Detecting Dog at Houston's Airports
Homeless in Houston
Thursday PM November 2nd, 2006
UH Theatre Presents The Shakespeare Show
The Front Row, 11/02/2006
Thursday AM November 2nd, 2006
Website Helps Voters Learn About Politicians Already in Office
Children's Hearing
More HISD Students Taking, Passing Advanced Courses
Wednesday PM November 1st, 2006
"Babel" Movie Screening
Wednesday AM November 1st, 2006
The Front Row, 11/01/2006
Spellings Report
Halloween at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Safety Board Investigating BP Explosion Makes New Recommendations
Tuesday PM October 31st, 2006
President Campaigns in District 22
The Front Row, 10/31/2006
Tuesday AM October 31st, 2006
Program Safegaurds Children From Sex Offenders
Safe Clear Changes Tighten Tow Truck Driver Requirements
Monday PM October 30th, 2006
Monday AM October 30th, 2006
E-Slate Write-Ins
The Front Row, 10/30/2006
Leonardo Project
Music From The Movies
John Lienhard Authors New Work On Inventive Process
Bayou Wetlands
Harris County Voter Roll
Is It Real or Memorex? Deer Park Drills Chemical Leak Scenario
Friday PM October 27th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/27/2006
Friday AM October 27th, 2006
Color Me Green: Homes Becoming More Energy Efficient
UT Sells Property
Voice Assistance Technology
Thursday PM October 26th, 2006
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 10/26/2006
Thursday AM October 26th, 2006
State of Metro
Near Death Experiences
Sold: Jim West Mansion
Wednesday PM October 25th, 2006
Wednesday AM October 25th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/252006
Historic Document Reading Room Opening
Partnership Between FBI and Corporations Grows
Instruments Donated to HISD
Tuesday PM October 24th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/24/2006
Tuesday AM October 24th, 2006
Skilling Sentenced to 24 Years
Organ Donation Law
Historic Preservation
Good Weather: City Program Successful At Saving Energy Costs
UH Air Quality Conference Promotes Clean Energy
The Front Row, 10/23/2006
Monday AM October 23rd, 2006
Don't Forget: Exhibition Explains Memory
Fifth Ward Mural
Houston Greeters
Friday AM October 20th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/20/2006
UH Master Plan Could Change the Face of Campus
Death Row Suicide Under Investigation
Texas Children's Hospital Announces Expansion
Thursday PM October 19th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/19/2006
Thursday AM October 19th, 2006
NFL Bomb Threat
JFK Record Discovery Turned Over to Museum
DeBakey Museum Under Construction
City Passes New, Tougher Smoking Rules
Wednesday PM October 18th, 2006
Wednesday AM October 18th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/18/2006
Children's Museum Expansion
Identity Confirmed: New Downtown Park Gets A Name
White Oak Bayou
Tuesday PM October 17th, 2006
Tuesday AM October 17th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/17/2006
Time Running Out To Save Park Near Heights
Flooding Brings Back Memories of Allison
Water Conservation
Monday PM October 16th, 2006
Africa Literacy Project
Chris Bell Interview
The Front Row, 10/16/2006
Music From The Movies
Texas Budget Woes
Cowboy Way
KUHF-FM Raises $732,945 During Fall Campaign
"Little Children" Movie Screening
The Front Row, 10/13/2006
Friday AM October 13th, 2006
UH Arts Center Dedication
Franklin Exhibit Opens at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
Thursday PM October 12th, 2006
Thursday AM October 12th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/12/2006
Harris County Gets Mental Health Services to Children and Families
Houston Salvation Army Commander Transferred
Wednesday PM October 11th, 2006
Wednesday AM October 11th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/11/2006
Red Tide Attacks Texas Coast
Homeland Security Equipment
Pulling Strings, Saturday, October 14
Tuesday PM October 10th, 2006
Music From The Movies
Tuesday AM October 10th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/10/2006
Magnolia Brewery Building Saved from Demolition
Volunteers Refurbish Urban Nature Center
Monday PM October 9th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/09/2006
Kinky Friedman Interview
Monday AM October 9th, 2006
Mandell Park
Pilot Project Explores School Buses and GPS Technology
Dropout Rates Higher than Reported
Depression Screening
Friday PM October 6th, 2006
Front Row Highlights On New CD
Friday AM October 6th, 2006
"The Last King of Scotland" Movie Screening
Renovation Plans for Gragg Building
HISD Security Grant
Thursday PM October 5th, 2006
"A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" Movie Screening
The Front Row, 10/06/2006
Thursday AM October 5th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/05/2006
Walking to School
Transtar Brings Traffic to the Web
Flu Season
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday PM October 4th, 2006
The Front Row, 10/04/2006
Wednesday AM October 4th, 2006
UT-Houston Gets $36 million Grant
Helping Homeless Children Develop Skills
HISD Joins U-Promise Program
Tuesday PM October 3rd, 2006
The Front Row, 10/03/2006
Rice Professors Developing Single-Pixel Digital Camera
Voter Registration Drive
New UH Public Policy Director Begins Work Here
James Werner Interview
Monday AM October 2nd, 2006
The Front Row, 10/02/2006
Local Researcher Hopes to Unlock Human Hibernation Gene
ETHEL rocks out in KUHF's Performance Studio
New Clinic in Fifth Ward
Used Car Tax
Battleship Texas Gets a New Skipper
Friday PM September 29th, 2006
Friday AM September 29th, 2006
The Front Row, 09/29/2006
KUHF Is Now Two Stations In One
Not Enough Parents Taking Advantage of Help from HISD
Houston Pushes for Green Buildings
Pollen Counters
Thursday PM September 28th, 2006
The Front Row, 09/28/2006
Thursday AM September 28th, 2006
Thousands Say Goodbye To Fallen HPD Officer
Kinky Visits UH
Study Focuses on Toxins in Houston's Air
Local Lawmaker Concerned About Aviation Safety
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday PM September 27th, 2006
Music From The Movies
Wednesday AM September 27th, 2006
The Front Row, 09/27/2006
State Could Decide on Stem Cell Funding in 2007
Study Finds Caregivers Report High Rates of Depression
Pulling Strings, Saturday, September 30th
Tuesday on The Front Row
Tuesday PM September 26th, 2006
Tuesday AM September 26th, 2006
The Front Row, 09/26/2006
Stricter Smoking Rules Considered For Houston
Researchers Focusing on Houston Immigrant Crime
Artist with Arthritis Paints for a Cause
Hurricane Rita Damage in Parks One Year Later
Monday on The Front Row
Monday PM September 25th, 2006
Monday AM September 25th, 2006
The Front Row, 09/25/2006
The Painted Churches of Texas
Pearland Non-Profit Focuses on Middle Class
Local Group Dedicated to Saving Historic Bungalows
West Loop Construction
Do You Read Me? Cops Head to Schools to Help Kids Read
Friday PM September 22nd, 2006
Friday AM September 22nd, 2006
The Front Row, 09/22/2006
New Science Lab Gives Teachers A Chance to Study Curriculum
HPD Anticipates Increase in Crime Early Next Year
Protecting Older Drivers
Thursday PM September 21st, 2006
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 09/21/2006
Thursday AM September 21st, 2006
YES School Building
Space Shuttle Go for Landing
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday PM September 20th, 2006
The Front Row, 09/20/2006
HISD Bond Program Paying Off
Wednesday AM September 20th, 2006
Texas School Land Board in Houston
Could Bird Flu Wreck the Economy? Some Say Yes.
NFL Opens Afterschool Youth Center in Houston
Wednesday on The Front Row
Tuesday PM September 19th, 2006
Tuesday AM September 19th, 2006
The Front Row, 09/19/2006
Italy Arts Tour, March 2007
Space Station Emergency
Thousands Say Goodbye to Ann Richards
Pilot Program Aims to Raise SAT Scores of Low Income Students
Tuesday on The Front Row
Monday PM September 18th, 2006
Monday AM September 18th, 2006
Houston's VA Hospital First to Use New Cardiac Diagnostic Technology
Aromatherapy Treatment for Cancer
The Front Row, 09/18/2006
Museum District Open House
Roger That: County Uses Radio Operators as Part of Emergency Plan
Outsourcing Benefits
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter Lectures At UH Oct. 4
Friday PM September 15th, 2006
Friday AM September 15th, 2006
The Front Row, 09/15/2006
Local Cemetery Engraved With Houston's Past
Hot Cities
The Front Row, 09/14/2006
Former Texas Governor Ann Richards Dies
Thursday PM September 14th, 2006
Former Texas Governor Ann Richards Dies
Solutions for the Uninsured
East End Unveils New Vision for the Future
New Homeless Housing Project in Houston
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 09/13/2006
State Leaders Look for Ways to Help Ellington Field
FEMA Recertification Deadline
United Way Campaign Hopes to Recover Money Spent on Hurricane's
Wednesday on The Front Row
Pierre Jalbert's In Aeternumn
The Front Row, 09/12/2006
Sister Cities Organization Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Hurtt Defends Proposed No-Chase Policy
Houstonians Gather to Remember 9-11
Mental Health Expert Shares Memories of 9-11
Tuesday on The Front Row
The Front Row, 09/11/2006
Infant Mortality
Katrina Evacuees Staying in Houston
New Navy Sub "Texas" Ready For Commission in Galveston
Volunteers Needed for KUHF's 2006 Fall Campaign
Monday on The Front Row
John Lienhard Book Signing Sept. 27
Shuttle Launch Scrubbed
The Front Row, 09/08/2006
Houston Agencies Receive Food Donation
Houston Agencies Receive Food Donation
Officials Ask Residents to Save 9-1-1 Calls for Emergencies
Red Light Cameras: First Tickets in the Mail
Friday on The Front Row
War Doc: Local Trauma Surgeon Joins Military Reserves
The Front Row, 09/07/2006
Music Therapy for Parkinson's Patients
University of Houston's Annual Mars Rover Project
NASA Contract Bringing New Jobs to Bay Area
Thursday on The Front Row
The Front Row, 09/06/2006
Galveston Bay Foundation Getting Help in Coastal Marsh Restoration
Houston High Schools Receive Musical Instruments
Star Count Project
State Says it Will Help Clean the Trinity River
Pulling Strings, Saturday, September 9th
Wednesday on The Front Row
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 09/05/2006
Texas Workers Losing Battle Against Inflation
Study on CEO Pay Raises Shows Effects of War
Horse Protection Act
Snaufer-Garvin Duo sizzle in KUHF's Performance Studio
Cost of Remedial Education
The Front Row, 09/04/2006
Pulling Strings, Saturday, September 2nd
Evacuee Housing Lessons Applied to Houston's Homeless
Astronaut Mission Goes Undersea
Red Light Cameras Now Snapping Pictures at Houston Intersections
The Front Row, 09/01/2006
Meet NPR Correspondent John Burnett
Friday AM September 1st, 2006
San Jacinto Monument Reopens
Slow Burn: Texas Cities Unite to Halt More Coal-Fueled Power Plants
Lockheed Martin to Build Spaceship for NASA
Cheaper Textbooks
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday PM August 31st, 2006
The Front Row, 08/31/2006
Thursday AM August 31st, 2006
Housing Deadline for Some FEMA Evacuees
UH Professors Receive Grant to Study Norwalk Virus
Elderly Disaster Guide
Houston Mayor Wants More Security at Apartment Complexes
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday PM August 30th, 2006
Wednesday AM August 30th, 2006
The Front Row, 08/30/2006
Head of Houston Food Bank Remembers Katrina Well
Katrina One Year Later
Shriners Clinic
Wednesday on The Front Row
Tuesday PM August 29th, 2006
Tuesday AM August 29th, 2006
The Front Row, 08/29/2006
HPD and Union Try to Show Unified Front
UH Researchers Get $8.5 Million to Study Learning Disabilities
Red Light Cameras
IRS Auction
Tuesday on The Front Row
Monday PM August 28th, 2006
Cleaning Up School Bus Exhaust: Part Two
Monday AM August 28th, 2006
Local Prof Recording History With Katrina and Rita Survivors
The Front Row, 08/28/2006
Music From The Movies
Attwater Prairie Chicken Breeding Facility
Unique After School Program Teaches Life Skills
Gang War: Locals and Feds Unite To Fight Organized Crooks
Friday PM August 25th, 2006
Hurricane Katrina Evacuees Meeting
Something For All Music Lovers at Collage 2006
Friday AM August 25th, 2006
The Front Row, 08/25/2006
HPD Gets Creative As It Looks for More New Cops
Harris County Sprays for Mosquitoes
Texas Bids on Wind Facility
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday PM August 24th, 2006
The Front Row, 08/24/2006
Thursday AM August 24th, 2006
Ozone Forecasting
School Accountability
Harris County Gets New Tool to Test Dirty Air
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday PM August 23rd, 2006
"Factotum" Movie Screening
The Front Row, 08/23/2006
Wednesday AM August 23rd, 2006
Drunk Driving Crackdown
New Dome Home: Massive Renovations Planned
Journey Home Center Opens in Third Ward
Wednesday on The Front Row
Tuesday PM August 22nd, 2006
Tuesday AM August 22nd, 2006
The Front Row, 08/22/2006
Monday PM August 21st, 2006
FEMA Deadline Approaches for Katrina Evacuees
HISD Expands Fine Arts Program
Houston Public Library Receives Grant
Tuesday onThe Front Row
Texas Commission on the Arts Accepting Nominations
Monday AM August 21st, 2006
The Front Row, 08/21/2006
Cleaning Up School Bus Exhaust
Norman Rockwell Painting at MFAH
Texas Finally Gets Money for Hurricane Recovery
Houston Ozone Standard Improving
Maggini and Tracy Rhodus offer songs by Barber and Faure
Monday on The Front Row
KUHF Is The Radio Voice Of The Houston Symphony
The Front Row, 08/18/2006
GOP Backs Houston Councilwoman Shelley Sekula-Gibbs
Friday August 18th, 2006
Old Cops Are New Again at HPD
TXU to Build New Plants
Houston Doctor Finds Genetic Link to Young Heart Attacks
District 22 Straw Poll
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday PM August 17th, 2006
The Front Row, 08/17/2006
Countertenor Leads
Thursday AM August 17th, 2006
Immigration Hearing
PBS Looking for Inventors in Houston
Teachers Group says Testing Is Out of Control
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday PM August 16th, 2006
The Front Row, 08/16/2006
Wednesday AM August 16th, 2006
What Apollo Mission? NASA Looks for Missing Tapes
New Orleans Jobs
UH Given Grant to Design Biotech Degree
Wednesday on The Front Row
Tuesday AM August 15th, 2006
The Front Row, 08/15/2006
Tuesday PM August 15th, 2006
Citizens Protect and Preserve Historic Houston
Back To School For State's Largest District
InSight Clinic
Recommendations from the Mayor's task force on Houston History
Tuesday onThe Front Row
Monday PM August 14th, 2006
The Front Row, 08/14/2006
Houston Symphony Musicians Play Brahms for St. Cecilia Friends
Lead Clinic
Mars Data Mining
Music From The Movies
Space Shuttle Atlantis Prepares for Launch
Houston Airports Run Smoothly Despite Terror Scare
Med Center Expansion
Monday on The Front Row
Volunteers Needed
Extra Security Measures at Airports
The Front Row, 08/11/2006
Friday August 11th, 2006
Nation's Airports on Orange Alert
FDA Chief Says Houston Could Be Biotech Pioneer
Security Tightened at Houston Airports
Thursday August 10th, 2006
The Front Row, 08/10/2006
After Cuts, CHIP Attempts Comeback
Wallace Running as Write-In
New School Buses
Pulling Strings, Saturday, August 12
NTSB Listens to Testimony in Bus Fire Hearing
Preview Screening of "The Illusionist"
The Front Row, 08/09/2006
Wednesday August 9th, 2006
Homeland Security Officials Meet with Local Islamic Leaders
Asteroid Named After Texas
Harris County Contra-Flow Maps
The Front Row, 08/08/2006
Tuesday August 8th, 2006
Rice University Med Students Encouraged to Go Global
HISD Teachers' First Day of School
Experts: Some Small Businesses Lack Disaster Plans
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 08/07/2006
Houston Area Schools Reach Out to Katrina Kids
Monday August 7th, 2006
Local Children's Advocacy Group Addresses Problems in Houston
A Double Exposure of Barber's Agnus Dei
New Asthma Center
Bird Flu in Texas? Not Yet, but UTMB Drills Just in Case
KUHF-FM Presents Stories By Award-Winning Teens Aug. 7-11
Bandit Signs
The Front Row, 08/04/2006
Friday August 4th, 2006
Houston Firefighters Get High-Rise Training
Life Documents File
DeLay on Ballot
Senators Believe Pension Bill is Unfair
Housing Crisis? Evacuees Say Yes
KUHF-FM Listener Wins Raffle For Luxury Weekend
The Front Row, 08/03/2006
Thursday August 3rd, 2006
Port of Houston Wants to Expand Cruise Terminals
Senate Bill Opens Portion of Gulf for New Oil and Gas Drilling
Wednesday August 2nd, 2006
The Front Row, 08/02/2006
Digital Radio Comes to KUHF!
Artist Lofts
Education Accountability
Rice Weather Balloons Measure Dirty Air Above Houston
Pulling Strings, Saturday, August 5
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 08/01/2006
Tuesday August 1st, 2006
National Urban League's New Orleans Rebuild Project
DeLay-ed: Appeals Court Considers Former Lawmaker's Ballot Future
National Night Out
The Front Row, 07/31/2006
TSU Poll
NASA Engineers Bring Technology to the Private Sector
Monday July 31st, 2006
Stay A Little Longer: FEMA Extends Housing Deadline
Dropout Recovery
TXDOT Makes Changes to Freeway Contraflow Procedure
KUHF's Hurricane Katrina Coverage Earns Award
Friday July 28th, 2006
TFR Podcast features Judy Dines performing C.P.E. Bach
The Front Row, 07/28/2006
Origin of Hurricanes
Houstonians Sign Petitions to Save Historic Shopping Center
Pulling Strings, Saturday, July 29
Judge Orders Yates To Max-Security Mental Hospital
Thursday July 27th, 2006
The Front Row, 07/27/2006
Dr. Approved Video Games
Jury: Yates Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity
The Front Row, 07/26/2006
Wednesday July 26th, 2006
Jury Continutes Deliberations in Yates Retrial
Police Survey Prompts Request for Mediation
Hutchison Tries to Salvage Immigration Reform Bill
Wednesday on The Front Row
TV Boss Campaign
Jury Continues Deliberations in Yates Retrial
The Front Row, 07/25/2006
Tuesday July 25th, 2006
Texas Workforce Commission Grant to Expand TEEM Program
Undocumented Immigrant Healthcare Costs Putting Strain on Taxpayers
Physician Discovers New Ways to Use Guided Navigation Technology
The Front Row, 07/24/2006
Monday July 24th, 2006
Nano Roads? It Could Happen Soon
Music From The Movies
Cops and Community Hunt Possible Serial Killer
Hospitals Face Funding Cuts for Psychiatric Foster Children
British Bankers Not Allowed to Return to UK Before Trial
Carmen Caps Ebony Opera Guild Season
TFR Podcast features music by Houston's Karim Al-Zand
The Front Row, 07/21/2006
Friday July 21st, 2006
CSB Investigate Plastics Plant Explosion in Point Comfort
Big Brothers Big Sisters Reaches Out to Children of Prisoners
Chief Hurtt Says Numbers Back His Case
The Front Row, 07/20/2006
Thursday July 20th, 2006
Houston Expands Duties of Parking Enforcement Officers
Local Food Program Targets Seniors
Hurricane Evacuees Learn Skills to Rebuild Infrastructure
The Front Row, 07/19/2006
Wednesday July 19th, 2006
Low Blood Supply
Israeli and Lebanese Community Members Want Peace
Metro: University Corridor Route Could Be "Blended"
Pulling Strings, Saturday, July 22
The Front Row, 07/18/2006
Tuesday July 18th, 2006
New AIDS Drug
Suicide Bomber Detection Training On-Going in Harris County
Space Shuttle Discovery Back on the Ground
Monday July 17th, 2006
Stroke Warning Signs
The Front Row, 07/17/2006
Overfishing Study
KUHF Night at Shakespeare Festival Aug. 10
Music From The Movies
New Command Could Mean New Coast Guard Security
Film Helps Military Kids Cope
The Front Row, 07/14/2006
TFR Performance of the Week Features Pascal Verrot conducting Mozart
Summer Science Camp
British Bankers Face Enron Related Charges
The Front Row, 07/13/2006
Governor Makes Long Distance Space Call
Heart Shock for Former Mayor Lanier
Houston Considers Tighter Teen Curfew
Emergency Alert System Upgrade
Ken Lay Memorial Service
The Front Row, 07/12/2006
Rail Quiet Zone
Phish Story: Fake IRS Emails On the Net
Social and Economic Impact of Mental Illness
The Front Row, 07/11/2006
HPD's DNA Lab Back in Operation
Space Walk Yields Fix for Space Station
Houston's Economy Shows Steady Growth
Students Learn About Conservation While Taking Care of Trails
The Front Row, 07/10/2006
UH Students Design Potential Projects for Flood Control Waterway
Klineberg on Health in Houston
UH Study Focuses on Evacuee Drug Abusers
Menninger Donation
Galveston Causeway
Pulling Strings, Saturday, July 15
Friday July 7th, 2006
Edwin Outwater and the Texas Festival Orchestra featured in current TFR Performance of the Week Podcast
The Front Row, 07/07/2006
UTMB Performance Review
Innocent Execution? Group and Newspaper say Yes
DeLay on the Ballot
Pulling Strings, Saturday, July 8
Thursday July 6th, 2006
The Front Row, 07/06/2006
Ken Lay Dies
Shuttle Inspection Underway: No Damage Found Yet
Ken Lay's Estate
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
Ken Lay Bio
Number of Multi-Racial Families Increasing
I wonder how the FCC feals about the music of John Dowland?
The Front Row, 07/05/2006
Nuclear Waste
Elissa Endowment
Vitamin Myths
Tuesday July 4th, 2006
Architecture Study: Burgers, Tacos and Beer
Military Suicide Rate on the Rise
UTMB Reaches Out With Telemedicine
Music From The Movies
Monday July 3rd, 2006
HIV Teens
The Front Row, 07/03/2006
Sims Bayou Expansion
Essence Music Festival in Houston
Tax Deadline
Cost of a DWI
Pulling Strings, July 1, 2006
The Front Row, 06/30/2006
Franz Krager leads the 2006 TMF Orchestra in music by Mahler for this weeks TFR Performance of the Week
Friday June 30th, 2006
HISD Adopts Budget Proposal
Overdue Book Arrest
Students Learn Business at Rice
HISD Proposed Budget
The Front Row, 06/29/2006
Redrawn 23rd District in Violation of Voting Rights Act
Thursday June 29th, 2006
Baylor College of Medicine in Botswana
Countdown to Discovery Shuttle Launch
The Front Row, 06/28/2006
Wednesday June 28th, 2006
Drowning Risk
U.S. Energy Policies and Realities
Study Shows American Children Losing Ground
Harris County Bat Tests Positive for Rabies
Tuesday June 27th, 2006
Houston Plans for Citywide WiFi
Andrea Yates Retrial
Katy Freeway Reconstruction
Monday June 26th, 2006
Staying Healthy During International Travel
Houston's Protocol Office Welcomes International Visitors
The Front Row, 06/27/2006
The Front Row, 06/26/2006
Music From The Movies
Archbishop DiNardo to be Invested at Vatican
FEMA Sending More Katrina Relief Money to Houston
Go College Van
Star Spangled Salute Broadcast Live On KUHF 88.7FM
Ghosts in the Books Closing Reception Oct. 19
The Front Row, 06/23/2006
Friday June 23rd, 2006
Yates Jury: 8 Men and 7 Women
Internet Plays Part in Homebuying Process
Doctors Construct a New Face for Domestic Abuse Victim
Thursday June 22nd, 2006
The Front Row, 06/22/2006
Emissions Deadlines Approach for Houston Trucking Industry
UTMB Layoffs
Jury Selection in Yates Retrial Set to Get Underway
Wednesday June 21st, 2006
Undocumented Health Care Costs County Big Bucks
The Front Row, 06/21/2006
HPD Making Progress in SW Houston
Harris County Won't Sell Toll Road System
NASA Planning July 1st Shuttle Launch
Governor Promises Assistance to Flood Damaged Houston
Pulling Strings, June 24
The Front Row, 06/20/2006
Flooded Residents Begin Another Clean-up
Tuesday June 20th, 2006
Storms Remind Residents to Prepare for Flooding
Soaked Residents Say This Storm Took Them By Surprise
City and County Officials Address Flooding
Rain and Flooding in Houston
School Cancellations Due to Flooding
The Art of Listening
Monday June 19th, 2006
The Front Row, 06/19/2006
Houston 2035
Music From The Movies
Pulling Strings, June 17
California Alums Pledge $32 Million To Rice U
Latino Drug Use
Renal Failure Treatment
Friday June 16th, 2006
The Front Row, 06/16/2006
NFL Donates Funding for Youth Education Center
Local Airport Gets New Explosives Detection Machines
All Kinds of Minds
Friday on The Front Row
The Front Row, 06/15/2006
Thursday June 15th, 2006
New Leukemia Drugs Allow Some Patients to Live Normal Lives
ICE Crackdown
Summer Immunizations
Thursday on The Front Row
Skilling's Lawyers Ask Government to Release Assets
Wednesday June 14th, 2006
The Front Row, 06/14/2006
Texas Parks Funding
Rare Disease Gets Special Attention from Local Doctor
Wednesday on The Front Row
Music From The Movies
Tuesday June 13th, 2006
Dirty Dozen: Study Lists the 12 Worst Air Pollutants in Houston
World's Largest Indoor Amusement Park Coming to the Astrodome
UN Advocacy Group in Houston to Discuss Women and AIDS
Tuesday on The Front Row
The Front Row, 06/13/2006
Sunscreen and Aging
Monday June 12th, 2006
Bat Myths
The Front Row, 06/12/2006
DeLay's Last Day
Allison Baby Delivered at VA Hospital Turns 5
Buffalo Bayou Makeover Complete
Monday on The Front Row
Young Artist Competition Broadcast Live on 88.7FM
The Front Row, 06/09/2006
Friday June 9th, 2006
New Orleans Health Care Recovering From Hurricane
Safety Upgrades Added for July Shuttle Mission
Houston Pilot Program Weatherizing Homes to Reduce Energy Consumption
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday June 8th, 2006
The Front Row, 06/08/2006
Teacher Externs
Houston Pilot City for Drug Treatment Campaign
Mayor: Safe Clear Reduces Freeway Accidents by 20-Percent
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday June 7th, 2006
Human Error Culprit For Houston Plant Explosion
Apartments Demolished After Long Legal Battle
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Discusses Immigration Reform
Wednesday on The Front Row
Music From The Movies
Tuesday June 6th, 2006
Regional Transportation
Storm Planning
Tuesday on The Front Row
HIV Anniversary
Protect Your Pets
Monday June 5th, 2006
The Front Row, 06/07/2006
The Front Row, 06/06/2006
The Front Row, 06/05/2006
Houston Surgeons Donate Reconstructive Surgery to Child
Hurricane Evacuee Unemployment Benefits
Volunteers Set to Plant New Galveston Bay Marsh
Monday on The Front Row
The Front Row, 06/02/2006
Buffalo Bayou Park Opens in Grand Style
Friday June 2nd, 2006
City of Houston Pushes Recycling Program
HISD Phone System
Red Cross Announces Hurricane Season Upgrades
Friday on The Front Row
Pulling Strings, June 3, 2006
Thursday June 1st, 2006
The Front Row, 06/01/2006
Texas AG Urges Veterans to Protect Credit
Food For Seniors
Re-Launch: Rocket Returns to the Astros
Thursday on The Front Row
All Systems Go for July Shuttle Launch
Wednesday May 31st, 2006
Fire Safety
Hurricane Workshop Today at George R. Brown Convention Center
Lloyd Bentsen Memorial Service
Wednesday on The Front Row
The Front Row, 05/31/2006
The Front Row, 05/30/2006
Tuesday May 30th, 2006
Health Coverage
Special Needs Evacuees
Number of Multi-Racial Families Increasing
Tuesday on The Front Row
Elissa Endowment
Music From The Movies
Coast Guard Heroes Honored
Jamaica Beach Rebuilding Dunes
Property Tax Protests 101: Easier Than You Might Think
Monday on The Front Row
Jury Returns Guilty Verdicts for Skilling and Lay
Enron Trial: Skilling and Lay Convicted Felons
Friday May 26th, 2006
The Front Row, 05/26/2006
Enron Employees
Enron Jurors Talk About Experience
Enron Jury Explains Verdict
Trial Verdict Only a Milepost in Enron Case
Guilty Verdicts for Skilling and Lay
Friday on The Front Row
Lay and Skilling are Guilty
Enron Jury Decides
Enron Trial: Jury Continues Deliberations
The Front Row, 05/25/2006
FEMA Changes Utilities Policy for Katrina Evacuees
Day Labor Debate Heats Up at City Hall
Architecture Study: Burgers, Tacos and Beer
Enron Jury Continues Deliberations
Ken Lay Waits for Trial Decisions
The Front Row, 05/24/2006
Wednesday May 24th, 2006
HPV Vaccine
Project Safe Start Helps Make Schools Safer
Ken Lay's Banking Trial Wrapped Up
Lloyd Bentsen Dies
Ken Lay Continues Testimony in Personal Bank Trial
Ken Lay's Personal Banking Trial Continues
Enron Trial: Jurors Convene for Fourth Day of Deliberations
The Front Row, 05/23/2006
Enron Jury Continues Deliberations
New Fifth Ward School
Hurricane Predictions
Northside City and County Health Clinics Work Together
Tuesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Jurors Continue Deliberations
Grants For Artists Displaced By Hurricanes
The Front Row, 05/22/2006
Lay Faces Separate Trial on Banking Charges
Music From The Movies
City's Improved Flood Rating Means Savings for Some Residents
Attorney General In Houston to Defend President's Immigration Plan
Monday on The Front Row
Friday May 19th, 2006
Enron Jury Gets Long Weekend
Enron Trial: Jury Resumes Deliberations Monday
Geldof Honored at Holocaust Museum
The Front Row, 05/19/2006
Summer Concerts Sound Like Fun
Test Story
Ken Lay Bench Trial Underway While Jury Deliberates
Bayou Design
Houston State Lawmakers Say School Finance Plan is Flawed
Cyber Crimes Task Force
Friday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: First Full Day of Jury Deliberations
The Front Row, 05/18/2006
Houston Citywide WiFi Network
Petrochemical Industry Prepares for Hurricane Season
UH Study Looks at Higher Education in Houston
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday May17th, 2006
Enron Trial Goes to Jury
Jury Expected to Get Enron Trial
Enron Trial: Government Presents Final Rebuttal
The Front Row, 05/17/2006
Enron Trial: Closing Arguments by the Defense
Pandemic Planning
Could Be Big Bucks For Bonds Homer Ball
Wednesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Defense Delivers Closing Arguments
Defense to Present Closing Arguments in Enron Trial
Enron Trial: Defense to Present Closing Arguments
The Front Row, 05/16/2006
Bayport Terminal Progress
Transtar Expansion
Summer School for Evacuee Students
Government Gives Closing Arguments in Enron Trial
Tuesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Government Closing Arguments
Water Park: Recreation Area Serves As Flood Control Tool
The Front Row, 05/15/2006
Enron Trial: Closing Arguments
Music From The Movies
Racing Back: Grand Prix Returns to Houston
Immigration Deal
FEMA Evictions
KUHF-FM News Team Wins Murrow Awards
Thursday May 11th, 2006
The Front Row, 05/12/2006
Wind Power
Friday May 12th, 2006
Texas Card Child Support
Evacuee Student Costs
New Crime Lab Update Reveals Still More Problems
Friday on The Front Row
The Front Row, 05/11/2006
First Human Rabies Case Since 1997 Reported in Harris County
Poor Air Quality Near the Port of Houston
HISD Test Scores
Online Immunization Calendar
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday May 10th, 2006
The Front Row, 05/10/2006
HISD Receives Katrina Relief
Doctor Nurses? It Could Happen Soon In Houston
Premature Babies Study
Wednesday on The Front Row
Music From The Movies
The Front Row, 05/09/2006
Houston Under Consideration to Host Olympics
Tuesday May 9th, 2006
Hate Crimes
Final Design for New Downtown Park
Letter Carriers Food Drive
Tuesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Defense Rests
Veteran's Health Care Crisis
Enron Trial Expected to End This Week
The Front Row, 05/08/2006
Monday May 8th, 2006
The Front Row, 05/05/2006
Galveston Homes Tour
Harris County Jails Not Meeting State Standards
East Side Clinic Expansion Fills Health Care Void
Monday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Rick Causey Will Not Take the Stand
Government Not Calling Enron's Chief Accounting Officer to Testify
Rodelinda Broadcast Live from the Met
Listen and Learn: Officials Hope Residents Take Emergency Message to Heart
Friday May5th, 2006
New MD Anderson Cancer Clinic Dedication
Small Business Insurance
Enron Trial: Expert Testimony Continues
Friday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Defense Expert Supports "Run on the Bank" Theory
Music From The Movies
Enron Trial: Expert Witnesses on the Stand
Enron Trial: Experts Assess Accounting Methods
Preparing Coastal Communities for Next Big Storm
Pediatric Clinic
Eye of the Storm: Local Officials Practice Their Plans
Expert Testimony in the Enron Trial
Sharpstown Security
Thursday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Accounting Experts Testify
Character Witnesses Follow Ken Lay's Testimony
Ken Lay Completes Sixth Day of Testimony
The Front Row, 05/04/2006
The Front Row, 05/03/2006
Exercising a Plan: Officials Practice for Upcoming Hurricane Season
Ken Lay Wraps Up Testimony in Enron Trial
Life Support Decision Reversed
Housing Bust
Enron Trial: Ken Lay Completes Six Days on the Stand
Hurricane Season: Transportation and Evacuation
The Front Row, 05/02/2006
Immigrant Rally in Memorial Park
Immigrant Smuggler Gets 17 Years in Federal Prison
Enron Trial: Defense Continues Questioning Ken Lay
Lay Defends Enron's Accounting Methods
Hurricane Preparation: Big Changes After 2005 Storms
Enron Founder Back on the Witness Stand
2006 Hurricane Season Series
The Front Row, 05/1/2006
NASA Planning for Next Shuttle Launch
Trees Donated to Houston
Lohengrin Broadcast Live from the Met
Enron Trial: Ken Lay Returns to Stand Monday
Ken Lay Cross Examination Expected to Wrap Up Monday
Friday April 28th, 2006
New Image for Houston's Health Museum
Enron Trial: Government Questions Ken Lay
Shattered Dreams
Friday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Ken Lay Second Day of Government Questioning
Judge Wants to Speed Up Progress of Enron Trial
Ken Lay Continues Answering Government Questions
HISD Looking to Teachers for Program Ideas
Home Run: Housing Market Sets March Record
Uninsured Texans
Enron Trial: Lay Answers Government Questions
Thursday on The Front Row
Day Three on the Stand for Enron Founder
Enron Trial Expected to Continue Through May
Enron Trial: Ken Lay's Third Day on the Stand
The Front Row, 4/27/2006
The Front Row, 4/26/2006
Medicaid Prescription Benefit Program Deadline
Preview Screening of the Movie Water
Online Public School
Ship Fire: Locals Drill Emergency Response
Ken Lay Discusses Enron Collapse on the Stand
Wednesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Second Day of Testimony from Ken Lay
Enron Trial: Lay Answers Defense Questions
Enron Trial: Ken Lay Denies Breaking Law
The Front Row, 4/25/2006
Ken Lay Spends First Day on the Stand
Body Computers
Rising Gas Prices
Heavy Hitters in U.S. and Arab Business to Meet in Houston
Tuesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Ken Lay on the Stand
Lake Columbia
Enron Trial Moves Into Final Weeks
The Front Row, 4/24/2006
Music From The Movies
Senator Cornyn on Immigration
Clear Skies: Weather Museum Opens in Houston
San Jacinto Day 2006
Big Bucks for Local Districts To Help Evacuee Students
Eight Witnesses Follow Skilling's Testimony
Enron Trial: Ken Lay Due to Testify
Friday April 21st, 2006
Marriage of Figaro Broadcast Live from the Met
The Front Row, 4/21/2006
HPD Tests Tasers With Cameras
Witnesses Testify on Behalf of Skilling
Housing Discrimination in Houston
SPCA Rescue
Friday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Skilling Fields Final Round of Questions
The Front Row, 4/20/2006
Fort Bend County Emergency Drill
Prosecutions Wraps Up Skilling's Cross Examination
Personalized Medicine
Thursday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Skilling Offers Explanations
Skilling Denies Accusations During Cross Examination
The Front Row, 4/19/2006
Balkans Arts Tour, 2006
Enron Trial: Skilling Cross Examination Often Tense
Evacuee Social Workers
Rolling Blackouts
UT-TIRR Merger
Wednesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Cross Examination of Former CEO Continues
Former Enron CEO Cross Examination Continues
Enron Trial: Skilling Cross Examination Continues
The Front Row, 4/18/2006
Cross Examination of Former Enron CEO Began Today
Breast Cancer Drugs
Critical Condition: Task Force Tackles State's Health Insurance Problem
Tuesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Skilling Cross Examination Begins
Enron Trial: Skilling Returns to the Witness Stand
The Front Row, 4/17/2006
Special Session Begins
Music From The Movies
Galveston Cruise Ships
Antioxidant Effect
Largest Recovery Center Ever Ready to Close
Monday on The Front Row
Friday April 14th, 2006
The Front Row, 4/14/2006
Don Pasquale Broadcast Live From the Met
METRO Light Rail Expansion
Enron Trial: Skilling Refutes Accusations on the Stand
Houston's New Parking Commission
Public Clean Air Hearings
Friday on The Front Row
Skilling Remains on the Stand
Enron Trial: Skilling Feels Falsely Accused
The Front Row, 4/13/2006
As Shuttle Fades, New Space Vehicle Comes Into Focus
Enron Trial: Skilling is Angry with Government
Metro Rail Expansion
Countdown to History: 25th Anniversary of 1st Shuttle Launch
Thursday on The Front Row
Ethanol Replaces MTBE
Enron Trial: Skilling's Third Day on the Stand
Skilling Continues his Defense
Houston City Employees Remain Terminated
The Front Row, 4/12/2006
Enron Trial: Skilling Refutes Prosecution's Key Points
Texas Party Primaries: Runoff Fever
Bonusgate: City Employess Contest Termination
Water Wars: Tap vs. Bottled
Wednesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Skilling's Second Day on the Stand
Skilling: Testimony is Chance to Share the Facts
Enron Trial: Second Day of Testimony from Skilling
Evacuation Playbook Getting Finishing Touches
On A Clear Day
The Front Row, 4/11/2006
Enron's Former CEO Jeff SKilling on the Stand
Audubon's Annual Bird-A-Thon
Skilling's First Day on the Stand
Immigration Rally
Tuesday on The Front Row
Skilling Takes the Stand
Program Helps Prisoners Re-Enter Society
Enron Trial: Skilling Testimony Expected to Begin
The Front Row, 4/10/2006
Music From The Movies
Save Our Parks
FEMA Deadlines
New Homes for 25 Hurricane Families
Monday on The Front Row
Enjoy The King and I at the Miller Theatre
Friday April 7th, 2006
The Front Row, 4/7/2006
Houston Company Recognized for Recycling Efforts
Enron Trial: Skilling's Testimony Pushed to Next Week
Enron Trial: Skilling Next on the Stand
Enron Trial: Jeff Skilling Next to Testify
Jury Hearing from Enron's Former General Counsel
The Front Row, 4/6/2006
Energy Choices
Energy and Houston's Economy
Enron Trial: Two More Witnesses for the Defense
Enron Defense Calls Two More Witnesses
DeLay Resignation Leaves Election Questions
Enron Defense Calls Two More Witnesses
Enron Trial: Defense Witnesses on the Stand
The Front Row, 4/5/2006
Enron Trial: Several More Defense Witnesses on the Stand
Health Safety Net
Hurricane Season Preparation
DeLay Quits Race
DeLay's End
DeLay Resigns Congress
Wednesday on The Front Row
Enron Employee and Former HR Director on the Stand
Enron Trial: Skilling Could Take the Stand This Week
Five Witnesses Testify for the Defense
The Front Row, 4/4/2006
Tom DeLay Puts The Hammer Down
Enron Trial: Defense Calls Witnesses
Early Voting
Houston's New Online Museum
Enron Trial: Defense Begins Its Case
Former Enron Employees Share Trial Observations
Enron Trial: Week in Review
The Front Row, 4/3/2006
Music From The Movies
Water Safety
Dome Home: New Cathedral Topped-Out
Monday on The Front Row
KUHF-FM Tours Make Great Field Trips
Friday, March 31
Friday March 31st, 2006
Students Protest Immigration Bill
Protest Power: Downtown March Against High Electric Rates
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday, March 30
Thursday March 30th, 2006
Heights Home and Garden Tour
School Finance Proposal
LA Secretary of State Visits Voters in Houston
More Student Walk-Outs Protesting Proposed Immigration Laws
Wednesday on The Front Row
Music From The Movies
Wednesday March 29th, 2006
Wednesday, March 29
Judge Dismisses Four Counts in Enron Trial
Enron Trial Judge Grants Prosecution Motion to Drop Four Charges
Flu Season Ends
Enron Trial: Prosecution Rests Case
New Poll Says Kids Aren't Getting Enough Z's
Enron Trial: Stockbroker Answers Questions
Government Questions Treasurer and Stockbroker
Tuesday March 28th, 2006
Tuesday, March 28
Immigration Reform
Report: Polluters Dirty Harris County Waters
HISD School Closings
Enron Trial: Stockbroker Answers Questions for the Government
Tuesday on The Front Row
Questioning of Former Enron Treasurer Continues
Meals on Wheels Services in Demand
Enron Trial: Week in Review
Monday, March 27
Friday March 24th, 2006
Global Poverty
FBI Director Visits Houston
KUHF-FM Raises $676,937 During Spring Fundraising Campaign
Enron Trial: Glisan Still on the Stand
Friday, March 24
Glisan Describes Financial Deals
Monday on The Front Row
Hurricane Rita's Six Month Anniversary
Former Enron Treasurer on the Stand
Join KUHF-FM for Opening Night of HGO's Carmen
Thursday, March 23
CDC Reports Tuberculosis Concerns
New Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
Displaced Louisiana Voters
Houston Gets Federal Funding for Police Task Force
Music From The Movies
Wednesday, March 22
Glisan Continues Testimony
Former Enron Treasurer Testifies
New Civil Courthouse Opens
Mayor Defends SafeClear Towing Program
Louisiana Absentee Voting
Enron Trial: Auditor on the Stand
Tuesday, March 21
Enron Trial: Jurors Learn Accounting Jargon
Opera Glossary
Enron Trial: Arthur Andersen Employees on the Stand
Enron Jurors Hear from Arthur Andersen Employees
FEMA Recoups Overpayments
Yates Trial Delayed Until Late June
Enron Jury Learns About Accounting
Monday, March 20
Enron Trial: Week in Review
Special Session Called for Public Education Funding
Survey: Evacuees Causing Compassion Fatigue in Houston
Friday, March 17
Friday March 17th, 2006
New Survey: Rita Evacuees Listened to the Wrong People
NAACP Helps Evacuees Vote in Upcoming Elections
Enron Trial: Sherron Watkins on the Stand
Thursday, March 16
Watkins Testifies About Famous Memo
Thursday March 16th, 2006
Enron Trial Will Resume Monday
Former Mayor Pro Tem Says Office Was No Piggy Bank
Janitor Union Focuses on Health Care
Call for Re-examination of Cases from Houston Crime Lab
Thursday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Sherron Watkins Testifies
Enron Jurors Hear from Three Witnesses
Prosecution Expects to Wrap Up Enron Case in Two Weeks
Wednesday, March 15
Houston Symphony Welcomes Garrison Keillor to Jones Hall
Electric Rates
Home Sweet Home: New Youth Center Now Open
Enron Trial: Jurors Hear From Worker Who Lost Savings
Texas Wildfires
Wednesday on The Front Row
Enron Jurors Hear from Former LJM Employee
Fastow's Credibility in Question
Defense Challenges Fastow's Credibility
Tuesday, March 14
Enron Trial: Fastow's Testimony Continues
Methodist Hospital Infection Prevention
Tuesday on The Front Row
Fire and Ice: Scientists Study Comet Particles
Prenatal Testing
Monday, March 13
Port Security
Enron Trial: Week in Review
Music From The Movies
New Biotech Center at UH
Teen Services Get Boost In Houston
Monday on The Front Row
Former Enron CFO Still on the Witness Stand
Friday March 10th, 2006
Friday, March 10
AIDS in Houston
Ann Richards Diagnosed with Cancer
Armand Bayou Conservation Projects
Enron Trial: Fastow Spends Another Day on the Stand
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday, March 9
Dinosaurs with Feathers? New Exhibit Says Yes
Defense Questions Fastow
Defense Attacks Fastow's Credibility
Bonus Gate: Four Mayor Pro Tem Employees Fired
Texas Governor's Race
Texas Tax Reform Commission
Enron Trial: Fastow Cross Examination
Congressman Tom DeLay Wins GOP Primary in 22nd District
Wednesday, March 8
Andy Fastow Takes the Stand in the Enron Conspiracy Trial
Suspended City Workers Could Learn Fate Tomorrow
Andrew Fastow Describes Enron Deals on the Witness Stand
Enron Trial: Andy Fastow Takes the Stand
Tuesday, March 7
Stem Cell Conference in Houston
Enron Trial: Hannon Ends Day on the Stand
Alvarado Temporarily Steps Down as Mayor Pro Tem
HISD Moving Headquarters
Tuesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Former Enron Broadband CEO Cross-Examination
Enron Trial: Week in Review
Boots and Cattle: Livestock Show Rides On
Music From The Movies
Houston's Red Light Camera Plan Delayed
City Hall Probe Could Be Complete Monday
Monday on The Front Row
Friday, March 3
Friday March 3rd, 2006
HISD Glasses for Kids
GOP Primary in the 22nd District
Family Violence Training
New Mobile Clinic Hits the Road
Friday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: David Delainey Continues Testimony
Texas Primary Election
Thursday, March 2
Judge: Yates Trial Will Start on Time
Red Cross Helps Houston Prepare for Disasters
Thursday on The Front Row
Minorities in Med School: Part 3
Baylor Med School to Partner with UNICEF for AIDS Care in Africa
Wednesday, March 1
Texas AG Cracks Down on Sex Crimes
Yates Trial Could Be Delayed; Judge to Decide
Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza Retires
Wednesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Two More Witnesses on the Stand
Minorities in Med School: Part 2
Tuesday, February 28
Rice Prof: Tech Jobs Are Back Again
Tuesday on The Front Row
Monday, February 27
Enron Trial: Fourth Week in Review
Minorities in Med School: Part 1
Music From The Movies
USS Houston Memorial Service
Final Docket
New Exhibition Features Real Bodies
Cornyn Talks About Immigration Legislation
Monday on The Front Row
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Makes Houston Debut
Students Take Time Out for Mardi Gras
Friday, February 24
Friday February 24th, 2006
Lunch Break with KUHF and Da Camera on Wednesday
Some Texas Ports Affected by Take-over
County Judge: 2005 A Challenging Year
End Hunger Study
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday, February 23
Evacuees Waiting for Schools to Open
Cell Treatments
Task Force Looks for New Orleans Flood Witnesses In Houston
Thursday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Rieker Continues Testimony
Wednesday February 22nd, 2006
Wednesday, February 22
Bar-B-Que Contest at Reliant Park
New Orleans Elections
Enron Trial: Former Corporate Secretary Takes the Stand
Houston Donates Trees to Orange
Wednesday on The Front Row
Tuesday, February 21
Blood Center Gets New Boss
Hurricane Evacuation Report
New Road and New Opportunities In Northeast Houston Neighborhood
Tuesday on The Front Row
Volunteers Needed: March 16-24th
Immigration Policy
Enron Trial: Third Week in Review
Monday, February 20
Monday February 20th, 2006
Music From The Movies
All-Star Weekend Means Big Bucks for Houston
Children's Mobile Clinic
Monday on The Front Row
KUHF-FM Musicians Present Free Recital March 6
Friday, February 17
Friday February 17th, 2006
HPD Says All-Star Game Secure
Enron Blogs
Light Rail Expansion
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday, February 16
Enron Trial: Prosecution Questions Rice Again
Katrina Evacuees Impact Houston Apartment Forecast
Big Brother Watching? Downtown to Get More Cameras
New UH Research Library
Volunteer Parking Enforcers
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday, February 15
Wednesday February 15th, 2006
First Anniversary for Mayor White's SafeClear Towing Program
Young Chinese Immigrant Still in Legal Limbo
HPD Officer Shortage
Enron Trial: Second Witness Takes the Stand
Wednesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Second Witness Takes the Stand
Tuesday, February 14
Riverside Health Center Open
Local Federal Air Marshals Arrested on Drug Charges
Tuesday on The Front Row
UH Obesity Study
Monday, February 13
Enron Trial: Second Week in Review
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Caused by Hurricanes
Monday on The Front Row
Music From The Movies
John Lienhard's Creativity Program Now on Podcast
Teen Brings Together Music and Medicine
New Outreach Center Breaks Ground Near Downtown
Police and Ministers Partner to Stop Family Violence
Friday February 10th, 2006
Friday, February 10
Hispanics in Higher Education
Federal Flood Insurance Program Low on Cash
Federal Crime Lab Moves to Houston
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday February 9th, 2006
Thursday, February 9
Immigrant Smugglers Convicted
Relief for Winter Heating and Energy Costs
FEMA Working on Long-Term Housing
Energy Conference Discusses Oil Demand
Rediscovering Barbara Jordan on KUHF-FM, 88.7
Wednesday, February 8
Wednesday February 8th, 2006
Still No Verdict in Immigrant Smuggling Trial
Saavedra Gives State of the Schools Address
Black AIDS Awareness Day
Enron Trial: Cross Examination of Koenig Continues
Special Needs Registry
Tuesday February 7th, 2006
Enron Trial: Koenig Cross Examination
FEMA Housing Deadline
New Surgical Digital Hospital
Tuesday on The Front Row
Enron Trial: Koenig's Third Day on the Witness Stand
Enron Trial: First Week in Review
Monday, February 6
Revised Pursuit Policies Work in Other Cities
Music From The Movies
Garrison Keillor Will Host HGO Concert Feb. 9
"Texas Main Street" Program Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Regional Safety Conference
Conference Focuses on Children
Friday February 3rd, 2006
Friday, February 3
Monday on The Front Row
Second Day Testimony in the Enron Trial
Yates Released To State Mental Hospital
Enron Trial: Second Day of Testimony
Educators Use Space to Promote Science
Enron Trial: Koenig Testifies
Thursday, February 2
Prosecution Questions First Witness in Enron Trial
First Witness Questioned by Enron Prosecution
HFD Donates Surplus Equipment to Mexico
FEMA Ends Hotel Lodging
Wedding Dress Sale Benefits Women with Breast Cancer
Judge Grants Bond For Yates
Thursday on The Front Row
First Day of Testimony in Enron Trial
Business News: Enron Opening Statements
Enron Trial: Tale of Two Businesses
Wednesday, February 1
Testimony Expected to Begin in Enron Trial
Enron Trial Opening Statements
Houston Family Makes Donation to Baylor Cancer Research Center
Tuesday, January 31st 2006
Auto Thefts Down In Houston
Enron Mid-Day Report: Opening Arguments
Tax Time In Harris County
Wednesday on The Front Row
Tuesday, January 31
Business News: Enron Jury Selection
Jury Selection Complete
Enron Jury Selected from Pool of 400
Jury Selection Begins
Enron Mid-Day Report: First Day of Jury Selection
Enron Jury Selection
Tuesday on The Front Row
Monday, January 30
Intestinal Transplant
Music From The Movies
The News from Antarctica Is Not Good
Friday January 27th, 2006
Local College to Build Public Safety Training Facility
HISD Evacuee Funding
Friday, January 27
Enron Prosecution Challenges
Monday on The Front Row
Salzburg Celebrates 250 Years of Mozart
Friday on The Front Row
Challenger Anniversary
Home Grown: Kubiak To Lead Texans
Katrina Rally
Thursday, January 26
Thursday January 26th, 2006
Enron Trial Begins Monday
Houston Mayor Gives State of the City Address
Wednesday, January 25
FEMA Deadline Approaches
New Downtown Development Gets the Blues
New Prostitution Ordinance Holds Hotels Responsible
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday January 25th, 2006
Tuesday January 24th, 2006
Wednesday on The Front Row
County Judge: Sports Authority's Role Should Change
Harris County Adolescent Treatment Center
Bolivar Parking Fee
Tuesday, January 24
Texas Fire Danger
Urban Wetlands Project Nears Completion
Monday, January 23
Hybrid Surgical Suite
New Trees for Orange County
Monday January 23rd, 2006
Downtown Park
Friday January 20th, 2006
Monday on The Front Row
Friday, January 20
Metro Eyes Grand Terminal
Wildfire Threat
Immigrant Smuggling Trial Underway
UH Law Students Form Consumer Complaint Center
Thursday January 19th, 2006
Super Dust: Scientists Ready to Study Comet Particles
Thursday, January 19
Friday on The Front Row
Housing Discrimination
Apartment Complex Managers Get Blue Star Training
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday January 18th, 2006
Campaign to Educate Texans on E-Voting
Katrina Evacuees Still Waiting for Furniture
Tuesday, January 17
Angels Land In Houston, Say They'll Fight Crime
Wednesday on The Front Row
Tuesday January 17th, 2006
Heart Attack Detector
Houston Getting Fitter
Anxiety Clinic
Monday January 16th, 2006
Tuesday on The Front Row
Local Stem Cell Trial To Test Brain Injury Therapy
Program Brings Art and Medicine Together
Monday, January 16
PAWS Uses Pets to Heal
Music From The Movies
Fewer Latino Students Enrolling in College
Firefighter Takes Promotion Test Hours After Having Baby
Monday on The Front Row
City's Home Repair Program Back on Track
Friday January 13th, 2006
Thursday January 12th, 2006
New Space Station Crew Ready to Blast Off
New Security Equipment for Houston Airports
Video Games Donated to Texas Children's Hospital
Just Dew It: Historic Home On the Move
HISD Pay Raises
Wednesday January 11th, 2006
Thursday on The Front Row
FEMA Hotel Deadline
Talking Prescriptions Help Veterans
Wednesday on The Front Row
Investigator Re-Focuses Crime Lab Probe
Tuesday, January 10
Seniors in Debt
Tuesday January 10th, 2006
Tuesday on The Front Row
Jewish Federation of Houston Hurricane Grant
Yates Retrial Set for March
Nursing Shortage
Monday, January 9
Monday January 9th, 2006
Hurricane Rita Debris Clean Up
DeLay Resigns
Music From The Movies
Cavalia Comes to Houston
Match Point
New CPS Regulations
State Remains Under Fire Danger Alert
Friday January 6th, 2006
Memories on the Auction Block At Astroworld
Friday, January 6
Pediatric Medical Homes
Thursday January 5th, 2006
Thursday, January 5
Scandal Turning DeLay Into Liability
Independent Candidates Running for Texas Governor
HISD Board Inauguration
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday January 4th, 2006
Wednesday, January 4
Crime Lab Probe Finds More Serious Problems
Wednesday on The Front Row
Astroworld Auction
City Inauguration
Tuesday, January 3
Tuesday January 3rd, 2006
Crooks to Foot the Bill for New Juror Pay Raise
Lampson Running Against Delay
Monday January 2nd, 2006
Monday, January 2
Tuesday on The Front Row
St. Vincent's Clinic
Texas Coastal EcoSystems
Houston Named Texan of the Year
San Jacinto Battleground Fees
Capers Fired
New Year's Day from Vienna 2006
Music From The Movies
12,000 Trees Planted for Woodlands Beautification Project
New Year's Eve Italian Opera Gala -- New York Philharmonic
Latest Hurricanes Yield ER Solution
New Refineries to be Built
UH Students Restore Green Space
NASA Tracking Space Junk
Container Safety
Medicine for the Performing Arts
Houston's Urban Forest Worth Big Bucks
Friday on The Front Row
Enron's Causey Changes Plea to Guilty
Rare Double Organ Transplant a First for Hospital
HFD Receives Homeland Security Grant
Lawn Mower Safety
The Future of Nanotech
Thursday on The Front Row
Texas Needs More Minority Lawyers
Water Rights
Software Piracy
Scammers Phishing the Internet More Than Ever
Houston Symphony: Messiah
Team Hopes to Design Crew Exploration Vehicle
AIDS Visit
NASA Explorer Schools
Wortham Center Renovations
Treating Hypertension
Artist Draws Inspiration from Science
Houston's Hospital International Outreach
UH Bioterrorism Grant
Chanukah Radio Specials
Hobby Airport Chapel
HPD Neighborhood Taskforce
See Kinky Run
Holocaust Survivor Assets
Powered Paragliding
Second Chance Christmas: A Symphonic Story
A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens
Bach's Christmas Oratorio
Music From The Movies
Business Emergency Plan
Regional Transportation Plan Impact on Air Quality
The Christmas Revels: A Celebration of the Winter Solstice 2005
A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols 2005
Father of DNA Talks to Students
Christmas Bird Count
Graying of Texas: Part 2
Benefits of Networking
Christmas with the Philadelphia Singers 2005
Welcome Christmas!
Friday on The Front Row
Esperson Building Time Capsule Opened
Graying of Texas: Part 1
Holiday Programming
Thursday, December 22
Music of the Baroque Christmas Special
Houston Ballet Dancer Inspired by Daughter
Thursday on The Front Row
Houston Apartment Forecast
Identity Theft
Old Hobby Terminal
Wednesday, December 21
Houston Symphony-A Very Merry Pops
Memoirs of a Geisha
Child Hearing Loss
Grant To Help Hispanic Students At UTMB
Wednesday on The Front Row
Hospital and Art Museum Partner in Healing
NPR President Visits Houston Public Radio
Tuesday, December 20
Modest Gain in Consumer Confidence
KUHF Summer 2006 Russia Tour
Louisiana Katrina Fugitives Arrested in Houston
Educating Dyslexic Students
Tuesday on The Front Row
Children's Mental Health
Monday, December 19
EMS Tranportation Problem
Music From The Movies
Paul Winter's Silver Solstice
Non-Profit Sends Soldiers Home for the Holidays
Galveston County Gets A New Park
The Front Row
Houston Airports Set for Growth
Friday, December 16
Friday December 16th, 2005
Houston Food Bank Deals with Shortage After Hurricane Season
Local School Districts Plead for Federal Help
Thursday December15th, 2005
Thursday, December 15
Friday on The Front Row
It's a Holiday for Shoplifters Too
Congress Could Make Decision on ANWAR
Wednesday December 14th 2005
Wednesday, December 14
Houston Housing is Full
Maps Save Texas History
Tuesday December 13th, 2005
Tuesday, December 13
Enron Founder Ken Lay Says He's Innocent
Wednesday on The Front Row
Mistrial In First Federal Vioxx Case
Immigration Reform
Scientists Study Tree Rings from Trees Destroyed by Rita
Furniture Program for Hurricane Katrina Evacuees
Monday, December 12
Monday December 12th, 2005
Institutions Partner in Neurological Research
Music From The Movies
Meet the cast of Houston Ballet's "The Nutcracker"
Monday on The Front Row
Historic Houses Open for Candlelight Tour
Local Company Agrees to Reduce Emissions
Friday December 9th, 2005
BP Issues Final Blast Report
Gov. Perry Pushes Interstate 69 Project
Face Transplant Raises Ethics Questions
FEMA To Hand Out More Than A Billion in Contracts
Thursday December 8th, 2005
Friday on The Front Row
Gasoline Prices
Wednesday December 7th, 2005
Wednesday, December 7
Senator: NASA Must Finish ISS
Silk Paintings at the Houston Zoo
Organization Touts Websites For Disabled Users
Music From The Movies
Houston Home to First VA Cancer Center
Amber Alert Anniversary
Tuesday December 6th, 2005
Houston's Home Repair Program Returns
Wednesday on The Front Row
Tuesday, December 6
Homeless in Houston
Monday December 5th, 2005
Tuesday on The Front Row
Monday, December 5
Lake Houston State Park Transfer Proposal
Chess Tournament in Houston
Cleaner Diesel Now the Rule in Texas
Tobacco Settlement Money
It's An Early Christmas For Some HISD Teachers
Friday December 2nd, 2005
HPD Chief Addresses Staffing Issues
Friday December 2
Spring 2006 Paris, Berlin & Vienna Tour
New Bill Proposes Electronic Medical Records
2005 Disasters Leave Salvation Army Donations Lagging
Houston Students Score High on National Test
Thursday December 1
Thursday December 1st, 2005
Thursday on The Front Row
Janitor Union Membership Increasing in Houston
Wednesday November 30
New Grant for Nano-Technology Cancer Research
Wednesday November 30th, 2005
Retirees Could Fill Police Shortage
Tuesday November 29
Tuesday November 29th, 2005
Houston Symphony
KUHF-FM Musicians Entertain Menil Guests with Chamber Recital
Houston Area Prepares for Flu
Lake Livingston Dam Repairs
Katrina Evacuees Make Plans for Future
Vioxx Trial Jury Selection
Urban Forest Will Stay Put Under New Deal
Monday November 28th, 2005
Music From The Movies
Tuesday on The Front Row
Harris County Makes Mental Health Help More Accessible
Monday November 28
UH Mars Rover Project Gets Kids Interested in Science
Today on The Front Row
Santa Sacs for Houston Area Schools
Friday November 25
Friday November 25th, 2005
New Orleans, Texas: Houston Hosts Bayou Bowl
Elder Rage
Financial Icon Says Houston Poised to Take Advantage of World Market
Spring 2006 Paris, Berlin & Vienna Tour
Friday on The Front Row
Retailers and Shoppers Gear Up for Black Friday
Katrina Evacuees Celebrate Thanksgiving in Houston
Thursday November 24
Thursday November 24th, 2005
Houston Airports In For A Busy Weekend
Wednesday November 23
Wednesday November 23rd, 2005
Identity Thieves and Holidays
FEMA Deadline
A Feast for the Ears
Thanksgiving Traditions
Wednesday on The Front Row
Tuesday November 22nd, 2005
Dangerous Toys
Tuesday, November 22
FEMA Listens and Extends Housing Deadline
School Finance System Unconstitutional
New Options for Brain Surgery
Tuesday on The Front Row
Esperson Building Time Capsule Opened
One Fired and Seven Others Disciplined in Jail Escape
Tidal Power
Monday November 21st, 2005
Many Recognized for Houston Beautification Efforts
Monday, November 21
Med Center Doctors Turn Attention to Rare Fatal Disease
Monday on The Front Row
Music From The Movies
U.S. Surgeon General Discusses Concerns in Houston
Portable Heart Defibrillators in the Workplace
Houston Ballet The Nutcracker Tree Lighting Ceremony
FEMA Could Foot Evacuee Housing Bill Into 2007
Friday, November 18
Friday November 18th, 2005
Thursday on Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Friendly Skies: A Million to Fly Through Houston's Airports Next Week
Thursday November 16th, 2005
Medical Supplies Donated to Local Clinic Helping Katrina Evacuees
New Low-Income Housing Opens in Houston
Thursday, November 17
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday on Houston Symphony Orchestra
New Campaign Targets Human Traffickers, Victims
Wednesday November 16th, 2005
Skyscraper Rescue
HISD Proposes New Incentive Pay Program for Teachers
Wednesday on Exploring Music
Wednesday on The Front Row
Wednesday, November 16
SafeClear Towing Program Challenged
Local Food Outreach Breaks Ground on New Kitchen
Tuesday, November 15
Barge Leaking Oil Capsized in Gulf
Tuesday November 15th, 2005
Tuesday on Exploring Music
Tuesday on The Front Row
Tuesday on SymphonyCast
BBB Helps with Charitable Giving
Planning for Subsidence in Houston
Houston Medical Research Focuses on Nano Particles and Blood Clotting
Houston Creates New Clean Air Plan
Barge Leaking Oil in Gulf
Monday November 14th, 2005
Monday, November 14
Music From The Movies
Monday on The Front Row
Lawyers to Minority Students: Jury Service is Crucial
Houston's Veterans Day Celebration
Saturday on NPR World of Opera
Friday November 11th, 2005
Helping Marines Adjust to Civilian Life
Friday, November 11
Friday on 12th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
Friday on The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Local Economist Says Katrina Effects Still Haven't Arrived
Thursday November 10th, 2005
Thursday, November 10
Canadian Consulate Opens in Houston
Texas A&M Receives Endowment from George Mitchell
Thursday on The Front Row
Thursday on Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Wednesday November 9th, 2005
Klineberg Survey Reports Houston's Growing Diversity
Yates' Lawyer Preparing for Possible New Trial Next Year
Wednesday, November 9
Texas Appeals Court Refused to Reconsider Yates Ruling
Wednesday on Exploring Music
Wednesday on The Front Row
Wednesday on Houston Symphony Orchestra
Tuesday November 8th, 2005
Low Voter Turnout
Houston Katrina Evacuees Take Part in Rebuilding Meeting
Tuesday, November 8
Tuesday on Exploring Music
Tuesday on The Front Row
Immigrant Incarceration
Tuesday on SymphonyCast
The Vietnam-Iraq Comparison
Child Abandonment Law Education
Community Science Workshops
Music From The Movies
Monday November 7th, 2005
Monday, November 7
Monday on The Front Row
Katrina Votes
Avian Flu Pandemic, Part 2
Immigrant Incarceration
Escaped Texas Death Row Inmate
New Multi-Service Center
Bee Season (Nov 15)
Over $750,000 Raised During Fall Campaign
Friday November 4th, 2005
Friday, November 4
Temporary Health Insurance
Avian Flu Pandemic, Part 1
Thursday on Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Thursday November 3rd, 2005
The Sims Bayou Urban Nature Center
Governor Perry Wants Answers from FEMA
Thursday, November 3
Wednesday November 2nd, 2005
Wednesday, November 2
2006 Wagner's Ring Tour
City's Outreach to Evacuees Acknowledged
Volunteers answer phones for the Compass Bank Challenge!
Wednesday on Houston Symphony Orchestra
Tuesday, November 1
Tuesday November 1st, 2005
Music From The Movies
This Week on Exploring Music
Monday on Detroit Symphony Orchestra
HIV Generation
Many Louisiana Evacuees Plan to Stay in Houston
Freedom Wheels
Monday October 31st, 205
Monday, October 31
Bogus Flu Shots Cause Concerns
Emergency Evacuation Plans
Thursday October 28th, 2005
Saturday on NPR World of Opera
Friday, October 28
Friday on The Front Row
Texas City BP Refinery Explosion
Houston Federal Reserve Bank Branch Opens
Fall Fundraising Campaign Kicks Off
Thursday October 27th, 2005
Friday on The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Thursday on The Front Row
New Breast Cancer Therapy Clinical Trial
Hospitals Going Back to Basics
Wednesday October 26th, 2005
Thursday, October 27
Wensday, October 26
Wednesday on The Front Row
Harris County Historic Document Preservation
Hurricane Price Gouging Investigations
March BP Refinery Explosion Hearing
Tuesday October 25th, 2005
Tuesday, October 25
Tuesday on The Front Row
Early Voting Starts Today
Tuesday on Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra
Houston's Urban Forest Worth Big Bucks
Houston Aviation Museum Takes Shape
Ana's Van
Monday, October 24
Monday on Exploring Music
Monday on The Front Row
Monday on Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Music From The Movies
Meet Opera Superstar Samuel Ramey
Saturday on NPR World of Opera
Delay Politics
I-45 Update
Friday on The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Friday October 21st, 2005
Friday, October 21
Friday on Exploring Music
Friday on The Front Row
Astro Launch: Houston on the Way to the World Series
Texas Needs More Minority Lawyers
Solly Hemus - World Series
Thursday on Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Thursday, October 20
Thursday October 20th, 2005
Thursday on Exploring Music
Thursday on The Front Row
Former Poet Laureate Visits Houston
Hurricane Katrina Fund Expanded
Taser-User Conference Concludes
Extra Cops on Stand-By for Possible Baseball Celebration
Wednesday, October 19
Wednesday October 19th, 2005
Wednesday on Exploring Music
Wednesday on The Front Row
New Refineries to be Built
No Big Rate Increases, But Property Taxes Still Go Up
Importance of Child Flu Vaccination
Tuesday October 18th, 2005
Tuesday, October 18
Tuesday on Exploring Music
Tuesday on Indianapolis On-The-Air
Tuesday on The Front Row
Tulane Relocates to the Texas Medical Center
Tuesday on Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra
FEMA Minority Contracting
Child Hearing Loss
CAFTA Trade Mission
Monday October 17th, 2005
Monday, October 17
Monday on Exploring Music
Monday on Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Music From The Movies
Monday on The Front Row
Shuttle Could Fly Again in May
Hurricane Fallout
Saturday on NPR World of Opera
Friday, October 14
Texas Medieval Conference Underway at UH
Friday October 14th, 2005
Friday on Exploring Music
Friday on The Front Row
Law Advice for Rita's Unemployed
New Study: Cooling Oxygen-Starved Babies Helps
UH Signs Agreement with Moscow City University
Friday on The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Thursday, October 13
Thursday October 13th, 2005
Proposed Downtown Park Has A Face Now
Thursday on Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Latest Hurricanes Yield ER Solution
Thursday on Exploring Music
Thursday on The Front Row
Keeping Kids Safe from Toxins
Wednesday October 12th, 2005
Wednesday, October 12
90-Day Reprieve for Counties Affected by Rita
Prop Two Could Solidify State's Marriage Law
Oil and Gas Status
Wednesday on Exploring Music
Wednesday on The Front Row
Wednesday on Houston Symphony Orchestra
Tuesday, October 11
Tuesday October 11th, 2005
Timber Damage
The Future of Nanotech
Marine for Life
Paper Outage: Fort Bend County Goes to E-Vote System
Tuesday on Exploring Music
Two-For-One Tuesday Night
Tuesday on The Front Row
Columbus' Death
Houstonian's Electric Bills to Rise
Monday, October 10
Monday October 10th, 2005
Monday on Exploring Music
Music From The Movies
Fed's Unfreeze City's Homebuyer Assistance Funds
Task Force Works Quietly to Clean Up Katrina Mess
Lake Conroe Dam Damaged by Rita
Music from The Menil: A Free Recital Oct. 17
Monday on The Front Row
Friday October 7th, 2005
Saturday on NPR World of Opera
Friday, October 7
Polluted Air a Problem for Texans
October Skies
Cable Theft Costing the City Millions a Year
Friday on Exploring Music
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday, October 6
Friday on The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Thursday October 6th, 2005
HISD Gets Funding for Katrina Evacuees
New Orleans Pumps
Local Rita Task Force to Tackle Evacuation Mess
Thursday on The Front Row
Thursday on Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Thursday on Exploring Music
Wednesday on Houston Symphony Orchestra
Wednesday, October 5
Wednesday October 5th, 2005
Local Company Sequencing Human Genome
Fourth Ward Dig Moves Into New Phase
New Charges Brought Up Against Tom Delay
National Commission on Higher Education
Wednesday on The Front Row
Wednesday on Exploring Music
Tuesday, October 4
Tuesday October 4th, 2005
Safety Is On School Bus Drivers Minds
Tuesday on The Front Row
Texas Historical Commission
Tuesday on Exploring Music
Monday on Pittsburgh Symphony
Silver Screams Film Festival Starts Friday
Monday October 3rd, 2005
Monday, October 3
Monday on Exploring Music
Music From The Movies
Hurricane Evacuation Task Force Created
Two Med Center Giants Make Peace
Historic Third Ward School Reborn
Gasoline Supplies Getting Back to Normal
Friday, September 30
Monday on The Front Row
Friday September 30th, 2005
Rita's Local Bill: $111 Million
VA Mobile Clinics on the Move
Grocers Struggle to Supply Demand
Friday on Exploring Music
Friday on 12th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
Thursday, September 29
Thursday September 29th, 2005
Friday on The Front Row
Friday on The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Delay's Leadership Abilities In Doubt Following Indictment
Eckels Testifies on Capitol Hill
Local Rita Victims were Mostly Elderly and Frail
KUHF Fall Fundraising Campaign Rescheduled
Wednesday, September 28
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday September 28th, 2005
Lynchburg Reservoir Water Pump Repair Underway
Hurricane Rita Big Topic for HISD Children
Officials: Residents Should Learn From Rita
NASA Relocates ISS Control to Russia
Tuesday September 27th, 2005
Wednesday on The Front Row
Wednesday, Houston Symphony
Houston's Post Rita Re-Vacuation
Emergency Plans Could Change After Rita's Traffic and Fuel Troubles
Rita Home Insurance Advice
Gulf Coast Refineries Restart
Monday, September 26
Monday September 26th, 2005
Sep 27, The German Music Festival
Tuesday on The Front Row
Return Trips to Houston are Strongly Discouraged
September 23, Hurricane Rita Storm Coverage
Friday September 23rd, 2005
Message from John Proffitt, KUHF General Manager & CEO
Thursday September 22rd, 2005
Galveston County Nursing Homes Evacuated
Thousands Hit the Road as Rita Spins Closer
Galveston Evacuates
Wednesday September 21st, 2005
Expert: Winds Blow, But Storm Surge Kills
Harris County Prepares for Hurricane Rita
Tuesday, September 20
Sep 21, Special event
Tuesday September 20th, 2005
Wednesday on The Front Row
NASA Showcases New Spaceship
New Orleans School Relocates to Houston Church
Hope, Help & Healing
Monday September 19th, 2005
Tuesday on The Front Row
5th Circuit Court of Appeals Settles in Houston
Music From The Movies
Monday on The Front Row
Funding for Katrina Evacuee Students
Six Flags Astroworld Memories
'Make-A-Home' Matches Katrina Evacuees to Housing
Friday September 16th, 2005
Katrina's Mental Health Toll
State and Local Officials Begin Quest for Katrina Reimbursement
Friday, September 16
Local School Gets Big Makeover
Thursday September 15th, 2005
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday, September 15
San Jacinto Monument Repairs
Thursday on Exploring Music
Efforts Continue to Reunite Katrina Family Members
Wednesday September 14th, 2005
Wednesday on Exploring Music
Wednesday, September 14
Feds to Help Cover Texas Medicaid Costs for Katrina Victims
Newton's Attorneys Asking Perry to Stay Execution
Thursday on The Front Row
Houston Future Home to $500 Million Cancer Research Center
Houston Mayor: Katrina Scam Artists Should Stay Away
Houston Universities Open Doors to Katrina Evacuees
Tuesday September 13th, 2005
Tuesday on The Front Row
Monday, September 12
Houston and New Orleans Historic Groups Come Together to Save Sites
Officials Say Weekend Shelter Move-out Is Flexible
Tuesday on Exploring Music
Faith Community Responding to Evacuees
Credit Counseling for Katrina Victims
Faith Community Feeding Evacuees in September
Monday September 12th, 2005
FEMA Fraud
Music From The Movies
Friday, September 9
Texas Requests Funding for Providing Katrina Relief
Friday September 9th, 2005
Reliant Park Clinic Serves-Up Care for Katrina Evacuees
The Romantic Hours
KUHF Donate-A-Radio Drive for Hurricane Evacuees Sept. 12-16
Displaced Medical Workers Staying in Houston
From The Top
Thursday, September 8
Red Cross Hands out Debit Cards to Thousands of Evacuees
Friday on The Front Row
Housing Authorities Working to Meet Needs of Evacuees
Evacuees Search for Jobs
Thursday September 8th, 2005
Pulling Strings
Wednesday, September 7
Thursday on The Front Row
Remembering Galveston and the Great Hurricane of 1900
Tomorrow is the First Day of School for Many Evacuee Students
Population at City's Katrina Shelters Drops Quickly
Wednesday September 7th, 2005
Wednesday on The Front Row
Tuesday, September 6
Tuesday September 6th, 2005
Area Churches Provide Aid and Comfort to Katrina Victims
Katrina Victims at Dome Balk at Moving to Cruise Ships
Evacuees Reconnecting with Loved Ones
Students Displaced by Katrina Finding New Schools
Medical Professionals Set Up Clinics for Evacuees
Former Presidents Fundraising for Katrina Victims in Houston
Monday September 5th, 2005
Evacuees Grateful to Houston for Quick Response
Texas Department of Public Safety: New Laws
Monday, September 5
Music From The Movies
Chief Justice Rehnquist 1924-2005
Friday, September 2
Friday September 2nd, 2005
Houston Doctor on Rescue Team in New Orleans
Houstonians Open Their Hearts and Cupboards for Katrina Victims
Volunteers Flock to Astrodome
Evacuee Health Threats
Superdome Refugees Arriving at the Astrodome
Thursday September 1st, 2005
12th Annual Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
Houston Staging Area for Katrina Relief
Friday on The Front Row
Thursday, September 1
HISD Opens Doors to Refugee Kids
Pullling Strings
Child Protective Services Reforms
Wednesday August 31st, 2005
Wednesday, August 31
23,000 Hurricane Refugees Expected at Astrodome
Hospitals Make Hurricane Transplant Possible
Tuesday August 30th, 2005
Tuesday, August 30
Houston Plays Key Role In Katrina Relief
Former U.S. Education Secretary Paige Calls for Education Reform
Monday, August 29
Houston Home to Animal Cruelty Investigation Unit
Ellington Field Supporters Switch to "Plan B"
Harris County Alcohol Fatality Rate Highest in State
Katrina Refugees Crowd Houston Hotels and Shelters
Monday August 29th, 2005
Music From The Movies
Wharton County Courthouse Restoration
Friday August 26th, 2005
Friday, August 26
BRAC Commission Slowly Working Toward Ellington Decision
Women's Independence Day
Call to Volunteers!
Houston Hosting 2011 Senior Olympics
La Traviata in the Miller Outdoor Theatre
Thursday August 25th, 2005
Insurance Giant Gives Financial Boost to Local Citizens Group
Friday on The Front Row
Senator Hutchison Responds to BRAC Hearing
Schools Receiving Funds to Clean Up Bus Emissions
Thursday, August 25
12th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
Wednesday, August 24
Thursday on The Front Row
Pulling Strings
The Romantic Hours
Wednesday August 24th, 2005
City Okays Extra Money for Crime Lab Probe
Low Vaccination Rate in Texas Concerns Doctors
Clean Air Campaign Targets Drivers
Tuesday August 23rd, 2005
HISD Doubling Efforts to Recover Drop-outs
Wednesday on The Front Row
Developers Say Houston is Ready for New Projects
Tuesday, August 23
Moving the Old Train
Supporters Say Local Woman On Death Row Deserves a New Trial
Online Auction of Historic Artifacts a Success
Rare Double Organ Transplant a First for Hospital
Monday, August 22
Governor Orders More Funding for Classroom Expenses
Tuesday on The Front Row
Fort Bend Eyes More Toll Roads After Success of First Two
There May Have Been Hobbits After All
Monday August 22nd, 2005
Monday on The Front Row
Music From The Movies
Friday, August 19
Vioxx Verdict: Merck Found Liable
Houstonian Remembers Beatles 1965 Concert Tour
KUHF Supporter Wins Raffle for Eastern European Trip
Friday August 19th, 2005
BCM Researching Use of Non-Traditional Acupuncture
Port of Houston Ship Channel Expansion
Thursday August 18th, 2005
Chemical Spill in Chocolate Bayou
Thursday, August 18
New Kitchens for End Hunger Network
Ellington Field Will Keep Part of 147th
Major Changes to City's Historic Preservation Ordinances
Wednesday August 17th, 2005
Tuesday August 16th, 2005
Wednesday, August 17
Safety Board: Independent Panel Should Probe BP's Safety Culture
Houston School Leads Bioterrorism Education Along Border
Organization Focuses on Reducing Teacher Turnover
Tuesday, August 16
Universities Study Psychology Component of E-Voting
The Civic Orchestra of Chicago
Indianapolis On-The-Air
Monday August 15th, 2005
Back to School Celebration
Live! at the Concertgebouw
New State Immunization Law
School Starts at HISD
Monday, August 15
Tuesday on The Front Row
Minority Participation in Clinical Trials
Pilot Project Underway for Emergency Assistance
The Pittsburgh Symphony
Music from the Movies
Friday, August 12
Friday, August 12th, 2005
Infrared Camera May Help Reduce Emissions
Summer Meteor Shower Lights Up Night Sky
Shelter Provides School Supplies at Backpack Party
The Edukators
Houston Public Radio Day at 2005 Shakespeare Festival
Thursday August 11th, 2005
Thursday, August 11
Lone Star Physicians Recognize KUHF for Quality Health-care Reporting
Today's Launch of Mars Probe Scrubbed
Friday on The Front Row
Weather Balloons Collect Ozone Data
Ground Breaking for Bio-Lab in Galveston
Unpaid Medical Care Increasing
Astronauts Return to Houston
Thursday on The Front Row
Wednesday August 10th, 2005
Wednesday, August 10
Tuesday August 9th, 2005
Three More Health Care Clinics for the Houston Area
NASA Looking to Future Flights
Homeowners Protest Plans for I-45
Wednesday on The Front Row
Discovery is Home
Tuesday, August 9
Blind Experiencing Space
House to Vote on Continuing Special Sessions
The Civic Orchestra of Chicago
Discovery Shuttle Return Delay
Monday, August 8
October Launch to International Space Station
Families of Veterans Pushing for Funds for Mental Health
Monday August 8th, 2005
Pulling Strings
Tuesday on The Front Row
The Romantic Hours
With Heart and Voice
Friday, August 5
Friday August 5th, 2005
Plane Grounded at Hobby Airport
From The Top
Non-Invasive Brain Surgery
Management Material? Women Cops Say Yes
Premature Births Higher Among African-Americans
Transportation Funds for Flooding
Astronauts Pay Tribute to Columbia Crew
Thursday, August 4
Thursday August 4th, 2005
Grizzly Man
Wednesday August 3rd, 2005
Construction of Galveston's Bio Lab Underway
Discovery's Quick Fix
Teaching Kids About Sun Protection
Thursday on The Front Row
New Bipartisan School Finance Bill
Wednesday, August 3
Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Lawmakers Make Changes to Head Start Program
Tuesday, August 2
Exploring Music
Wednesday on The Front Row
Shuttle Astronaut Ready for In-Flight Repair
HISD Dropout Volunteers
State Asks for Fish Kill Reports
Tuesday August 2nd, 2005
Monday, August 1
Tuesday on The Front Row
Commute Pledge Encourages Traffic Solutions
Minority Organ Donations Growing in Houston
Wortham Center Renovation
Lawn Mower Safety
Rice Professor Studying Amazon River
The Pittsburgh Symphony
Monday August 1st, 2005
Pulling Strings
Music From The Movies
Saint Ralph
Friday July 29th, 2005
Houston Gets Ready for National Night Out
HISD Expanding Pre-K Program
Feds Back in Texas City To Investigate Latest Plant Explosion
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Civic Orchestra of Chicago & Indianapolis On-The-Air
NASA: Shuttle Damage Not Serious
Student Mosaic Project Nearing Completion
NPR World of Opera
Thursday, July 28th, 2005
Thursday, July 28
Nanotechnology Researchers in Houston
12th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
Wednesday, July 27
Save the Bishop's Palace
The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Live! at the Concertgebouw
Elders Discusses Improving FDA Drug Testing
Hear the Ball, Hit the Ball: Beep Baseball Comes To Houston
The Romantic Hours
Live From Festival Hill
Houston Fire Museum Receives $2 Million
Houston Nurse Involved in National Healthcare Solutions
Discovery Launch Marks Return to Space
Tuesday, July 26
Discovery Makes Picture Perfect Launch
HISD Opens New Schools
All Systems Go for Discovery Launch
Monday, July 25
Affordable Clinics for Uninsured Patients
Research Shows Diet Change Could Help Hyperactive Kids
Energy Bill Compromise
Civic Orchestra of Chicago & Indianapolis On-The-Air
Music From The Movies
Pulling Strings
Live! at the Concertgebouw
Opponents say I-45 Expansion is a Bad Idea
Shriners Hospital Annual Basketball Tournament
Friday July 22nd, 2005
Friday, July 22
Thursday July 21st, 2005
Wellness Center Dedicated to Obesity Help
Wellness Center Dedicated to Obesity Help
Elissa Recruiting Next Year's Crew
Thursday, July 21
Stem Cell Breakthrough
See Kinky Run
Digital Courtroom Now a Reality In Harris County
Blood Drive for Wounded Soldiers
Wednesday, July 20
South Texas Prepares for Emily's Visit
Tuesday, July 19
HP Layoffs Local Impact Unknown
Teachers and Scientists Partner in Science Curriculum
South Texas Prepares for Emily's Visit
Pittsburgh Symphony
Pearland Spelling Bee Winner Donates Scholarship
Fifth Ward Technology Project Connects Community
Clean Power from Coal
Monday, July 18
Pittsburgh Symphony
New Free-Trade Agreement up for House Vote Next Week
Medicine for the Performing Arts
The Civic Orchestra of Chicago and Indianapolis On-the-Air
Music From The Movies
Friday, July 15
Heart Pump Anniversary Brings British Man to Texas
Historic Auction Goes Online
Friday July 15th, 2005
Live! At The Concertgebouw
NASA Pushes Back Discovery Launch Again
12th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
Texans Make Life-Saving Operation for Iraqi Boy Possible
Thursday July 14th, 2005
Friday on The Front Row
Houston Grand Opera Introduces First CEO
The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Thursday, July 14
Earliest Discovery Would Launch is Sunday as NASA Looks for Sensor Fix
Shuttle Grounded Hours Before Lift Off
BP Plans Repairs for Gulf Drill Hit by Hurricane
Wednesday on The Front Row
Wednesday July 13th, 2005
Wednesday, July 13
Thursday on The Front Row
Locals Confident Despite Shuttle Launch Delay
Texas Lawmakers Anticipate Shuttle Launch
Call for Immigration Reform
NASA Community Ready for Discovery Liftoff
Tuesday, July 12
Tuesday July 12th, 2005
Gulf Coast Subsidence, Part 2
First Vioxx Lawsuit Starts in Texas
State Using Helicopter to Monitor Emissions
Abandoned Boats Get the Boot from Galveston Bay
Broadband Over Powerlines
Monday on The Front Row
Monday, July 11
Houston Public Radio News Team Earns Eleven Lone Star Awards
Tuesday on The Front Row
Pulling Strings
Music from the Movies
The Pittsburgh Symphony
Friday, July 9
Pulling Strings
State Water Planning
Friday July 8th, 2005
Houston Zoo's Liberty Celebrates Birthday
Storm Tracker Waits for Hurricane Dennis
Thursday, July 8
Metro Steps Up Security in Wake of London Bombings
Thursday July 7th, 2005
Indianapolis On-The-Air
Friday on The Front Row
Houston Water Supply High Despite Dry Summer
A Musical Odyssey in Eastern Europe
Head of BRAC Visits Ellington Air Force Base
Texas School Finance Plan and Companion Tax Bill
Wednesday July 6th, 2005
Thursday on The Front Row
SEARCH Provides Summer Relief to Homeless
Wednesday July 6th, 2005
Wednesday, July 6
Live! at the Concertgebouw
Hot, Dry Summer Results in Burn Bans
Civic Orchestra of Chicago
Live! at the Concertgebouw
The 12th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
Wednesday on The Front Row
Tropical Storms Approaching Gulf States
Tuesday on The Front Row
12th Annual Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
Houston Emergency Center Performance Review
Wednesday on The Front Row
Texas Teachers Attend National Education Conference
Fair Housing Bill Goes to Senate
Tuesday, July 5
New Organ Donation Registry Program in Texas
New Home of Lakewood Church Almost Complete
Country Unprepared for Nuclear Strike
Gulf Coast Subsidence
LNG Facilities Planned for Texas
UH Architecture Student Design Project
Help for Seniors to Weatherize Homes
Zebra Squad Hunts Local Probation and Parole Violators
Studio 3C
O'Connor Retires
Thank You for Your Support
Thursday June 30th, 2005
Thursday, June 30
Election Reform Hearing in Houston
Date Set for NASA's Return to Space
The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Bromwich's New Report Says Crime Lab Lacked Resources and Leadership
Thursday on The Front Row
Harris County Property Tax Deadline
House Passes School Finance Plan
Agents Fight Drug Trafficking with Intelligence Center
Rice Researcher Says Mexican Migrants are Increasingly Women
Wednesday, June 29
Wednesday June 29th, 2005
Safety Board Says Alarms Didn't Work at BP Plant
HISD Preserves Historic School Building
Tuesday June 28th, 2005
County Testing New Emergency Evacuation Routes
Apres Vous
Children's Mental Health
Scammers Phishing the Internet More Than Ever
Houston Fire Department Donates Equipment
Baylor to Open Clinics in Africa for Children with AIDS
Metro On the Defensive About Updated Transit Plan
Music from the Movies
It's a Blast: Local Fireworks Stands Preach Safety
Simple Test Reveals Risk of Stroke
Prescription Drug Abuse in Children
Supreme Court Rules Private Land Can be Seized for Private Use
Thursday, June 23
Driest June in Houston's Recorded History
While Perry Touts School Finance Plan, Dems Say No
Countdown Discovery Special
Thursday June 23rd, 2005
Wednesday June 22nd, 2005
Texas DPS Reports Record Drug Seizures
Children's Advocacy Group Unveils Ten Year Plan
Green Light for City's Red Light Camera Plan
Wednesday June 22nd, 2005
Wednesday, June 22
HPD Encourages Gun Safety
Firefighters Increase Safety Awareness
County Denies Trying to Slip Toll Road Issue On To Agenda
Tuesday, June 21
Tuesday June 21st, 2005
Monday June 20th, 2005
Historic Fan Exhibit
Mayor Unveils Capital Improvement Plan
Monday, June 20
Heights Neighbors Save Old Oaks and Protected Birds
Special Session Tackles School Finance
Volunteer Search Dogs
Congress Proposes Public Broadcasting Cuts: Would Cost KUHF $228,197
Friday, June 24
Friday, June 17
Experts Collaborating on Mental Healthcare Reforms
Oil Giant Passes $1 Million Mark for Minority Education
Congress Proposes Cuts to Public Broadcasting
Senator Cornyn Proposes New Immigration and Border Security Bill
Friday June 17th, 2005
Thursday June 16th, 2005
Entergy Asks Customers to Minimize Energy Use
Local United Way Opens New Non-Profit Resource Center
Thursday, June 16
UH Grad Student Develops Biosensor Chip
Summer 2006 St. Petersburg and Savonlina
Wednesday, June 15
Harris County Shows Progess in Children's Issues
Wednesday June 15th, 2005
Domestic Violence Not a Women's Issue
June 22, 2005
Tuesday June 14th, 2005
Local Advocate says Crime Lab Problem Not Solved Yet
Tuesday, June 14
Unsafe Buildings Demolished After Legal Battle
Hospital and Art Museum Partner in Healing
Local Effort Seeks a Billion Dollars to Pay for Mobility Plan
Artist Draws Inpiration from Science
Monday, June 13
Monday June 13th, 2005
Program Helps Depressed Seniors
Progressive Forum Welcomes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Houston
Regional Logistics Centers May Stretch Homeland Security Budgets
Fall 2005 A Musical Odyssey in Eastern Europe
Friday, June 17
HISD Fifth Graders Improve TAKS Scores
Friday June 10th, 2005
Rookie K-9 Unit Coming to Harris County
Hispanic Drug Use Researchers Gather at UH
Tropical Storm Allison Baby Celebrates 4th Birthday
Friday, June 10
Thursday, June 9
Ellington Field Supporters Fighting to Keep Unit
Thursday June 9th, 2005
Employers See Jump in Healthcare Costs
DPS On The Lookout for Unsafe Trucks
NASA Moves Closer to Shuttle Launch
CDC Recommends New Meningitis Vaccine
Wednesday, June 8
Wednesday June 8th, 2005
Swedish Artist Sculpts American Tribute
Doctors Treating Medicare Patients to See Pay Cuts
Tuesday June 7th, 2005
Tuesday, June 7
Hunger Still a Problem in Harris County
Local Schools Participate in Math and Science Intiative
Monday, June 6
Monday June 6th, 2005
UH Bioterrorism Grant
UTMB Researchers Treat Ear Infections Without Antibiotics
Nigeria Looking to Minority Companies for Oil Exploration
Supreme Court Rules on Cruise Line ADA Compliance
Friday, June 10
Friday, June 3
Friday June 3rd, 2005
Board Sets New Higher Ed Goals for Texas
Friday June 3rd, 2005
Thursday, June 2
Thursday June 2nd, 2005
Wednesday June 1st, 2005
Wednesday, June 1
Tuesday May 31st, 2005
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May 26, 2005
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KUHF Radio Journalist Scores Knockout with Sports Profile
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KUHF Audio Engineer Writes Music For Worldfest Movie
Friday, April 1
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March 29, 2005
Friday, April 1, 2005, 7:30 pm
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March 10, 2005
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Half Price Tickets with KUHF Classic Card
Monday, February 28
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Coffee with the Conductor
World's Largest Gold Exhibit Comes to Town
Tuesday, February 1
Friday, February 4
HMNS Lecture Series Features Treasure Tales
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Researchers at Rice University Fight Cancer with Nano Technology
Friday, October 1
Pulling Strings 9/25
Saturday, September 25
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Boxer Excels in Ring and Classroom
Friday, August 6
SAW Helps Houston Hospital Enhance Career and Educational Opportunities
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Ain't No More Sugar in Sugar Land
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Ensemble Musiqa
Main Street Arts
2003 Medical Journalism Awards
2003 Journalism Awards
Bat Boy -- The Musical
Proposition Player
Orange Show
A Christmas Carol
They Sing Christmas Up in Harlem
Quirky Works
Echoes in Blue
Good Boys
Philippe Sommet
Claudio Monteverdi's Vespers of 1610
The Full Monty
Conch Bearer
Anton Kuerti
Houston Symphony
2003 Houston Chopin Youth Competition
Sherlock Holmes
John Robilette
Pearls: A Natural History
Recent Tragic Events
Ecstatic Meditations: Magical, Mystical Music of the Spirit
Ninth Annual Weekend of Texas Contemporary Dance
Tony Morris
Stages 25 Anniversary
Rossini's Barber of Seville
The Whirling Dervishes
Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration
Dances from the American Night
Stanton Welch
Ars Lyrica
Sherlock Holmes
Hobby Center
Guitarist Mark McCain and cellist Erika Johnson
Houston Symphony
Tenor David Brewer
Broadway in Houston and Society for the Performing Arts
Affairs of the Heart
Houston Shakespeare Festival
Larry Shue's The Foreigner
Chicago - The Musical
Dr. Rebecca Shore
Expressions of Faith
Houston Music Fantasia
Department Thirty
Princess Ida
Houston's Christ Church Cathedral
Always... Patsy Cline
Getting Mother's Body
Princess Ida
The Music of The Greatest Show On Earth
The Thistle & Shamrock
Chorus Angelorum
Concerts at the Woodlands Pavilion
The Mousetrap
The Sound of Music
Orange Show
KUHF Summer Arts Tour Hears Chopin and Mozart in Poland
White Nights
Twentieth-Century Music Of The Americas
"Splendors of Poland"
Gustavo Romero
Saturday Night at the Movies
"White Nights" Tour in Saint PeterBurg, Russia
Snow White and Rose Red
Houston's First Unitarian - Univeralist Choir In Romania
Bering United Methodist Church Choir Performs In Italy
Russian Humor On Display at Texas Music Festival Orchestra Concert
Keynote Chamber Players Present Music For Violin and Piano
Splat Boom Pow! The Influence of Cartoons in Contemporary Art
JoAnn Falletta Conducts at Round Top
Thanks For The Memories: A Tribute To Ben Stevenson
I Have My Standards - Now and Then
Shakespeare's Hamlet at Houston's Alley Theatre
Guitarist Celino Romero at the UH Texas Music Festival
2003 AIA Sandcastle Building Competition
Les Misirables
Big Range Dance Festival
The Little Prince
City Dance
Houston's Trauma Care Crisis
Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Dr. Grady Hallmann
Choir of Bering United Methodist Church
Blaffer Gallery
Robert Yekovich
Houston Ballet Soloist Kim Wagman
James Mathis
Christine Wu
HSPVA Grammy
Ima Hogg National Young Artists Competition
Artists James Rosenquist and Sarah Bancroft
Vagina Monologues
Merce Cunningham Dance Company
Josue Casillas and Valirie Hartzell
Starlight Express
Dreaming Red: Creating ArtPace
Sara Gish
Speaking in Tongues
Houston Ballet
"Cinco de Mayo" concert
Sanctuaries -- Last works of John Hejduk
Weave Dance Company
Final concerts of the HSO Jones Hall season
Houston Ebony Opera Guild
The Trip to Bountiful
La Traviata
Spring Graduation Performance
Houston Press Indie Film Series
The Vine of Desire
Kiss Me, Kate
Syzygy Concert
The Katy Piano Trio in Performance
All-Bach Concert
Keeping Watch
Cirque du Soleil's "Alegrma"
Houston Ballet
Saint Peter and the Vatican
Oscar Casares
The Conroe Contest
Blaffer Gallery
KUHF Spring Tour of Italy
Broadway in Houston
Houston Ballet Winter Repertory Program
Dean Dalton reports from Venice
"Sex Farce (The Sitcom)," and "Freshman Year Sucks (The Movie)"
Saint Paul
Dean Dalton
The Homecoming
Doctors' Orchestra of Houston
Piano Series
KUHF's Dean Dalton's Italy tour report
Sergei Rachmaninov's Vespers
Strangers in Vienna
Bayou City Chamber Orchestra
African American Music Gala
Madama Butterfly
Winter Concert
Mercury Barouque Ensemble
IAA tenth anniversary celebrations
Dancing at Lughnasa
Dominic Walsh Dance Theater
St. PeterBurg Legacy
The Merry Widow
The Call of THe Phoenix
Lucia Di Lammermoor
The Thirteen Clocks
Stanton Welch
Edward Albee
2002 Journalism Awards
A Christmas Memory
Texas Southern University Holiday Exhibitions
Annual Christmas Concert
Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol
The Nutcracker
Sanford Biggers: Afrotemple
King David
James Howe
AURA in Wonderland
Madama Butterfly
Ballet Preljocaj
YADA YADA YADA, That' What I'm Sayin
Radcliffe Bailey: Tides
State of the Blues
Prazak Quartet
Arturo Brachetti
Blood therapeutics
Buffalo Soldiers Museum
Flood relief
Adoptive Family Recruitment
Hazardous waste event
Honoring fallen soldiers
Pre-school for all
Cheney in Houston
HISD bond issue
Election day voter roll
Voting glitch
Halloween safety
French Impressionism Exhibition
sShriners anniversary
Jersey Village floods
La Boheme
Journalist entourage
Insurance Fair
Swamp's 25th Anniversary
Wings grounded
Halloween candy
New facility for shelter
Frame 312
Interfaith Network
Wings over Houston
Lt. Governor and Attorney General
Gubernatorial debate
IDEA anniversary
The General From America
West Nile update
Houston economy
Chinese President
The Russian Connection
Political debates
Help for homeowners
Congressional debate
The Drawer Boy
Jewish Composers Concert
Enron Anniversary
Immigration education
The Chorus on Stage
Tire fire
Military Museum
Rewarding work
Q Is For Quarray
Space or bust
A piece of history
Corporate compliance
The Tales of Hoffmann
Dido and Aeneas
Dynegy dumps trading
Seatbelt Challenge
Andersen gets the maximum
Breaking ground
Initiatives for Children
Ambassador comes to Houston
Museum District Open House
Learning about eSlate
Congress convenes in Houston
Health and social justice
What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?
George R. Brown expansion
College readiness
Between The Lines
Bringing science to life
Project Grad
Good news and bad news
Business ethics
Space business
Silent Witnesses
Atlantis arrives at Space Station
Improving quality
Water challenge
Port protection
Insurance scam
Bar codes in hospitals
Switching gears
Uptown shuttle
Mental health needs
Life's a zoo
"Space City U.S.A"
Coastal erosion
Funding for clean air
Hospital scores
Insurance options
Joining forces for clean water
Summit wraps-up
Andrew Fastow
Children's rights
Tax auction
Energy summit
Peer study
Commuter solutions
HIV emergency
Lottery woes
Insurance refugees
Children at Risk
Texas' music city
Jane Hammond: The John Ashbery Collaboration 1993-2001
Weekend of Texas Contemporary Dance
Improving schools
Young hearts
Feeding frenzy
Floyd Collins
Jan de Hartog
Texas Association of Business
Bayou master plan
Sparking enthusiasm
Playing catch-up
Community Partners
Penta Brazil!
Opera Tour
High-tech voting
Amber Alert Network
POWs and MIAs honored
Protecting student-athletes
Smokers Wanted
Forecasting conflict
Dr. Jeane Kirkpatrick speaks out
The best of both worlds
Stretching dollars
Party drug indictments
Heroes honored
Making the switch
Avoiding obesity and diabetes
Advances for deaf children
West Nile Virus
Airport expansion
2Blast rocks Clute-Freeport area
Reunion of hope
The Gala
Enron reorganization
Bad for business
Houston remembers
Towers of Unity
Striking images of 9/11
Flight Diverted on 9/11
K-Mart raid questioned
Helpful Houstonians
Port security tightened
Galveston remembers 1998 storm
Medical center braces for storm
OrchestraX Season 2002-2003
The Human Race
Mexican sculpture exhibit
Houston Friends of Music
The Quilts of Gee4s Bend
Historical houses
Texas health care survey
Blood donations and West Nile virus
Hobby Center gets new sculpture
Changes in the business climate
Brazilian Connection
Debt may haunt current students
U.H. entrepreneurial awards
Fiesta Sinfsnica
Children's mental health
Astrodome plans
U.T. Disaster Preparedness Center
Holiday weekend travel
Cancer in teens
Amitin Notebook Project
International Homicide Investigators
166th birthday party
Police Chief comments on raids
New technology center
Houston loses Olympics bid
Motion sickness in space
Tailgating returns to Houston
Transportation money
Promoting first-time home ownership
Match program
Event data recorders
Solutions for port emissions
New Americans
Balloon festival
Theatre District Open House
Broadway Series 2002-2003 Season
The Debut
Mosquito repellant for homeless
Houston Grand Opera Season Preview
Enron executive pleads guilty
Tom DeLay makes case for war
Funding for UH
Railroad project
Promoting van pooling
Preparing for disasters
SBISD pre-school
Battling West Nile virus
Houston Ballet 2002-2003 Season
Art All Around
METRO groundbreaking
Project Genesis
West Nile Virus
Learning disabilities in children
Imitating nature
New TAKS test
Interstate 69
Galveston recovers
SPA 2002-2003 Season Line-up
Reliant Stadium to open
Space City, U.S.A.
Houston Theater Disctrict Open House
Houston city budget
Heavy rains hit city
FERC Chairman visits UH
Fennessey Ranch
New Head Start facilities
East End town meeting
Single sex public schools
Shakespeare in the Park
Enron severance packages
Amber Plan to grow
Astros fans brace for strike
Jury service
Digital signal technology
Airport screening job fair
Donation to boost local programs
Immunizations for schoolchildren
New county voter registration system
United Nations summit preview
Main Street Square
HISD officials prepare for new school year
Schools gear up for new TAKS Test
Mujeres del Corazon mural
Water filtration research
Task force examines economic growth
Children's health coverage
State files insurance lawsuit
High-tech growth in Texas
Traffic forum
National Night Out
Workplace barriers
Disabled seniors
Superconductivity conference
Cracked fuel lines halt space launch
Writers in the Schools
Houston reacts to threat of terrorism
TNRCC Seminar
LifeGift Organ Donation
Senatorial candidates forum
28th Annual Shakespeare Festival
Slave reparations bill
Drug Abuse Warning Network
Asthma in schools
Health insurance for children
Day care web resources
Grants for college
Sugar Land robbery
Challenges for new football team
Aurora Picture Show
Texas education programs bolstered
The Three-Cornered Hat
New jail for Harris County
Fort Bend County
Community debates disability bill
Mold claims dominate insurance industry
West Nile virus
Summer safety
Children's mural
Houston Ballet Academy Choreographic Workshop
Fort Bend County
Boosting vaccination rates
Houston Texans camp
Baby boom
Dick Cheney in Houston
Margaret Molly Brown
State of the region survey
New Parks Director
West Side Story
Stadium braces for first game
Fighting crime statewide
The Sorcerer
Toys in space
Solar power
Aquarium eatery
Airline costs
Neonatal bedside surgery
Life Flight
Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus
Summer boating
Weekend flooding
U.S. Olympic Committee visit
Hill Country recovery effort
Pasadena security alert
The Thirteenth Chair
Leader of war effort in Houston
Summer space camp
The Lion King
Placebo surgery study
LULAC President addresses NAACP
Central Texas recovery
Cancer study stopped
NAACP grades hotel industry
Songs and Stories On A Summer Evening
Second Central Texas flood in 4 years
NAACP takes aim at politics
Textbook wars
Master mobility plan
Redeveloping downtown
Second hand journey
West Nile virus
Central Texas floods
Rally for peace in South Asia
Holiday security
Architecture students think small
Historic Russian oil shipment
Holiday security
Texas political poll
Breast cancer drug
Back tax collections
Holiday travel
Port Authority Chairman
New lottery machines
Student internships
Children's Museum
Nursing summer camps
Air cargo expansion at IAH
Community leaders gather in Austin
Paying back taxes
School voucher ruling reaction
All-American Orchestral Concert
Secretary of Energy in Houston
Privatizing the Houston Zoo
World Trade Center debris
Earlystages' "The Firebird"
Drafting Yao Ming
2002 Southwest Food Expo
HISD reacts to San Francisco ruling
Reliant Astrodome renovations
Annual LULAC convention
New emergency center
More birds fall victim to virus
Toastmasters in prison
Houston Food Bank
Urban forests
Southwest Food Expo
Smart cancer drugs
Supreme Court rulings
Terrorism task force
Texas Music Festival
Capital punishment
Houston Music Fantasia
West Nile virus
Naval urban training exercises
New use for Botox
Summer Symphony Nights at Miller Outdoor Theater
Some Like It Hot
Focus on Houston medicine
State braces for hot summer
Managed Care: the Series
Fourth of July Celebrations
Space Launch Initiative
Brownfields redevelopment
Arthur Andersen found guilty
Trial garners worldwide attention
Managed Healthcare
Andersen jury deadlocked
New civility ordinance
Small businesses get boost
Help for young fathers
Building green
Do Not Call List
Sheila Turkuwitz
"S" is For Sigali
Houston Symphony returns home
Severance for Enron employees
School violence briefing
Annenberg Challenge rates schools
Businesses formulate disaster plans
Andersen trial jury deliberations
Taking Leave
Reducing storm water pollution
Saving on student loans
Laptops for HISD teachers
Tropical Storm Allison: One Year Later
Lessons of Tropical Storm Allison
Keeping an aging population healthy
Texas fiddlers
The Invention of Love
When Science Meets Art
New Texas A&M President named
Andersen trial closes
Minute Maid Park
Shedding a bad image
Homicide numbers increase
Calvin Burdine trial
Governor orders emission reductions
Energy executive's death
Galveston treasurer's lawsuit
Second Tony for Albee
Association of Women in Computing
New afterschool programs
Speed limits
John Clifford Baxter's death
Rebuilding the Medical Center
Texas Children's Hospital expands
The Evolution of Orchestra
Blood donations
Core Performance Company presents "Handel's Messiah"
On-line divorce
Disability assistance meeting
Chuck Watson resigns
Pension reform
Protesting property valuation
New outdoor mural
Rockets consider Chinese player
Flood insurance
Americanos Exibition
Texas Selective Service registration
Smart drugs
Health and work stress
Balloon launch
U.S.-Syrian relations
Nanotechnology workshop
Natalie Weir and Sara Webb
Neighborhoods U.S.A.
On-line court documents
Hurricane awareness
Project Safe Start
Mattress Mack Jim McIngvale
UH Clean air seminar
The Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble
The Vagina Monologues
Galveston beach replenishment
Underage drinking
Holiday blood dontations
Anti-inflammatory drugs
Great Britain's Golden Jubilee
Houston's housing market
Dynegy earnings restatement
Postponed train service
Pediatric trauma care specialists
Radar detector detectors
IMA HOGG Young Artist Competition
J.S. Bach's "Mass in B-Minor"
Political patriotism
Produce industry in Houston
Pediatric intensive care units
2003 city budget proposed
Bulletproof vests
Freeway repairs
Titanic exhibit
Orchestra X concludes fifth season
Sandra Organ and Rob Smith
Nursing shortage
Sam Houston statue
Moody Park's new playground
Senior citizens' health
Shell chemical plant fire
Stem cell research
Optional state income tax
Texas National Guard leaves airports
New Hobby Center
Reforming judicial elections
King Abdullah II of Jordan
Upcoming Energy Conferences in Rio
Annual Hurricane Conference
Economist questions optomistic forecast
Crighton Players of Conroe
HP and Compaq begin new life together
Electric deregulation rating
Hans Graf
New UH art exhibit
Offshore Technology Conference
Trauma Intervention Program
Andersen trial jury selection
Increased truancy rates
Energy industry faces worker shortage
New heart research
Natural cholesterol fighter
Eric Halen
Disaster plans for businesses
Houston economic forecast
Derek Menchan and Matthew McClung
Bruce Lumpkin
Enron re-organization
Sarah Rothenberg
Linda Phenix and David Caceras
State's terrorist attack preparations
Chemical fire in Pearland
Daniel Avshalomov
Inside Enron
Free legal advice
Save Our ER's
Dr. Betty Devine
Life inside Enron, Part 1
Houston airport security
Job searches for recent graduates
Criminal Justice Center to reopen
Energy exposition
Computer memory technology
Healthy Kids Project
Karen Stokes and Nicholas Lechter
David Warren
Preventing drunk-driving fatalities
Arthritis and osteoporosis research
Students learn about law
Emma Kirkby
Anthony Brandt and Karim Al-Zand
HPD Recruitment
Robert Lynn
James Black and Josie de Guzman
Project Reconnect
Texas Scholars Program
HISD school bond project
On-line organ donation registry
New Crime Victims Memorial
Marian Luntz
Edna O'Brian
San Jacinto Battleground
Galveston train service
Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Borders
Freeway ramp construction
King's Noyse
Beach Party Weekend
International Festival
International Festival
Education Secretary in Houston
Texas State Senator Ellis
Richard Bado
HFD explores new directions
Local PBS station head to go West
TAAS Test changes
Beach renourishment
Lessons of Tropical Storm Allison
Teacher continues NASA mission
Asian Business in Houston
San Jacinto Day
Toxic mold at school
Enron severance pay
New Galveston cruises
Leggett loses Supreme Court appeal
Midtown Renaissance
Astrodome's future
Houston International Film Festival
New 911 technology
New Down Syndrome test
Reliant Center
Power alternatives
Head of DEA in Houston
Yates High School's Wildscape
Women's Health Network
Party primary election outcome
Environmental crimes training
Primary runoffs
Doctors protest insurance costs
Doctors protest insurance costs
AIDS Symposium
Addressing child abuse
Enron suit expands
Secretary Powell in the Middle East
Hospice care
Work zone safety
Housing Opportunities of Houston
Looking for malpractice solutions
Risk management consultants
Sculpture restoration
Gulf Freeway closings
Johnson Space Center Career Expo
Substance abuse stigma
New liver exhibit
Industrial Fire World Conference
New liver exhibit
Early voting for party primary runoffs
Asian immigrant businesses
Little League in Houston
Services for the mentally retarded
Medical student conference
Mold claims
Texas Tomorrow Fund
Lady Walton
Edward Hirsch
Future of Texas "No Call" list
Offshore Technology Conference 2002
Texas insanity laws
Mary Lampe
Telehealth Research Center
Houston Technology Center
Texas No Call List deadline
Mercury Baroque Ensemble
Wendy Watriss and Clemens Kalischer
State funds for libraries
Gas price fluctuations
Houston civic forum
Dance Salad
Eating disorders in men
METRO begins laying track
Mad cow disease affects blood donations
Ned Rifkin
Immersive visualization
New UH business student center
First space railroad
County's bacterial meningitis cases
American Bar Association website
Arthur Miller and Carlos Ordonez
Neighborhood cleans up
Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program
Bio-terrorism prevention and response
Annalee Jefferies
Arthur Andersen vows to fight indictment
Compaq/Hewlett-Packard vote
Sergia Luca
Technology for All
Houston property values
Dress for Success
Kathleen Cambor
Lottery ticket scams
New Covenant House building
Future of mental health
Katy Freeway expansion
New vehicle emissions test
Lisa Forstmann and Aaron Borst
Jonathan Godfrey and Aaron Bielish
Yates gets life sentence
Christopher Parkening
"Titanic" exhibit sparks controversy
Mental health conference
Hans Graf
Macular degeneration
Pundits analyze elections
Yates punishment testimony
Elizabeth Futral
Primary elections
Andrea Yates verdict
Congresswoman Lee returns from Afghanistan
Trey McIntyre and Niel DePonte
NASA's commercial technology
Party primary elections
James Baker speech
Project GRAD
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Andrew Risinger
K-Mart to close stores
Donation for local park
Sylvan Rodriguez Elementary School
Sally Edmundson
Prosecution witnesses in Yates trial
Houston HIV/AIDS numbers update
Downtown development
Head of HISD gives annual address
Discounted drugs for seniors
Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman speaks
Early voting update
U.S. and German officials to meet
Terrorist attack drills
The Greenbriar Consortium
University of Houston building
METRO gets federal funds
Terror threat garners attention to relics
Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Tree
Harbor Safety Conference
Rick Lowe
Janice Woods Windle
Red Cross School Chest Program
Texas independence celebration
FotoFest 2002
Kashmir conflict gets US attention
Kids 'N Cars
Coronary artery anomalies examined
Traffic during hurricanes
Paying tickets on-line
Astros Field
Enron's impact on Houston
Proposed county budget
Texas economic task force
Chuck Watson on Enron
Crimestoppers on campus
Kick It
Special education forum
Expandable piping
Energy company lawyers
Early voting
Homeland security in Houston
Operation saves children's hearts
Mercury Baroque Ensemble
Preventing mental-health related juvenile crime
Cooperation among trauma personnel
Doctor's Orchestra
"Porgy and Bess"
HISD vouchers
Beautiful bovines
Expansion of wireless networks
Texas Learning and Computation Center
New Houston Symphony Season
Westheimer corridor congestion
Mark Steinberg and Mark Strand
Harris County beautification funds
Free help for some Allison victims
Aviation technology
Testimony in Yates trial begins
New strain of aspirin
Karol Bennett
Sing-A-Long Sound of Music
Washington portrait comes to Houston
Development along Buffalo Bayou
New children's Medicaid forms
Enron relief checks
Craig Johnson
Thomas Jaber and William Murray
Russian oil mergers
Enron severence pay
New Galveston bridge
Teaching troops tolerance
Jason Nodler
Isabelle Ganz and Khaled Al-Jamal
Princess Margaret
State of the County address
Housing help for Houstonians
New phone system for Houston
Medical clinic for the homeless
Chiara String Quartet
Asia Society Forum
Voter registration deadline
New photography exhibit
Mardi Gras' second weekend
Orchestra X
Enron hearings
Crimes against Hispanics
Boards of directors
Stephen Tharp
Organ donations
Electric deregulation update
Warrant enforcement
Beatrice Wenger
Enron Field
Ex-enron employees
New speed limits
Anthony Dean Griffey
Texas A&M Bonfire
Houston cruise industry
Respect Coalition
Early Music Southwest
Mardi Gras Galveston
Brookwood Community
Early voting
Space tourism
International Piano Festival
Laid-off Enron workers get help
Children and the Internet
Blood shortage
Andrea Yates jury
Blood donations needed
Women's health
HISD magnet school deadline
Michael Hammond
Dangerous drugs at school
Effects of investing in Enron
Stephen Cooper takes over Enron
Bo Skovhus
Property tax deadline
Cancer cosmetics
State of the City Address
Beach erosion funds
New drilling technology
Laid-off worker funds
Metro hearings
Robert Angleton arrested
Lewis Cleale
Rob Bundy and Chris Jimmerson on new production
Keeping senior citizens safe
I-69's Houston corridor
State agencies get lawsuit
School zone radars
Body clocks
Contract deputies
Childhood obesity
Document preservation
HISD after-school programs
Brian Huberman
Houston Early Music
New Public Works head
Professor claims to replicate famous sound
Life after September 11
Cancer drugs on hold
Cancer trials
Resources for ex-Enron employees
Houston Marathon
Red Cross starts new service
Bruce Bryant
New NASA chief
Bill Weibel and Hal Spencer
Alley Theatre recovers
New Texas Heart Institute building
Homeowners associations hearing
Houston Area Survey
Doctor-patient relationships
Paul Hope
Annenberg Challenge Report
MLK, Jr. Oratorical Competition
Child care funds
Inbal Dance Theater
On-line health care directory
METRO forum results
Child abuse prevention program
Cornyn explains recusal
Karen Stokes
Port of Houston Security
Kay Bailey-Hutchison discusses Andersen and Enron
Texas "Don't Call" List
Red Cross helps military families
Rice Alliance Symposium
Marathon goes electronic
First Lady Laura Bush comes to town
HATAC to help local students
Historic wheat
Physician scientist numbers declining
Deborah Boily's standards
Red Cross leaders on disasters
Texas Insurance Commissioner
NASA to set records in 2002
Homeowner association mediation
Yates jury selection
Assisted living facilities
Reservist child support payments
Robert Foxworth
Mayor Brown on the economy
Vanessa Leggett released
Asthma in Houston
Consumer report
Fourth Ward development
Star of Hope
Galveston-Houston rail service
Mayor Lee Brown begins third term
Angola National Radio
Culture Shapers winners
Houston Litter Survey
Mara Liasson Profile
Not On Tobacco
Prostate cancer trials
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis doctors
Development along light rail lines
Child Trends Report
Fuel cells get boost
Future plans for Astrodome
Psychology in space
Armand Bayou Nature Center
Internet for the blind
Local stroke study
Dr. Jerri Nielsen discusses Arctic experience
Local terrorism task force
WW II veterans thanked
Preserving digital images
A kid-friendly city
Wedgwood China
Children's Art Project
Homeless survival kits
HSPVA celebrates 30 years
Blood donors needed
2001 Medical Journalism Awards
Non-profit collaboration
Coast Guard security
Port merger proposal rejected
SEARCH shelter
Life Offshore
Emergency room problems
Airport lifesavers
Kwanzaa ballet
A Brandenburg Extravaganza
Court collections system improves
Adoption becoming easier
Medical Legends
Voters to decide on port merger
Russian exhibit of African gold
Tropical Storm Allison clean-up
Enron job fair
Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory"
Early Christmas!
Baker Institute
Terra Nova Consort
Texas DOT list
Tobacco whistleblower
Technology may reduce oil costs
Kim Huber discusses new role
Grant to promote research
New radar system
Reliant Energy cost-cutting services
Andrei Codrescu comes to KUHF
Olympic torch comes through Houston
Houston couple gets new house
Bio-venture conference
Economic cycles
Grant for psychiatric center
Enron hearing
Exhibit showcases "Master Drawings"
Tierney Malone exhibit
Message of peace
Enron on-line complaints
Sweden sets example
Jobless Enron workers
New flood maps
Texgen project
Houston's homeless children
Enron workers start website
AMA idea sparks controversy
New sickle cell center
Andersen Energy Symposium
Enron's future
Enron layoffs
PM Barak talks about terrorist activities
World AIDS day
Run-off elections
Sixty-first update of "Texas Almanac"
Houston's business image
New Galveston island gets name
Hurricane season comes to an end
Romance/Romance comes to Houston
Susan McDonald comes to KUHF
September 11 reflections
Mayoral run-off heats up
Posthumous adoption
Fuel cells get boost
Dynegy calls off Enron buy-out
HGO Studio members perform at KUHF
Last day for early voting
Hans Graf brings Spanish music to Symphony
UH Dean talks about foreign students
Drug Free Business Houston
Childhood mortality in Houston
La Comida food drive
UH Law Center gets FEMA check
Randy Herrera and Leticia Oliveira join Houston Ballet
Artificial intelligence in Houston
Texas flags on display
Offshore rig on display
Venture capital for women
HPD no longer allowed to work at raves
Galveston stranding network helps marine mammals
U.S. Ambassador to China speaks to Asia Society
Thanksgiving feasts and parade
Debate over local writer continues
Lawrence Foster returns to Houston
Psychological tests on "Railroad Killer"
Dangerous toys could dampen holiday cheer
VOA increases broadcast hours
Golka Duo to perform Sunday
Truck safety forum
CHIP celebrates second anniversary
ADL teaches diversity to students
TED regulations cause controversy
Live performance of the Mercury Baroque Ensemble at KUHF
PINK!-The Musical! is this weekend
PINK!-The Musical! is this weekend
PINK!-The Musical! is this weekend
Chamber music at the cathedral
S.L. Wisenberg returns to Houston
Chamber music at the cathedral
Karen Finley comes to Houston
Let Freedom Sing benefit
November 7, 2001
November 6, 2001
November 5, 2001
November 2, 2001
November 2, 2001
November 1, 2001
October 31, 2001
October 25, 2001
October 25, 2001
October 24, 2001
October 24, 2001
October 23, 2001
October 23, 2001
October 23, 2001
October 19, 2001
October 11, 2001
October 10, 2001
October 10, 2001
October 9, 2001
October 8, 2001
October 5, 2001
October 5, 2001
October 4, 2001
October 4, 2001
October 1, 2001
Haunted Houston
September 25, 2001: Careful Donations
September 25, 2001: Salvation Army
September 24, 2001 - September 28, 2001
September 21, 2001: Craft Museum
September 17, 2001: Emergency Managers
September 17, 2001: Continental Cutbacks
September 8, 2001: Rugby in Houston
September 7, 2001: Rail Construction Traffic Detours
September 7, 2001: Allison Recovery Initiative
September 7, 2001: Hazardous Cargo Safety
September 6, 2001: Living Fully With Cancer
September 6, 2001: Cow Parade Houston
September 5, 2001: CPR Mass Training Day
September 3, 2001: Real Estate & Felons
August 31, 2001: More Houston Floods
August 30, 2001: "Oscar" Animal Rescue Hospital
August 29, 2001: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
August 28, 2001: Day Care Damages
August 28, 2001: Jones Hall Re-opens
August 27, 2001--Fund for Teachers
August 27, 2001: Adopt 2000 Launches Adoption Push
August 24, 2001--Ballunar Liftoff Festival
August 23, 2001--Blind Internet
August 21, 2001--Haunted Houston
August 16, 2001
August 14, 2001
August 13, 2001
August 6-10, 2001 "Refugees Coming to America"
August 7, 2001
August 6, 2001
Coming To America
August 2, 2001
August 1, 2001
July 31, 2001: Elder Texans continue to be a target for scam artists.
July 31, 2001: Out of more than 150,000 insurance claims filed...
July 30, 2001: Microloans are small business loans starting at $500 and they're just the ticket for an entrepreneur with a goo
July 30, 2001: An exhibit by the widow of Beatle John Lennon
July 25, 2001: State officials continue their work on deregulating the electric industry in Texas.
July 24, 2001: The Annenberg Challenge continues to encourage public schools to reform.
July 24, 2001: Houston's M.D. Anderson Cancer Center needs men for a national study of a new approach to preventing prostate ca
July 23, 2001: Immunizations!!
July 23, 2001: One of the world's most prolific inventors made a recent stop in Houston to tout a program aimed at getting young
July 23, 2001: Because of recent flooding combined with some Houston landlords opting out of the city's Section Eight affordable
July 18, 2001: Texans have contributed more than $500,000 to a new Red Cross relief fund account set-up by JP Morgan Chase Bank
July 13, 2001: A new exhibition at the Houston Museum of Natural Science chronicles the Vikings' westward travels from Iceland,
July 12, 2001: Harris County is phasing out its old, punch card-type voting machines and converting to new, state-of-the-art ele
July 11, 2001: Steven Spielberg's new movie "A.I.:
July 5, 2001: The mid-life crisis is just as natural as any other phase of human developement.
June 27, 2001: The Municipal and County Courts are having to play an unseemly game of musical chairs as a result of Tropical Sto
June 5, 2001: Some Houston area middle school students are learning the meaning of the quote "the pen is mightier than the
June 28, 2001: Private non-profit groups damaged by Tropical Storm Allison
May 31, 2001: The Century Council has launched a new pop culture campaign to discourage underage access to alcohol.
May 23, 2001: With summer vacation season beginning for many people, health experts are reminding people of how dangerous summer
May 22, 2001: As the rennaisance continues in downtown Houston, another familiar landmark in the central business district has
May 21-22, 2001: A two-part series by Jack Williams reveals that the people of Fresno, Texas in Fort Bend county are living wit
May 18, 2001: May is National Bike Month.
May 17, 2001: Caring for a person with Alzheimer's disease is a stressful responsibility.
May 17, 2001: Texas is moving ahead with electric deregulation while other areas of the country are dealing with a power crisis.
May 16, 2001: The Environmental Protection Agency and the U. S. Department of Transportation are encouraging employers to offer
May 15, 2001: Area hospitals are in constant need of blood donations forthe thousands of medical procedures that are on-going.
May 14, 2001: Researchers from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center are among those who attended the 37th annual meeting of the American
May 7&8, 2001: Since the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network was established in 1980, the organization has rescued dozens
May 7, 2001: At any given time there are about 400 children in the greater Houston area waiting to be matched with a big brother
May 7, 2001: KUHF's Jack Williams reported that many children, not just adults, deal with mental health problems.
May 4, 2001: Asthma rates are increasing in Houston and across the country, but medical experts believe many cases go undiagnose
May 3, 2001: KUHF's Jim Bell reported on a unique program in the Houston area where thousands of students are taking part in an
May 3, 2001: It can be difficult for parents to find information about child care services.
April 25, 2001: Capella Tucker provided a glimpse into the new Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.
April 18, 2001: The idea of Organ and Tissue donation is getting a boost from the release of the state's newest specialty autom
April 16, 2001: Capella Tucker reported on a shortage of doctors to treat arthritis. The problem is even more acute in pediatr
April 2-April 6, 2001: The deadline for filing federal tax returns is midnight, Monday, April 16.
March 19, 2001: Texans can now watch state goverment as it happens via the Internet. If you are interested in watching your st
February 23, 2001: In a story about the 2001 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the significant drop in attendance because of
February 21, 2001: Jim Bell reports on a national study that shows -- while more young and less educated women are having babies
February 7, 2001: KUHF''s Jack Williams reported on a grassroots project
February 1, 2001: The business reporter for Angola National Radio has been touring the United States, stopping here in Houston f
January 30, 2001: KUHF recently reported on Houston Independent School District''s Magnet Schools which offer students the oppor
January 29, 2001: Jim Bell reports the Harris County Tax Office has opened its biggest and busiest branch office -- in cyberspac
January 26, 2001: The Houston chapter of the Better Business Bureau monitors advertising in print and broadcast media for false
January 26, 2001: Jim Bell reports that a grant from the state''s most famous ice cream maker is helping the Texas Historical Co
Powerful Choices
January 22, 2001: M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is teaming up with area Community Colleges to launch a new tobacco ces
January 18, 2001: Jim Bell reports that a new exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science is shedding light on one of the w
January 15, 2001: The Armand Bayou Nature Center consists of 2,500 acres and is a rare ecosystem that was once common along the
January 4, 2001: Mardi Gras!
January 3, 2001: Digital cameras are becoming more popular and electronic images seem to be as common as traditional photographs
January 2, 2001: Capella Tucker reports the Houston Hispanic Forum is getting ready for the 15th annual Career and Education Day
January 1, 2001: The Houston Maritime Museum opened its doors a couple months ago, featuring historical ship models dating back
2000 Journalism Awards
2000 Medical Journalism Awards
December 29, 2000: Margaret O''Brien-Molina of the Greater Houston Area Chapter of the American Red Cross reports that their Dis
December 19, 2000: Diane Neahr of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service says the average family is spending around $1700 for gi
December 18, 2000: Graduation is a major step for anyone pursuing a formal education and as KUHF''s Paul Pendergraft recently re
December 14, 2000: Capella Tucker reports on Soul Patrol which helps a number of students both in Houston and nationwide achieve
November 29, 2000: The idea of cutting your own Christmas Tree is an increasingly popular one for many and southeast Texas is bl
November 27, 2000: A national organization called "Join Together" concludes that three-quarters of all people with a s
November 14, 2000: KUHF's Jack Williams reported on ground-breaking for the new Depelchin Children''s Center headquarters and th
November 7, 2000: Today is Election Day -- and the Harris County Clerk''s Office will have a late night counting the ballots.
October 27, 2000: KUHF's Jack Williams reported on the new "Children at Risk" study, which brings both good and bad ne
October 24, 2000: KUHF''s Jack Williams explained a new web-based system enabling Harris County residents to make property tax p
October 5, 2000: The Mental Health Association of Greater Houston reports that clinical depression is the most commonly misunder
October 3, 2000: This weekend is the 10th Annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Race for the Cure.
August 10, 2000: Regarding a comprehensive plan to bring Houston into compliance with the Federal Clean Air Act by 2007:
August 7, 2000: Unless you''re a lawyer, or work in some aspect of the legal profession, you may not even be aware of the Daily
August 2, 2000: Texas Insurance Commissioner Jose Montemayor recently came to Houston to discuss changes that are underway in th
July 31-Aug 4: In a week long series, KUHF news reporter Capella Tucker explores the role that art plays in our community
July 19,2000: The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has a critical shortage of the most needed blood types.
July 19,2000: The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has a critical shortage of the most needed blood types.
July 12, 2000: Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are threats that everyone should take seriously during Houston''s summers.
July 10, 2000: Jim Bell reported that the Better Business Bureau is warning the public about a familiar old "con game"
Week of July 3, 2000: News intern Emily Dunn reported on depression in the elderly.
June 14, 2000: Jim Bell reports that the City of Houston will hold another special collection day for household hazardous wastes
June 14, 2000: For the next several weeks, high school students from across Texas will spend time at the Johnson Space Center wo
May 31, 2000: Jim Bell reports that sculptures and sculptors from all over the world are in Houston this week for the Internatio
May 30, 2000: Hurricane season begins this week and many new homes meet Texas'' new Windstorm Inspection program.
May 30, 2000. The deadline to protest your appraised residential or commercial property values in Harris County is Wednesday, Ma
May 29, 2000: Crimes committed over the internet including fraud, child pornography and identity theft are on the rise, and Paul
May 25, 2000: The Clear Lake area has one of the highest concentrations of pleasure boats in the country, and regattas take plac
May 23, 2000: A story by Jim Bell explains how German archives are being recovered with information about assets stolen from Hol
May 19, 2000: A story by Paul Pendergraft discusses asthma, a condition which can occur at any age but is more common in childre
1999 Journalism Awards
1999 Medical Journalism Awards